Wolf Eel and Other Anomalous Creatures

Recently I was thinking about a weird news story from about a year ago. A New Jersey woman found a bizarre looking skull near a fox den on her farm. The thing had huge, gnarly fangs and looked like something from another planet. Some official person came along and supposedly identified it as a “wolf eel.” Here’s a photo of a wolf eel at the left. This is a female wolf eel.

Here’s a photo of the skull the woman found on her property:

Funky looking, huh?

Here is a photo off the Web which is supposedly of wolf eel teeth and jaws:

Notice any difference?

Newspapers at the time provided quotes from various “officials” about how, while seeing a wolf eel 50 miles inland is uncommon, it is not unheard of.

Wolf Eel Found in Hunterdon County

But interestingly enough, other fish and game experts do not share their consensus view of reality.

From Wikipedia’s entry on wolf eels:

They are found in the northern Pacific Ocean, ranging from the Sea of Japan and the Aleutian Islands to northern California.

Full entry here: Wikipedia – Wolf eel.

No mention of New Jersey – or the Atlantic Ocean, for that matter.

From an underwater photography site:

The friendly, but fierce looking wolf-eel is a favorite of Pacific Northwest divers. . . . .Wolf-eels range from southeastern Alaska to southern California typically living in rocky reef-type habitats from the intertidal zone down to about 740 feet. . . Their diet consists of sea urchins, crabs, scallops — assorted crustaceans and mollusks.

Full article to be found here: Wolf-eels.

It doesn’t seem like other marine researchers have noted bumping into wolf eels on the East Coast before, and certainly not in New Jersey.

Yet this plucky and determined “wolf eel” found its way there, anyway. And suddenly New Jersey newspapers were filled with “experts” coming out of the woodwork claiming that wolf eels frequently turn up there. My friend who lives in the state forwarded me some of the newspaper clippings at the time but I don’t feel like digging them out and scanning them today, lazy slob that I am. But there was more than one report claiming that wolf eels were perfectly normal, common, and regular New Jersey visitors.


I’m always interested in how the media and the gatekeepers of “science” are always conspiring to control the flow of information to the masses.

Remember how Hitler said that telling big lies is a great strategy for manipulating what the public believes?

“The masses indulge in petty falsehoods every day, but it would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths and they are not able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery. . . The bigger the lie, therefore, the more likely it is to be believed.”

After all, if a big, official “scientist” comes along and says something is true, then it must be true.

Even though the “wolf eel” skull looks exactly like a damned water dragon or sea serpent.

A classic characteristic of Custodial behavior is control and manipulation of perception. After all, if humans could really see what was going on around them with 20/20 vision, they might just get into the mood to stage one of their annoying little rebellions. And this time, we might go after the real controllers.

The modern scientific cabal is one such group that uses Custodial tactics. There’s no longer a genuine spirit of inquiry at the heart of scientific discovery. In fact, the whole idea of discovery has pretty much been tossed out the window.

Instead, scientists are like public relations hacks sent out to deny, deny, deny and repress, repress, repress. Especially if they discover something juicy and significant.

I love it when stories like the wolf eel skull make it into the mainstream press, because it’s one of those things that evokes curiosity and has inspired a lot of people to question the “status quo” responses of the “officials.”

I mean, it was just this week that a group of 125,000 “lost” gorillas were found living in Central Africa. Before that, our scientists were insisting that there were only about 50,000 gorillas left in the world, which would make them highly endangered.

125,000 more gorillas on the planet, hidden in plain sight – and the scientists didn’t find them until now? When we have every inch of this planet mapped and crossed with GPS satellite navigation systems?

I love it when scientists are left standing with egg on their faces because it shows how idiotic we are to believe anything that conventional scientific wisdom is supposedly revealing.

There’s a hell of a lot they don’t know. And there’s a lot more that they do know, but they aren’t telling.

My hope is that various anomalous creatures like wolf eels/dragons, yeti, and even the gorillas remain in hiding. We need to preserve some sources of genuine wonderment on this planet, if such a thing is even possible anymore.


Ritual Energies and the Beijing Olympics

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing were held yesterday. In some ways it was a bit of a relief because the chaotic ritual energies leading up to the opening were really awful.

If you’ve felt cranky, nervous, or unsettled this week, or if you’ve had odd or disturbing dreams, you can thank those Custodial helpers for creating a powerful psychic vortex around this entire Olympic event. The dark stuff was being cranked up, no doubt about it.

I couldn’t stomach watching the opening ceremonies – I just glanced at some of the photos online. What I saw made my heart break. The naked, innocent hope of the Chinese people, especially the young folks dancing in the various parts of the opening ceremony, overlaid with the horrifically dark ritual energies being stirred up. I felt for the citizens of this tormented, complex country, while at the same time being really pissed off about the dark sorcerors who always take charge of these things.

The Custodians have long put a system of “priests” or sorcerors in place, who operate though a myriad of secretive “Brotherhood” organizations. And these Custodial servants love to take any event where large numbers of people are focusing their attention and, through ritual, turn these focal points into psychic gateways where a large amount of dark energy can come through. This happens all the time through movies, but it’s rare that a physical event held on the ground involves billions of people focusing on it at the same time.

What a great time for a Custodial party!


The opening ceremonies were held in the bird’s nest stadium, where at least ten people have died during construction.

From the Times in the UK:

At least 10 workers have been killed while working on the Olympic stadium but, in a rush to complete the project, Chinese officials have denied the deaths. . .Witnesses have told The Sunday Times of seeing workers plummet to their deaths from the perilous heights of the stadium, which was designed by a consortium including Arup, the British engineering firm, and Herzog & de Meuron, the Swiss architects. The bodies were swiftly removed by police, who sealed off accident scenes with orange tape and cleared other workers from the area while the dead were loaded into police vehicles, witnesses said.

Full article here:

China Hushes Up Olympic Deaths

If you had any question about these Olympics being purposefully used for dark ritual, have a look at the proposed architectural plans for the main Olympic stadium. Eventually they decided on the bird’s nest design, but if you scroll through this page of architectural models of proposed designs for this stadium, you’ll see some classically Custodial symbolism.

Serpent’s eye, anyone?

Or how about this direct nod to our Custodial pals?

Of course, in the official proposal, this structure was described as having a “suspending, retractable roof.”

Ahem. Flying saucer, you mean.

Have a look at the full page of proposed designs for the main stadium, taken off a Beijing government home page:

Presentation of Competition for the Architecture Design of National Stadium – 2008 Olympics

And then we have the creepy gathering of world leaders as well. French President Sarkozy was there for the opening ceremonies. Putin from Russia, the Israeli Prime Minister, and Baby Bush are all there, too. What a great time to soak up some “loosh” – intense emotional energy that the Custodians and their helpers feed on. Yum, yum!

Overcoming Spiritual Amnesia After Death

We humans have an understandable need to explore our divine nature. After all, we’re energy beings first and physical bodies second. After death our consciousness leaves the physical realm and returns to the non-physical reality. In fact this might happen dozens or hundreds of times if it’s true that we reincarnate.

But because we also suffer from spiritual amnesia, we’re not very good at remembering what happens to the soul after death or between lifetimes. We have to rely upon our religious traditions to provide a map for us.

And because religions are remnants of old instructions that the Custodial “gods” gave to humanity, this map is highly suspect.

When we move into the realm of psychic impressions and hypnotic regressions, we unearth some interesting stuff that might help us to assemble a more accurate map of what really happens to the soul after it leaves the body.

Two compelling sources of such information are Memories of God and Creation: Remembering from the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Shakuntala Modi and The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a Psychic Spy for the US Military by Lyn Buchanan.

Dr. Modi is a psychiatrist who has also written another groundbreaking book called Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness. She’s done a lot work with both spirit release therapy and hypnosis, and in Memories of God and Creation she compiles data from her hypnotic subjects to form an intriguing picture of what might happen to the soul at the time of death, after death, and right before coming into a new body through reincarnation.

Some of this information is standard territory – the soul goes through a cleansing period, a life review period, and a schooling period. Then the soul experiences a planning time where it maps out the next lifetime. Throughout it all the soul is completely self-aware and conscious.

My hypnotized patients consistently report that, as the soul comes out of the body, there is no loss of consciousness or of continuity of consciousness. The soul experiences an immediate freedom from any pain and discomfort it was experiencing before death. It feels as alive as it felt before the death of its physical body. It retains all of its memories and attitudes and its personality as before.

Most people Dr. Modi worked with reported similar experiences. They had multiple lifetimes on Earth, they went through the usual share of relatively happy lifetimes mixed with harsh lifetimes of difficulty or war. And they tended to experience death in a similar way – with a great, loving light descending upon them and the appearance of loved ones, angels, or spiritual helpers who guided them to a higher dimension.

I read this book years ago and now I’ve been looking at it again through fresh eyes. I think the first time I read it I was thinking, “Isn’t that cool, there are all these beings of Light who help us reorient after death.”

But I’ve been rereading Chapter Seventeen where she writes about how people describe Heaven. Some excerpts:

. . . If we can imagine the whole realm of Light, or Heaven, as a crystal globe, then the outer edge of that globe is the place where people reenter the Light after the death of their physical body. In this re-entry area, souls go through the cleansing, ventilation, life review, and resting phases of afterlife experience.

Hypnotized people claim that after they’ve rested in Heaven following death, they let go of past-life personality and integrate it into their larger self, making “themselves” much greater than the individual past-life personality. They become a complete spiritual being. They drop their physical form and look like a spark or a ball of Light. They function with their full spiritual capacity and knowledge.

She then describes how people move further into the globe of Light and spend time in different sections, depending on their level of spiritual evolution. Some sections aren’t Earth-like at all and appear to be composed of pure light. While in Heaven, souls plan what they wish to do next. Sometimes they choose to reincarnate on Earth, sometimes they go to other planets. There’s a big theme of people wanting to resolve certain problems they had in earlier lifetimes so as to become wiser and more whole. There’s also another theme of coming back to Earth to uplift others and to help raise human awareness – that’s another big project that appears to be going on.

Throughout this process human guides (humans who aren’t alive on Earth anymore but who have a loving and helpful relationship with that person) and angels are assigned to them to provide assistance. Sometimes they also connect with what is referred to as that person’s “Godhead” – an advanced spiritual being such as Jesus or Buddha who is there to help out, too.

Isn’t that nice of them?

Nowhere in Modi’s book does it mention the possibility of NOT reincarnating. And since she’s pooling firsthand accounts of what happens to the soul after death from hundreds of hypnotized patients, it’s interesting that NOT coming back here never seems to come up as an option.

Prison planet, anyone?

In Remarkable Healings Dr. Modi presents informations about spirit attachment and demonic attachment, which she has learned are big contributors to illness and emotional imbalance. And that book is mostly about how to invoke the help of God, angels, etc. to expel these attachments. The “remarkable healings” she writes about really are amazing, because people have overcome everything from physical illness to mental illness by receiving spirit release therapy.

While I respect her work very much, rereading Memories of God and Creation has been an eye opener. Nowhere in her research is she discovering any way for humans to choose NOT to reincarnate. It’s like we’re predestined to scamper off happily into the “Light” after death (and who wouldn’t be tempted to after seeing dead loved ones and nice looking angels in the Light) and we go up into the God sphere. We rest a bit, learn a few things, and then we have to come back here. Or we go to another planet to experience a new physical body there.


If our essence is immortal, limitless, pure energy, why do we have to continually stuff it into physical bodies? And why must we experience complete spiritual amnesia in each lifetime so as to never be able to make use of the lessons we’ve learned over all those past lives?

Seems kinda screwy, doesn’t it? Like it’s a game that has been rigged?

If it hasn’t been rigged, and Earth really is a “school” where we’re meant to learn spiritual lessons, why are we never allowed to graduate?

Seems like somebody has set up a perfect, self-contained system for the regurgitation of souls to keep coming back into physical bodies.

And nobody ever questions it. In the New Age community in particular, people seem to just blindly accept that reincarnation is the only gig and that there aren’t any other choices.

The Seventh Sense by Lyn Buchanan offers further glances into the after death experience. Most of the book is about Buchanan’s work doing remote viewing for the military, which is interesting if you’d like to learn more about the various “black operations” using psychics that have been run by the CIA, the Army, and others.

But for me the real “juice” of this book is in Chapter Fifteen. It’s called “The Afterlife.”

In it, he talks about information he gathered over many remote viewing assignments where he was viewing a person at or around the time of their death. He identified four different places that his targets appeared to be going to after death. He calls these “Heaven, “Hell,” “Oblivion,” and “Reincarnation.”

His description of what Heaven was like is very similar to what Modi’s patients said about the outer layers of the God sphere or “globe.” The scenery was very Earth-like and beautiful, and the environment had a blisslike emotional ambiance.

He saw Hell as a place of terrifying “glowing blackness.” He only saw a brief glimpse of an orange glow in the background and something or someone waiting for the person entering this place upon their death. The feeling involved with this place was absolute, unbridled horror that deeply shook Buchanan whenever he encountered it. Certainly it was the complete opposite of the happy heaven-like place he also remote viewed.

Oblivion was a strange experience. In the cases where the person died and then disappeared into oblivion, he literally could find no trace of them at all. Before they died he had a lock on them, remote viewing-wise, but immediately after death they disappeared off his psychic radar. He called this end point “Oblivion,” but it’s also possible they simply went off to points unknown, headed somewhere he wasn’t able to remote view. Whether it was a good, bad, or an indifferent place – we don’t know.

When he saw subjects reincarnating, he would see this as an almost simultaneous transition. One minute he’d be remote viewing someone, and the next minute they would suddenly have different physical and facial features, and they would be in a completely different location with different surroundings and different family members. The interesting thing is that he always saw this new identity in the form of a child of twelve or thirteen years old. He didn’t view them as a baby. He just saw them having one lifetime as an adult, then they died, and then they immediately reappeared as a person of about twelve years old in a completely new situation.

In many spiritual traditions a child is said to be spiritually mature somewhere between the ages of eight to thirteen. In the Catholic tradition children usually have their first Communion around the age of eight. In Judaism, boys have their bar mitvah at about 12 or 13, and girls have their bat mitvah then.

Mystics also have talked about how humans have four energy bodies – the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies. The physical body is there when we are born. The emotional body links into the physical body at around the age of two (hence all the acting out and melodrama during the “terrible twos.”)

The intellectual body links in around the time a child starts school, at around five or six, and the spiritual body comes in later as the physical body has become more mature. Reports vary about when this is, depending on the mystical tradition, but it would seem to match that time frame of eight years to thirteen years.

So it’s interesting that Lyn Buchanan didn’t even see the person as EXISTING until they were twelve or thirteen years old. Maybe that’s the time frame when a person finally has all those energy bodies integrated and is fully “at home” in physical form.

Buchanan often thought that he would find evidence of people hanging around as ghosts after they died or perhaps some would go on to reincarnate on other planets, but none of the targets he was assigned to appeared to undergo those experiences after death. Maybe he simply didn’t have targets that experienced that.

But again, Buchanan’s remote viewing of the afterlife failed to show anything that would suggest that the human soul has an option to return to pure “energy being” form and avoid reincarnation. Except for when he viewed souls disappearing into what he called “Oblivion.” Perhaps those targets went off his radar at that point because they were returning to a truly non-physical dimension that was no longer a holding pen for human souls.

It would be nice to have the option, wouldn’t it? Is the best we can hope for when we die a brief “vacation” in a God “sphere” or heaven between lifetimes, tea with the loved ones, and then we have to sign up for another tour of duty down here?


Who made those rules?

Can we make new ones?

Added:  PS:  Please have a peek at the comments posted in response to this blog entry. I reveal some more information related to this article, plus we have some wonderful comments from readers.

Who’s the Boss?

In the book The 12th Planet by famed Sumerian scholar and translator Zecharia Sitchin, the author describes in Chapter Twelve the creation of man. Taken from the ancient tablets that describe this process:

I will produce a lowly Primitive;
‘Man’ shall be his name
I will create a Primitive Worker;
He will be charged with the service of the gods,
That they might have their ease.

He goes on to explain that to the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian people, man was referred to as a “lulu” (primitive,) a “lulu amelu” (primitive worker,) and an “avilum” (laborer.)

Humanity in turn spoke of the “gods” as “Lord,” “King,” “Ruler,” and “Master” – very much the same terms the Jews used to talk about their god Jehovah, and Christians later used to describe their prophet Jesus.

The Sumerian texts say that humans were used as laborers on many projects. This included mining gold (which the Annunaki aliens needed to improve the atmosphere of their home planet.) And it also included “tilling the garden,” in a place that translates literally as “EDIN” (which became the Eden of Genesis in the Old Testament.)

So, basically, we were the slave laborers of the gods since day one.

This would explain humanity’s tendency to behave in a “sheeplike” way. Subservience was bound into our very genes. We’ve been habituated to it since mankind’s earliest days. We’re so used to it we don’t even question it anymore.

This explains why, throughout our history, we have had a pathological belief that slavery is okay. We’ve always been good at turning people into slaves – whether it’s people from another continent with a different skin tone, or our women.

It doesn’t look like we came up with the concept ourselves. Instead, it was literally bred into us to the point where it became familiar and “normal.”

Sitchin also explains a mistranslation that took place. In the Sumerian texts the word “avod” was used to mean “work.” But this term was misconstrued over the years to mean “worship.”

In mankind’s earliest days, he didn’t WORSHIP the gods.

He WORKED for them.


These days, we like to think we no longer work for the gods.

But in every religious tradition, we are still using terms like “worship” and “serve” when we talk about God (or the gods.) (Or the Goddess, for that matter.)

Why would a divine being of infinite power, intelligence, and awareness need slaves to worship him or her?

Would a divine being, indeed, even possess an ego? Would God (with a capital “G”) really display the emotional maturity of a fourteen year old girl and demand that humans run around worshipping and praising and making offerings to him?

Does that sound like a divine consciousness?

Sounds more like a narcissist to me.

Religion means the expression of reverence for a divine, infinite being – or communion with a consciousness or field of energy that originates in the nonphysical realm.

But what are we usually doing?

Engaging in ritual, kneeling and bowing down before “gods” of various kinds, prostrating ourselves, flagellating ourselves (especially if we belong to Opus Dei) and bemoaning how sinful we are.

Do you think an infinitely loving, intelligent, and immortal consciousness or divine force would require that?

If so, your daddy must not have loved you very much.

Most of humanity’s quest for approval from God appears to be about placating a distant, dyfunctional being (or beings) who have conditional love for humanity, not unconditional or altruistic love.

We got off track and developed such core self-esteem problems because we were slaves from the very beginning.

And the slave factory keeps cranking up production. To the tune of seven billion people, many of whom spend their entires lives fighting hunger, consumed by war, and misled by the very spiritual traditions which they naively hope will “save” them from suffering.

The problem is, slave laborers don’t get saved.

They just get used.

Sure, some of the Custodians gave humans education in a few nice things like writing, music, architecture, and the like. Handy stuff for building a civilization.

They also indoctrinated us with their dysfunctional tendencies to make constant war upon each other (because the gods are always fighting in every pantheistic tradition.) And they programmed us to be afraid and to never question the gods, devising sophisticated forms of mind control like telling us over and over again how naughty we are, how we’re born in sin, and how maybe – if we’re extremely lucky and we do everything the gods dictate – we might get to go to heaven one day.

And reincarnate shortly thereafter to become slaves again. But they don’t tell us that part.

It’s time for a slave revolt. And it’s time for fire those deceptive, arrogant agencies – both the Custodians who originated these degrading traditions of self-hatred within humanity, as well as their human servants who perpetuate enslaving the masses through their various religions and crusty, outmoded forms of “spiritual wisdom.”

Because I don’t know about you, but I ain’t signing on to renew a labor contract I didn’t fully understand in the first place.

And I ain’t gonna be nobody’s bitch. 🙂

Rebirthing – An Opportunity to Become Infested

James Bartley is an interesting writer who covers some explosive territory on his website: James Bartley at Whale.to.

He is an abductee who has dealt with a lot of harassment from a full range of nasty entities, both physical and seemingly non-physical or interdimensional in nature.

His articles are fascinating, especially his section about the reptilian ET’s.

There has long been a question about what the Custodial “gods” or apparent ET’s looked like, and some ancient texts suggests that they were reptilian in nature. Others hint that they looked humanoid like us. Other sources allude to something more extraordinary – the idea that BOTH things are possible, that these beings possess unusual DNA that allows them to shapeshift from a humanoid form to a reptilian one and back again.

One need only to look at videos or photos of George Bush Senior to realize that perhaps the idea of shapeshifting lizard ET’s isn’t so outlandish after all!

And certainly ancient lizards, dragons, and reptilian humanoids figure in the traditions of almost every early culture. So there is something going on with the lizzies – whether they got here before the Custodians, whether they were here all along, or whether they turned up later in Earth’s history.

The problem is, according to many victims of abduction, that they seem to still be around. And they’re not particularly nice.

They seem deeply entrenched within the whole phenomenon of psychic possession and spiritual enslavement which are too often the byproduct of getting involved with Custodial practices (like yoga, channeling, following most religions, etc.)

Anyway, Bartley mentions something very interesting – almost as a sidenote – in one of his articles.

In Rebuttal to a Reptilian in Human Clothing he mentions some weird phenomenon which appear to connect to the New Age practice called rebirthing. He writes about having attended a UFO conference in San Diego:

Another irony about that conference was that the individual at the situation desk at the register was a Host for a Reptilian Entity. This particular entity is summoned by her “Spirit Guides” to visit Sedona Arizona at intervals throughout the calendar year to take part in “Rebirthing Exercises.” . . . . During one of these exercises reptilian astral pods (very dark smoky reptilian shaped astral entities) were seen by numerous witnesses to enter and exit the abdomen of the host whilst the latter growled and hissed as if in a state of possession. The host was merely being “re-infested” and this is done at intervals. This host has all the facial and physical characteristics that mark it as a reptilian hybrid and yet to the unsuspecting “contactee” or “experiencer” she merely comes off as a ditzy New Age La Dee Dah.”

He goes on to mention how the woman in question has left a lot of chaos in her wake because she comes into contact with so many abductees and apparently reptilian energies constantly try to hook into weakened people who have already been traumatized from various abduction experiences. So this woman rebirther is acting as a bit of a “typhoid Mary” type, spreading psychic contagion.

Rebirthing is a popular holistic health technique that uses breathwork to supposedly regress someone to their birth time and uses breath to help the person clear out emotional and psychic trauma that happens to all babies at the time of birth. The idea behind the technique is that we have a lot of birth trauma held within our bodies and it affects us throughout our adult years. Supposedly be reexperiencing birth or “rebirthing” with an experienced coach to guide us through the process in a positive way, we can heal those old traumas and overcome any phobias, emotional problems, or personal difficulties that might have been caused by those original traumas.

Sounds benign on the surface – but the problem is that so many folks in the holistic health, metaphysical, and spiritual movements have at some point actively welcomed Custodial type energies or entities into their lives. So it becomes a challenge finding a healer to work with whose energy hasn’t been compromised already. Some of them have a tremendous amount of psychic garbage traveling around with them, which pollutes any healing work they are trying to do for people. They may be well-intentioned, but they can still have negative effects on the very folks they are trying to help.

Bartley’s assertion that rebirthing sessions in Sedona have only served to cause this woman further psychic possession might not be so far off the mark. Sedona is known to be a hotbed of questionable activity ranging from UFO’s to dark military operations to channelers who are proud to talk with ET’s. Many of these channelers are also healers who work one on one with clients in massage, Reiki, or other hands on healing practices.

Do you really want someone infested with Custodial presences touching you? Do you really think you’re going to feel better after doing so?

I’ve never experienced rebirthing myself, but Bartley’s article certainly raises some legitimate concerns about whether it’s a safe technique to be using.

Sacred Contracts – Why You Should Tear Them Up and Demand a New Lawyer

Carolyn Myss is a popular author, teacher and medical intuitive who is probably best known for two bestselling books: Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts.

Anatomy of the Spirit is about understanding the seven “chakras” or energy centers of the body, as outlined in the Hindu traditions. But Myss puts her own spin on them and teaches readers how to use these energy centers to experience healing and personal power.

In Sacred Contracts she alleges the following:

“In short, a Sacred Contract is an agreement your soul makes before you are born,” Myss explains. “You promise to do certain things for yourself, for others, and for divine purposes. Part of the Contract requires that you discover what you are meant to do.”

These various sacred contracts are broken down into various archetypes like the Avenger, the Trickster, the Networker, or the Prostitute. And Myss teaches readers how to understand which contract they supposedly agreed to adhere to before they were born and encourages them to follow the energies of these archetypes and express them to fulfill their life purpose.

I say it’s a bunch of horse pooey.

If we’ve really entered into these contracts before we were born, who provided the other signature on the contract?

I think we need a better attorney because it’s highly likely that any such pre-birth agreements were made with Custodial beings, not with the Infinite, Divine energy that is truly our spiritual Creator or point of origin as limitless energy beings.

The very idea that we must be restricted to only express one side of ourselves through an archetypal form doesn’t jibe with the notion that we are powerful spiritual beings.

Instead, it smacks of Custodial control.

It’s no better than astrology, which also attempts to limit our self-expression through condemning us to act out certain archetypal energies. Most practitioners of astrology view astrology this way – as a set series of conditions placed upon the soul at the time of birth as reflected in the birth chart. It should be said though that there are many new types of astrology out there that are reexamining these old traditions and looking at this ancient system of stereotyping the soul in fresh ways, suggesting that maybe we are NOT our sun sign after all. Which is a good thing!

But people love to read sun sign profiles or personality profiles, and since Carolyn Myss’ book offers up neat chapters about people born under each type of contract, it makes for a popular and entertaining read. You’re taught that you are “meant” to express yourself through one main archetype throughout your lifetime, and indeed, you “must” fulfill this sacred contract if you want anything good to happen to you.


Why is it that Custodial traditions are always into the “You must do this!” “Obey or die, mere mortal” language? Nowhere is it mentioned in these traditions that we are infinite, spiritually sovereign beings who happen to be hanging out in a physical body for a while.

Instead it’s always rules, rules, and more rules.

I’ve always found Carolyn Myss to be a rather unfriendly, suspect person. Her appearances on TV have not impressed me at all. She always seems to be cold and arrogant in the way she responds to people’s questions.

Some years ago I was talking to a man whose family is close to Myss’ family, and he says the first time he spent a day with Myss she was griping at her family members and not behaving like a particularly enlightened spiritual teacher at all. And he realized, much to his chagrin at the time, that she was nothing like the all-knowing mystic master she would appear to be in her books.

Maybe she was simply having a bad day. But when my acquaintance talked about her he put it this way, “If she’s so plugged into these sacred contracts that she’s supposed to fulfill, was her contract about being bitchy to people?”

Maybe it was! Or maybe she has full reign to behave as she chooses because she was the one who wrote the book and devised the “system.”

I dunno. Personal criticisms aside (and I have no firsthand experience with Myss other than seeing her on some TV shows,) I think it’s a good idea to question the concept that we are limited to adhering to some “contract” that we signed before showing up on Earth.

Given the manipulation that has been happening to human souls for aeons, it’s reasonable to assume that we might not have had all the information we needed before signing those contracts.

And it’s probably time for a major renegotiation.

Although, since Custodial energies rarely play fair and seem to prefer the old “Cower before me, mere mortals!” game, maybe we should just rip up the damn contracts and go “Niener, niener!” at those controlling entities.

It’s a bit like parents who, upon seeing that their five-year-old shows some early signs of talent as a singer, athlete, or musician, forces the kid into endless classes devoted to bringing out their “genius.” Then, when the kid displays other talents and inclinations, the parent continues to force the violin lessons or the French lessons down his throat. “This is your sacred contract! This is what you are meant to do!”

Who are THEY to limit one’s personal self-expression in such a way?

Parent or Custodian, it’s a shoddy way to treat your kids.

Yoga- A Tool to Invoke the Gods or Custodians

Yoga is catch all term for many different practices that attempt to align the practitioner with spiritual energies. It comes to us from the rich, complex, Hindu religion, which honors many “gods.”

Some styles of yoga state at the core of their traditions that they are used to invoke these “gods,” even going so far as to invite them into the body. And some traditions go even further – encouraging adherents to focus on completing uniting themselves with the gods of yoga.


The Custodians would appear to be at it again.

I’m always hard on these entities, even though humanity has had a love/hate affair with them for millennia. Some people would say, “What’s wrong with attempting to unite with the divine? Why wouldn’t you want to invite the gods into your life or into your body or, indeed, to attempt to merge with them?”

I would respond with this – “What exactly are you trying to merge with? And how can you be certain that the thing or being you’re inviting in has your best interests at heart?”

Just because something has been done for thousands of years doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Humanity shat in the woods (or in outhouses or chamber pots) for many centuries before modern plumbing was invented. The resulting diseases occurred because we weren’t practicing good hygiene.

Does this mean that modern plumbing is bad?


It means we got smarter and cleaner and healthier. We began to try new things that gave us a better standard of living.

In a similar way, we need to be getting smarter about practicing good spiritual hygiene. And we need to be questioning the “gods” and their true nature at every opportunity.

That doesn’t meant that we should be disrespectful to people who practice yoga. Many wonderful people and teachers have been practitioners of this ancient system. And yet even they may have been misled, not understanding that the very tenets of that system were Custodial (i.e., spiritually enslaving toward humanity.)

Many older yoga teachers will discuss that yes, indeed, yoga (especially Hatha yoga, one of the most popular forms) has always focused on invoking the gods and inviting them into the body or energy system. But you won’t find this bit of information in the many popular “Yoga for Yuppies” books sold at Barnes and Noble! You have to actually talk to the yogis about this. And many of the younger yoga teachers either aren’t aware of what the original Vedas said about yoga, or they aren’t talking about it – or both! I’ve had two older yoga teachers from India admit to me off the record that yes, in the original texts, yoga was all about bringing these “gods” into the body through the various postures. That’s kind of a big admission, don’t you think? So why isn’t it talked about more openly?

I found an interesting blog the other day where the publisher briefly talks about yoga. The blog is called Animam Recro: Explorations in the Esoteric and the Political.

Here is some of what this fascinating blogger had to say about The Gods Within Hinduisim:

I recently met an interesting person and we got into a rather lengthy conversation. . .While speaking with him, I got to the topic of divinity within man. My new friend told me several stories and then mentioned one of his favorite techniques in Hinduism. One can invoke certain Gods when in need of help, usually invoking the God whose particular attribute would be most helpful to you. I’ve never considered the psychological significance of this before. Putting aside whether these Gods ‘physically’ exist or not, this is a very interesting practice of self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment? Or psychic possession?

The blogger also provides an interesting quote from The Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson:

In bhakti yoga, you form a love-bond with a particular divinity, dedicate every waking moment to Him (or Her) and invoke that Divine Being by every method possible, especially vivid visual imagination.

Hmm, if you’re doing this every day, should it be any surprise if your personality begins to change, your body goes through strange transformations, you experience mental disturbances and other classic symptoms of psychic possession? You’ve been inviting something alien (or someone!) into your body!

One of the commenters on this post had the following to say:

In Hindu Bhakti yoga, first devotee worships a personal God with name and form; Then that God becomes light; Then as devotee matures in devotion, that God becomes void or devotee & God becomes ONE. …This happens to every one who seeks after God, irrespective one is Hindu or not.

And that’s the root of the problem, isn’t it?

Too often spiritual and religious traditions encourage people to deny the body, to let go of the self, and to resign to something from the OUTSIDE coming into the body. This is nothing less than a complete psychic takeover.

Generally NOT a good idea! Especially if it’s questionable Custodial entities that you’re inviting to take over your life.

I would encourage anybody who has had an interest in yoga to take a long, hard look at this system. If you look into some of the original vedas (written texts) they openly state that you are INVITING GODS INTO YOUR BODY as you PERFORM CERTAIN HIGHLY REGIMENTED PHYSICAL POSTURES.

Do you want to be doing this? This isn’t about getting the equivalent of a nice workout on the treadmill. It’s no longer just about physical exercise. You need to look into the true esoteric origins of yoga and ask if you really need to be inviting something foreign – and likely to be Custodial in nature – into your body.

I’m just sayin’! Take a closer look, folks.