Yoga- A Tool to Invoke the Gods or Custodians

Yoga is catch all term for many different practices that attempt to align the practitioner with spiritual energies. It comes to us from the rich, complex, Hindu religion, which honors many “gods.”

Some styles of yoga state at the core of their traditions that they are used to invoke these “gods,” even going so far as to invite them into the body. And some traditions go even further – encouraging adherents to focus on completing uniting themselves with the gods of yoga.


The Custodians would appear to be at it again.

I’m always hard on these entities, even though humanity has had a love/hate affair with them for millennia. Some people would say, “What’s wrong with attempting to unite with the divine? Why wouldn’t you want to invite the gods into your life or into your body or, indeed, to attempt to merge with them?”

I would respond with this – “What exactly are you trying to merge with? And how can you be certain that the thing or being you’re inviting in has your best interests at heart?”

Just because something has been done for thousands of years doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Humanity shat in the woods (or in outhouses or chamber pots) for many centuries before modern plumbing was invented. The resulting diseases occurred because we weren’t practicing good hygiene.

Does this mean that modern plumbing is bad?


It means we got smarter and cleaner and healthier. We began to try new things that gave us a better standard of living.

In a similar way, we need to be getting smarter about practicing good spiritual hygiene. And we need to be questioning the “gods” and their true nature at every opportunity.

That doesn’t meant that we should be disrespectful to people who practice yoga. Many wonderful people and teachers have been practitioners of this ancient system. And yet even they may have been misled, not understanding that the very tenets of that system were Custodial (i.e., spiritually enslaving toward humanity.)

Many older yoga teachers will discuss that yes, indeed, yoga (especially Hatha yoga, one of the most popular forms) has always focused on invoking the gods and inviting them into the body or energy system. But you won’t find this bit of information in the many popular “Yoga for Yuppies” books sold at Barnes and Noble! You have to actually talk to the yogis about this. And many of the younger yoga teachers either aren’t aware of what the original Vedas said about yoga, or they aren’t talking about it – or both! I’ve had two older yoga teachers from India admit to me off the record that yes, in the original texts, yoga was all about bringing these “gods” into the body through the various postures. That’s kind of a big admission, don’t you think? So why isn’t it talked about more openly?

I found an interesting blog the other day where the publisher briefly talks about yoga. The blog is called Animam Recro: Explorations in the Esoteric and the Political.

Here is some of what this fascinating blogger had to say about The Gods Within Hinduisim:

I recently met an interesting person and we got into a rather lengthy conversation. . .While speaking with him, I got to the topic of divinity within man. My new friend told me several stories and then mentioned one of his favorite techniques in Hinduism. One can invoke certain Gods when in need of help, usually invoking the God whose particular attribute would be most helpful to you. I’ve never considered the psychological significance of this before. Putting aside whether these Gods ‘physically’ exist or not, this is a very interesting practice of self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment? Or psychic possession?

The blogger also provides an interesting quote from The Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson:

In bhakti yoga, you form a love-bond with a particular divinity, dedicate every waking moment to Him (or Her) and invoke that Divine Being by every method possible, especially vivid visual imagination.

Hmm, if you’re doing this every day, should it be any surprise if your personality begins to change, your body goes through strange transformations, you experience mental disturbances and other classic symptoms of psychic possession? You’ve been inviting something alien (or someone!) into your body!

One of the commenters on this post had the following to say:

In Hindu Bhakti yoga, first devotee worships a personal God with name and form; Then that God becomes light; Then as devotee matures in devotion, that God becomes void or devotee & God becomes ONE. …This happens to every one who seeks after God, irrespective one is Hindu or not.

And that’s the root of the problem, isn’t it?

Too often spiritual and religious traditions encourage people to deny the body, to let go of the self, and to resign to something from the OUTSIDE coming into the body. This is nothing less than a complete psychic takeover.

Generally NOT a good idea! Especially if it’s questionable Custodial entities that you’re inviting to take over your life.

I would encourage anybody who has had an interest in yoga to take a long, hard look at this system. If you look into some of the original vedas (written texts) they openly state that you are INVITING GODS INTO YOUR BODY as you PERFORM CERTAIN HIGHLY REGIMENTED PHYSICAL POSTURES.

Do you want to be doing this? This isn’t about getting the equivalent of a nice workout on the treadmill. It’s no longer just about physical exercise. You need to look into the true esoteric origins of yoga and ask if you really need to be inviting something foreign – and likely to be Custodial in nature – into your body.

I’m just sayin’! Take a closer look, folks.