Batman Movie and Dark Satanic Energies

Did you see the new Batman movie?

I have to admit that if I had listened to my intuition, I never would have seen it. I had an aversion to it even though I had enjoyed the first movie well enough. Part of that feeling was probably due to the death of Heath Ledger, whose image and performance I knew would be exploited in the hyper-promotion of the film. A real death cult can arise around certain tragic movie stars who die before their films come out. Think of the weird and crazy fans of Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee who was actually killed while filming the movie The Crow from a supposed mistaken firing of a gun that everyone thought was loaded with blanks.

I could sense that a similar cultural fixation was arising around Heath and his death from a drug overdose, and that the viewing of Batman was going to be turned into a ritual vortex of negative energies.

Still, I went to see it with a friend.

It was a complicated, convoluted film with too many characters. Heath Ledger’s performance was fine enough and the movie would have been better if it had just been about him and Batman. But there were lots of subplots, and one particularly gruesome plot line involving Harvey Dent which was just inexcusable for a PG -13 movie. The kids in the theater with me were noticeably traumatized by the gruesome stuff going on with Dent at the end of the movie, and their parents should have been warned. These were kids of 12, 13, far too young for what should have been an R rated film.

So the entire PR machine around this film was getting very dark, and after seeing the movie I felt that it was essentially a ritual sacrifice type of movie exploiting both the energies of Heath Ledger and his death and also something very dark and nasty, probably demonic, riding in on the scenes of Harvey Dent’s mutilation and possibly a lot of mind control and subliminals also woven into the film.

Compare that with Hellboy 2, which I found to be a spiritually compelling, fascinating, funny and fun exploration of life in many dimensions – from supernatural creatures to earth devas to elves. Fascinating and good movie – check it out if you haven’t already. It’s a very interesting film from a metaphysical standpoint and it does not celebrate darkness at all – in fact, it illuminates morals and love in a really cool way.

Batman had none of that. It was just a suffocating immersion in yuck.

Well, I had a feeling that there was more weirdness to come with Batman.

It of course made an obscene amount of money in a short amount of time.

Then around the time of the Batman premiere in the UK, Batman star Christian Bale was arrested for assault in a weird incident involving his mother and sister.

In the UK the definition of assault is a little different than it is here in the US. In the US assault has to involve physical touch. In the UK it can just involve threatening words.

Reports from the scene contradict each other, but apparently Bale has long been estranged from his mom and sister, and I believe the women have each had reported problems with drugs. Anyway, they supposedly showed up at his hotel demanding to be let up to his room and caused a scene. Then they were very unruly when he let them into his room and may have made threats like “You owe us!” and said something derogatory about Bale’s wife. Bale got mad and probably made some threatening noises like “Back off,” and the entire thing escalated into a case of “He said vs. she said and she said,” and it ended in his brief arrest.

I felt like Bale, being the center piece of this movie, was being bombarded by a lot of negative and strange energy as this film came out, and these chaos energies or even Custodial energies were working on everybody involved with the movie.

Well, today I was saddened to hear that Morgan Freeman, another star of the film, was just in a very serious car accident. Apparently they had to use the jaws of life to extract him from the car. He has supposedly broken a shoulder and an arm and is is serious but stable condition. I hope he is okay as I really like him and he brings a unique humane quality to all of his work. He’s kind of an elder wise man type and I do hope he and his family are okay.

The problem is that Freeman was just in two very dark films – his role in Batman was rather small, but he also played a leading role in a dark movie called Wanted. Wanted is about a young kid who discovers he has unusual genetics which allow him to react fast and heal quickly, and he is recruited to become an assassin by a mysterious group called The Weavers. Morgan Freeman plays the head of the Weavers who decides who must live and who must die (for the greater good, supposedly.)

It’s a somewhat mindless shoot ’em up movie, and the kid character is kind of funny and offbeat, yet the movie overall is very dark. It’s all about teaching the kid how to kill people.

I wonder energetically if being involved with Batman and Wanted plugged Freeman into too many Custodial or dark energies, and if it stirred up chaos in his life, leading to his car accident.

Something very negative is “feeding” off the Batman movie, its watchers, and its actors right now.

I would advise psychically shielding yourself before you watch either movie as there are probably a lot of undesirable parasites hanging on in the etheric surrounding both films. And if you feel restless, angry, or emotionally disturbed after viewing either picture, then you definitely need to do some psychic clearing on yourself to shake off any residual goop.

Editor’s Note: This blog entry has a follow up post here: Psychopaths, It’s All in Your Brain.


17 Responses

  1. Wow. This is very interresting. I first heard about all of this this morning on a radio show called Opie and Anthony saying that there was a curse on the new Batman film etc. Oddly enough I got to where I wanted to see the film but learned that tickets were sold out for three weeks in an IMAX theatre in the New York City area, and I already spent money on tickets to see the Mummy:Curse of the Dragon Emperor, which I liked. Good thing I found this article!
    And I will take your advice on watching Hellboy II 🙂

  2. I went to go see the Batman movie and ended up leaving because I couldn’t deal with the enargy surrounding it. It definitely seemed to be some kind of illuminist blood sacrifice ritual. I used to be very fascinated by horror movies and dark energies of all sorts–lately i just can’t deal. The demonic realm has become boring predictable and draining. It’s too bad about Heath Ledger though–he really did seem like a nice guy. The “custodians” seem to need the light energy of good people like him to do their magic. He should have stopped with Brokeback mountain. 😦 That was a very beautiful movie, unlike the Dark Knight.

  3. I completely agree on this. Heath’s death seems to have been directly connected with the energies he tuned into as he immersed himself in this role. I spent a lot of the film with my eyes closed, partly because I’m a complete wimp, lol, but also cos at certain times something very malevolent seemed to be emanating from the screen. And I wasn’t the only one in the cinema to do so I noticed.

    I really feel for all of them, especially Heath. The question I would really like answered is to what extent if any, are Hollywood stars aware of the energies in the films they work on and their ultimate purpose.
    Maybe those at the beginning of their careers don’t know much, but what about after a few decades?
    Didn’t Jack Nicholson make a very strange comment after Heath’s death. Something like ‘I warned him..”

  4. wow, that was an amazing piece of writing that I had to put up on my bands blog!! thankyou, it really spoke to me… keep up the good work!!

  5. This movie definitely has some dark energy associated with it. I would advise people with mental problems or who are sensitive to the energies of people, places, or things to stay away from this movie.

  6. If you play with fire you might get burned! There are indeed dark forces controlling things now. Lets hope the light shines through the dark night and a very dark world…

  7. I too felt an odd energy throughout the film but I felt it was more of me thinking to myself what I would choose in those situations. It was draining thinking about that. But I do love movies that made me think that way. I dono it’s hard to explain how that movie made me feel. After reading that I think that some of it had to do with the negative energy coming from the film. I still did enjoy it and have not dwelled on those feelings.

  8. I have been interested in this “curse” or “dark element” associated with the movie ever since I saw it the Saturday after it was released.
    There are thoughts (including my own) that the role of Joker is cursed. At first I thought it *will be* cursed because of Heath Ledger’s death due in connection to the role and so I researched it.
    I came to an article that listed all the actors who played the role of the Joker in the past and all the misfortunes and mental anguish they faced afterward. A lot of the actors died of heart related problems where others faced drug and alcohol abuse.
    Jack Nicholson himself took sleeping medication long after his role because of his sleepless nights and troubled mind.
    I am very sensitive when it comes to dark movies and sense a foreboding force behind it, sometimes enabling me from watching the movie farther.
    The only part of this movie that bothered me was when the Joker was sitting in the interrogation room. Although nothing actually sinister was happening, I still felt that heavy atmosphere around the scene.
    I just hope no more misfortune befalls this movies actors.
    A very interesting topic of discussion.

  9. […] Psychopaths, It’s All in Your Brain Posted on August 11, 2008 by systembuster43 I’ve been receiving some comments on an earlier post I wrote about the dark ritual energies that seemed to accompany the new Batman: The Dark Knight movie. You can view what I had to say about this here: Batman Movie and Dark Satanic Energies. […]

  10. … really think a movie has dark energy?? it’s more or less based on a graphic novel and I have to say is probably the best movie I have ever seen I was in awe at the fact that they were able to do a comic book character movie and do it so well without making it campy, and well obviously more people agree with me than don’t…just look at it’s score on imdb…..

  11. I can see where this is coming from. But I strongly agree with the above statement that this movie was awesome. They finally made a Batman without the camp.

    Yes the movie is dark. No doubt. In regards to beings feeding off of its energy? Whoa.. My feeling is. the more you go into these things.. the “worse” it gets. You can choose to live in such a world.. or not. Of course there will be some “crossing over” of energies, but if you give these things too much attention then yes.. you can drown in “etheral parasites, demons, illuminati, ghosts etc. etc. Just go watch it with some popcorn. enjoy it.. then let it go.

    Much respect to this article though. Interesting. 😉

  12. I must diasgree with your comparison of Hellboy II and The Dark Knight. The climax of the Hellboy film featured his girlfriend choosing to save him, despite the fact that she had been told he would eventually destroy humanity. The climax of The Dark Knight features Bruce Wayne pretedning to have done the crimes of another so that Gotham would not lose hope in its leaders. Hellboy seems to adocate selfishness, while Batman acts in the interest of the greater good. Man y times throughout The Dark Knight (the boat/bomb scene for example), the movie stresses how humans are essentially good and will make wise choices if given the chance. Now granted Hellboy II had a fluffier tone to it, and The Dark Knight had a grimmer tone, but I would suggest that The Dark Knight is in fact advocating a higher moral standpoint than Hellboy II.

  13. very intersting, since that incident happened last night during the premiere of the last batman film. kind of bloodsacrifice, also the place aurora…seems very suspicious…

  14. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. – Phillipians 4:8

  15. Wow…several years after the fact of this post i have to say morons like this should be banned from computers!

  16. Jesus is all you need. Call on him and you will know the truth because Jesus is alive! God bless you!!!

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