Psychopaths, It’s All in Your Brain

I’ve been receiving some comments on an earlier post I wrote about the dark ritual energies that seemed to accompany the new Batman: The Dark Knight movie. You can view what I had to say about this here: Batman Movie and Dark Satanic Energies.

Many of the comments have been intelligent and insightful. The ones I have deleted have invariably been from young, hostile men who are proud about how “manly” they are because they are unaffected by scenes of brutal, explicit violence. Their comments can best be summed up as: “Dude, it’s only a movie!”

In the April 24, 2007 issue of MIT’s Technology Review there is a fascinating article called What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Evil?

The article talks about how modern day psychiatrists and neuroscientists are learning a lot about psychopaths through studying brain imagery. The term “psychopath” has many definitions, but generally it’s a person who lacks empathy, compassion, fear, or remorse. Brain scientists are finding that the sections of the brain responsible for generating these normal emotional reactions appear to be “missing” from the brains of psychopathic people.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers in the United States, Germany, and elsewhere have started taking scans of the brains of psychopaths while the patients view horrific images, such as photographs of bloody stabbings, shootings, or evisceration. When normal people view these images, fMRI scans light up to indicate heavy brain activity in sections of the emotion-generating limbic system, primarily the amygdala, which is believed to generate feelings of empathy. But in psychopathic patients, these sections of the amygdala remain dark, showing greatly reduced activity or none at all. This phenomenon, known as limbic underactivation, may indicate that some of these people lack the ability to generate the basic emotions that keep primitive killer instincts in check.

The article does go on to say that not all psychopaths become killers. Some people whose limbic section of the brain is underactive head into the “heroic” professions and become firefighters, police officers, or fighter pilots.

That’s actually a little scary. Give the psychopaths all the guns and heavy artillery and hope that they don’t act out, even though their brains predispose them to be inhumanly desensitized to the suffering of other people.

What a superb idea.

I think before anyone runs for political office or is allowed to enter the military they should have a brain scan. It should be determined whether the person is able to feel compassion or empathy. If they are a psychopath, they are prevented from participating in either profession.

The Technology Review doesn’t go into detail about how these brain tests work, but basically what happens is that the person sits with electrodes attached to various sections of their brain and they are made to watch various images which are flashed before them. Innocuous images like cute animals, nature scenes, and cars are interspersed with photographs of brutal scenes like dead or mutilated bodies, war zones, and so forth.

In a “normal,” non-psychopathic brain, there is a huge spike of activity in the limbic center of the brain (the compassion and empathy center) whenever any of the horrific and violent images are shown. And when  pleasant pictures are flashed in front of them, there is no such spike in activity.

In a psychopathic person their brain activity remains level throughout. In other words, they have NO REACTION AT ALL when violent and bloody pictures of dead human bodies or mutilated animals are flashed in front of them. It’s just another day at the beach for them. They are unable to identify with the suffering of others and are blissfully unconcerned. At the anatomical level they are incapable of experiencing empathy.

We live in a culture where we have given permission for movies, TV shows, and other forms of media to constantly be flashing brutal images at us of people being mutilated, tortured, and killed. And this is supposed to be okay, and we’re all supposed to go around being “manly” and insist that these images don’t degrade us emotionally and reveal us to be sadistic animals.


Just yesterday I went to see what was happening at a liberal blog published by Arianna Huffington called the Huffington Post. Above the fold, filling the entire top and center of the screen, was a devastating photograph of an old woman crying as she stood next to another old woman, probably a close relative, who had been shot dead in the head and was lying on the ground in front of her.

Faces were not blurred. The spot where the bullet had penetrated the woman’s brain and left a blood trail was not obscured.

We were just forced to see this if we went to that blog.

You know, I get it, Huffington Post – there’s horrific violence escalating in the former Russian region of Georgia right now and civilians are being killed.

But I would feel just the same about it, knowing that it was terrible, if you hadn’t shown me that disrespectful and gory image of some poor woman being shot dead, leaving her family devastated and grieving.

That’s because I’m a human. Not a psychopath.


Psychopaths don’t. It doesn’t matter how violent the images, how gory the movie, or how brutal or disgusting the photos or movie scenes are.

The brain of a psychopath is not wired the way real, compassionate, functioning people’s brains are.

And we have allowed the abhorrent consciousness (or really, complete lack of consciousness) of the psychopath to dominate our culture, littering our media landscape with images too horrifying for a child to see. And if we’re honest with ourselves and we’re not playing “manly man” games, we know that they are too terrible for an adult not to be emotionally affected by, too.

And this is what we now celebrate in our movies and our media. Including in the Batman movie, which was one dark, ritualistic scene of gore after another.

Young, psychopathic men out there – you’re welcome to enjoy your scenes of brutality and your complete non-identification with the victims of violence depicted in those films. You’re welcome to continue claiming, “Dude, it’s just a movie!” while at the same time enjoying all those horrific images of REAL people dying and being mutilated each day in the news. Admit it. You get off on it.

Just don’t expect to get any air time at this blog. This blog is all about outlining the Custodial influence in human affairs.

And there are a lot of signs in the ancient texts about the Custodians that point to them being the true originators of the psychopathic brain sickness that many of their descendents have developed.

You cannot objectively view the actions of a being known as “Yaweh” or “Jehovah” in the Old Testament (who by the way, sounds exactly like the bloodthirsty and vindictive Marduk from the ancient Sumerian texts) and not identify this “god” as a complete psychopath.

We’ve been giving psychopaths too much respect, too much power, since day one.

And I say it’s time to end it. And if you can’t make a distinction between images that uplift the human race and inspire expansion of consciousness and imagery that degrades, abuses, and limits consciousness, well then –

You’re not just a psychopath.

You’re clinically stupid and not qualified to comment on the human condition in any way, shape or form.


Wolf Eel and Other Anomalous Creatures

Recently I was thinking about a weird news story from about a year ago. A New Jersey woman found a bizarre looking skull near a fox den on her farm. The thing had huge, gnarly fangs and looked like something from another planet. Some official person came along and supposedly identified it as a “wolf eel.” Here’s a photo of a wolf eel at the left. This is a female wolf eel.

Here’s a photo of the skull the woman found on her property:

Funky looking, huh?

Here is a photo off the Web which is supposedly of wolf eel teeth and jaws:

Notice any difference?

Newspapers at the time provided quotes from various “officials” about how, while seeing a wolf eel 50 miles inland is uncommon, it is not unheard of.

Wolf Eel Found in Hunterdon County

But interestingly enough, other fish and game experts do not share their consensus view of reality.

From Wikipedia’s entry on wolf eels:

They are found in the northern Pacific Ocean, ranging from the Sea of Japan and the Aleutian Islands to northern California.

Full entry here: Wikipedia – Wolf eel.

No mention of New Jersey – or the Atlantic Ocean, for that matter.

From an underwater photography site:

The friendly, but fierce looking wolf-eel is a favorite of Pacific Northwest divers. . . . .Wolf-eels range from southeastern Alaska to southern California typically living in rocky reef-type habitats from the intertidal zone down to about 740 feet. . . Their diet consists of sea urchins, crabs, scallops — assorted crustaceans and mollusks.

Full article to be found here: Wolf-eels.

It doesn’t seem like other marine researchers have noted bumping into wolf eels on the East Coast before, and certainly not in New Jersey.

Yet this plucky and determined “wolf eel” found its way there, anyway. And suddenly New Jersey newspapers were filled with “experts” coming out of the woodwork claiming that wolf eels frequently turn up there. My friend who lives in the state forwarded me some of the newspaper clippings at the time but I don’t feel like digging them out and scanning them today, lazy slob that I am. But there was more than one report claiming that wolf eels were perfectly normal, common, and regular New Jersey visitors.


I’m always interested in how the media and the gatekeepers of “science” are always conspiring to control the flow of information to the masses.

Remember how Hitler said that telling big lies is a great strategy for manipulating what the public believes?

“The masses indulge in petty falsehoods every day, but it would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths and they are not able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery. . . The bigger the lie, therefore, the more likely it is to be believed.”

After all, if a big, official “scientist” comes along and says something is true, then it must be true.

Even though the “wolf eel” skull looks exactly like a damned water dragon or sea serpent.

A classic characteristic of Custodial behavior is control and manipulation of perception. After all, if humans could really see what was going on around them with 20/20 vision, they might just get into the mood to stage one of their annoying little rebellions. And this time, we might go after the real controllers.

The modern scientific cabal is one such group that uses Custodial tactics. There’s no longer a genuine spirit of inquiry at the heart of scientific discovery. In fact, the whole idea of discovery has pretty much been tossed out the window.

Instead, scientists are like public relations hacks sent out to deny, deny, deny and repress, repress, repress. Especially if they discover something juicy and significant.

I love it when stories like the wolf eel skull make it into the mainstream press, because it’s one of those things that evokes curiosity and has inspired a lot of people to question the “status quo” responses of the “officials.”

I mean, it was just this week that a group of 125,000 “lost” gorillas were found living in Central Africa. Before that, our scientists were insisting that there were only about 50,000 gorillas left in the world, which would make them highly endangered.

125,000 more gorillas on the planet, hidden in plain sight – and the scientists didn’t find them until now? When we have every inch of this planet mapped and crossed with GPS satellite navigation systems?

I love it when scientists are left standing with egg on their faces because it shows how idiotic we are to believe anything that conventional scientific wisdom is supposedly revealing.

There’s a hell of a lot they don’t know. And there’s a lot more that they do know, but they aren’t telling.

My hope is that various anomalous creatures like wolf eels/dragons, yeti, and even the gorillas remain in hiding. We need to preserve some sources of genuine wonderment on this planet, if such a thing is even possible anymore.

Ritual Energies and the Beijing Olympics

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing were held yesterday. In some ways it was a bit of a relief because the chaotic ritual energies leading up to the opening were really awful.

If you’ve felt cranky, nervous, or unsettled this week, or if you’ve had odd or disturbing dreams, you can thank those Custodial helpers for creating a powerful psychic vortex around this entire Olympic event. The dark stuff was being cranked up, no doubt about it.

I couldn’t stomach watching the opening ceremonies – I just glanced at some of the photos online. What I saw made my heart break. The naked, innocent hope of the Chinese people, especially the young folks dancing in the various parts of the opening ceremony, overlaid with the horrifically dark ritual energies being stirred up. I felt for the citizens of this tormented, complex country, while at the same time being really pissed off about the dark sorcerors who always take charge of these things.

The Custodians have long put a system of “priests” or sorcerors in place, who operate though a myriad of secretive “Brotherhood” organizations. And these Custodial servants love to take any event where large numbers of people are focusing their attention and, through ritual, turn these focal points into psychic gateways where a large amount of dark energy can come through. This happens all the time through movies, but it’s rare that a physical event held on the ground involves billions of people focusing on it at the same time.

What a great time for a Custodial party!


The opening ceremonies were held in the bird’s nest stadium, where at least ten people have died during construction.

From the Times in the UK:

At least 10 workers have been killed while working on the Olympic stadium but, in a rush to complete the project, Chinese officials have denied the deaths. . .Witnesses have told The Sunday Times of seeing workers plummet to their deaths from the perilous heights of the stadium, which was designed by a consortium including Arup, the British engineering firm, and Herzog & de Meuron, the Swiss architects. The bodies were swiftly removed by police, who sealed off accident scenes with orange tape and cleared other workers from the area while the dead were loaded into police vehicles, witnesses said.

Full article here:

China Hushes Up Olympic Deaths

If you had any question about these Olympics being purposefully used for dark ritual, have a look at the proposed architectural plans for the main Olympic stadium. Eventually they decided on the bird’s nest design, but if you scroll through this page of architectural models of proposed designs for this stadium, you’ll see some classically Custodial symbolism.

Serpent’s eye, anyone?

Or how about this direct nod to our Custodial pals?

Of course, in the official proposal, this structure was described as having a “suspending, retractable roof.”

Ahem. Flying saucer, you mean.

Have a look at the full page of proposed designs for the main stadium, taken off a Beijing government home page:

Presentation of Competition for the Architecture Design of National Stadium – 2008 Olympics

And then we have the creepy gathering of world leaders as well. French President Sarkozy was there for the opening ceremonies. Putin from Russia, the Israeli Prime Minister, and Baby Bush are all there, too. What a great time to soak up some “loosh” – intense emotional energy that the Custodians and their helpers feed on. Yum, yum!

Sacred Contracts – Why You Should Tear Them Up and Demand a New Lawyer

Carolyn Myss is a popular author, teacher and medical intuitive who is probably best known for two bestselling books: Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts.

Anatomy of the Spirit is about understanding the seven “chakras” or energy centers of the body, as outlined in the Hindu traditions. But Myss puts her own spin on them and teaches readers how to use these energy centers to experience healing and personal power.

In Sacred Contracts she alleges the following:

“In short, a Sacred Contract is an agreement your soul makes before you are born,” Myss explains. “You promise to do certain things for yourself, for others, and for divine purposes. Part of the Contract requires that you discover what you are meant to do.”

These various sacred contracts are broken down into various archetypes like the Avenger, the Trickster, the Networker, or the Prostitute. And Myss teaches readers how to understand which contract they supposedly agreed to adhere to before they were born and encourages them to follow the energies of these archetypes and express them to fulfill their life purpose.

I say it’s a bunch of horse pooey.

If we’ve really entered into these contracts before we were born, who provided the other signature on the contract?

I think we need a better attorney because it’s highly likely that any such pre-birth agreements were made with Custodial beings, not with the Infinite, Divine energy that is truly our spiritual Creator or point of origin as limitless energy beings.

The very idea that we must be restricted to only express one side of ourselves through an archetypal form doesn’t jibe with the notion that we are powerful spiritual beings.

Instead, it smacks of Custodial control.

It’s no better than astrology, which also attempts to limit our self-expression through condemning us to act out certain archetypal energies. Most practitioners of astrology view astrology this way – as a set series of conditions placed upon the soul at the time of birth as reflected in the birth chart. It should be said though that there are many new types of astrology out there that are reexamining these old traditions and looking at this ancient system of stereotyping the soul in fresh ways, suggesting that maybe we are NOT our sun sign after all. Which is a good thing!

But people love to read sun sign profiles or personality profiles, and since Carolyn Myss’ book offers up neat chapters about people born under each type of contract, it makes for a popular and entertaining read. You’re taught that you are “meant” to express yourself through one main archetype throughout your lifetime, and indeed, you “must” fulfill this sacred contract if you want anything good to happen to you.


Why is it that Custodial traditions are always into the “You must do this!” “Obey or die, mere mortal” language? Nowhere is it mentioned in these traditions that we are infinite, spiritually sovereign beings who happen to be hanging out in a physical body for a while.

Instead it’s always rules, rules, and more rules.

I’ve always found Carolyn Myss to be a rather unfriendly, suspect person. Her appearances on TV have not impressed me at all. She always seems to be cold and arrogant in the way she responds to people’s questions.

Some years ago I was talking to a man whose family is close to Myss’ family, and he says the first time he spent a day with Myss she was griping at her family members and not behaving like a particularly enlightened spiritual teacher at all. And he realized, much to his chagrin at the time, that she was nothing like the all-knowing mystic master she would appear to be in her books.

Maybe she was simply having a bad day. But when my acquaintance talked about her he put it this way, “If she’s so plugged into these sacred contracts that she’s supposed to fulfill, was her contract about being bitchy to people?”

Maybe it was! Or maybe she has full reign to behave as she chooses because she was the one who wrote the book and devised the “system.”

I dunno. Personal criticisms aside (and I have no firsthand experience with Myss other than seeing her on some TV shows,) I think it’s a good idea to question the concept that we are limited to adhering to some “contract” that we signed before showing up on Earth.

Given the manipulation that has been happening to human souls for aeons, it’s reasonable to assume that we might not have had all the information we needed before signing those contracts.

And it’s probably time for a major renegotiation.

Although, since Custodial energies rarely play fair and seem to prefer the old “Cower before me, mere mortals!” game, maybe we should just rip up the damn contracts and go “Niener, niener!” at those controlling entities.

It’s a bit like parents who, upon seeing that their five-year-old shows some early signs of talent as a singer, athlete, or musician, forces the kid into endless classes devoted to bringing out their “genius.” Then, when the kid displays other talents and inclinations, the parent continues to force the violin lessons or the French lessons down his throat. “This is your sacred contract! This is what you are meant to do!”

Who are THEY to limit one’s personal self-expression in such a way?

Parent or Custodian, it’s a shoddy way to treat your kids.

Again with the Freakin’ Vampires – Breaking Dawn Sells 13 Million Copies

One recurring Custodial theme is the pursuit and worship of immortality.

There are a lot of questions raised by the Sumerian texts, which suggest that the “gods” who came down from Nibiru lived a lot longer than humans. This made them appear immortal to the shorter lived folks.

Yet some of the gods and goddesses clearly aged – this is mentioned later on in some of the texts. It just took them a lot longer to do so. This may have been because Nibiru was said to have an extremely long, elliptical orbit around the sun, so one year on Nibiru was like 3600 of our Earth years.

At some point after humanity had been created, the Custodians began interbreeding with humans. Genesis obliquely refers to this as the Sons of God breeding with the Daughters of Men.

These half-breeds or half-gods were often long-lived as well. And they possessed intriguing powers, unusual intelligence, or supernatural beauty. Think of the Greek heroes like Achilles who were said to be children of various gods. They possessed mighty talents that separated them from normal men.

Remember how the Bible talks about Noah living a long time? At the time of the Biblical flood he was said to be 600 years old.

This would have been physically plausible if he had been “half-god” and half human. The children of the Custodians inherited some of their physiology.

Probably because of this era in our early history when some humans were living such a long time, the pursuit of immortality (or at least a very long life) has been a constant source of fascination for us throughout the ages.

With this fascination comes a preoccupation with modern characters in contemporary entertainment like the X-Men mutants with their special powers, and of course the continual obsession with vampires.

I hadn’t heard of the Twilight series until today. It’s a young adult book series about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. He’s vegetarian, though, so it’s okay. The bad vampires chase them around and they have many adventures throughout the series.

The latest book in the series is called Breaking Dawn, and it sold 13 million copies in one day.

This series is beating all the records for book sales. It’s even giving Harry Potter a serious run for his money.

Hey, it’s great that young people are reading a book once in a while.

But again with the freakin’ vampire worship. GEESH!

The whole vampire mystique is all about embracing the dark Custodial energies. The obsession with drinking blood, the quest for immortality, and the outright misery and depression that the vampires are always experiencing – it’s Anne Rice all over again.

By the way, Anne Rice is planning one last Lestat novel. So we have that to look forward to.

I think part of our fascination with these Custodial themes is because we have such a dysfunctional and mysterious relationship with these beings. They’re like the parent who abuses the hell out of you and then you spend the rest of your life longing for them in this twisted way, because deep down in your heart you long for a close connection with those who gave birth to you, even though they treat you like crap and are entirely, hopelessly psychotic.

Will we ever get over it and identify these insane, amoral beings for the rat bastards that they are?

One can hope.

Breaking Dawn Sells 13 Million Copies in One Day.

James Casbolt on the Watchers

Recently I’ve been checking out a fascinating website published by a man named James Casbolt who claims to be a former MI6 agent who worked in ‘Black ops’ drug trafficking operations in London between 1995 and 1999. He is coming forward as a whistleblower type and talking a lot about various black operations that have involved psychically gifted people. Too often the military and other black operations focus on “weaponizing” psychic abilities. That’s what has happened to Casbolt as he has been involved with many remote viewing and other operations. He possesses strong psychic abilities which were exploited during his time in M16.

Whether you take his material as truth or not, his site is very interesting. He is gradually publishing chapters from a book that exposes a lot of insider information about the tie-ins between the military, various mystical brotherhoods like the Rosicrucians and the White Lotus organization, and psychic assassins or psychic spies.

He recently published Chapter Two and he has a few things to say about “The Watchers.” The Watchers are the same Custodians mentioned in all ancient religions – they are simply given different names. In the Bible they are called The Watchers.

The fallen angels were known in Hebrew as ‘Irin,’ meaning ‘those who watch’. This is translated into Greek as ‘Grigori,’ meaning ‘Watchers’. Other factions of these secret societies base their teachings around more ‘Christian’ principles and the ancient Book of Enoch. This ancient text includes accounts of the watchers, and many of the early Christian church leaders used the work from the first to the third centuries AD.


This is why the real secrets of freemasonry are taught at the 33rd degree. The Watchers descended from other planets onto earth in ancient times onto Mt. Hermon just north of Dan/Kaish in the Middle East. This mountain is on the 33rd degree latitude. When you reach the 33rd degree of masonry, you enter the ‘Illuminati’ degrees and are taught the ‘secrets of the angels.’

And then he writes this:

The Watchers had good and evil amongst them. Archangel Michael is named as a physical watcher in the Middle East in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The battle between the ‘Sons of Light’ and the ‘Sons of Darkness’ is mentioned in this work. This battle still rages today.

Yes, the Archangels also are called into question as you go deeper into the Custodian history.

Remember how Gabriel was the angel who appeared to Mary, the soon-to-be mother of Jesus, telling her she was to give birth while still a virgin?

Recall how Gabriel was the angel who spoke with the prophet Mohammed, who went on to found Islam and write the Koran based on communications with Gabriel?

Were the archangels good guys or bad guys – or something else? They certain seem very entwined with the mysteries of the Custodial energies.

Some researchers also draw Jesus into the web of questions – was he a Custodial offspring, perhaps brought into the world via artificial insemination? (i.e. “Virgin birth” or procreation without intercourse.)

And then there are Mary’s grandparents – Mary’s mother was also alleged to be a virgin and was told by an angel that she was with child.

Just what have the Custodians been up to over time?

It’s all a very complicated web.

Anyway, you should check out James Casbolt’s material for an insightful read.

The main site is here:

And the link to chapter two of his book, which I reference above, is here:
Chapter Two – Agent Buried Alive,

Batman Movie and Dark Satanic Energies

Did you see the new Batman movie?

I have to admit that if I had listened to my intuition, I never would have seen it. I had an aversion to it even though I had enjoyed the first movie well enough. Part of that feeling was probably due to the death of Heath Ledger, whose image and performance I knew would be exploited in the hyper-promotion of the film. A real death cult can arise around certain tragic movie stars who die before their films come out. Think of the weird and crazy fans of Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee who was actually killed while filming the movie The Crow from a supposed mistaken firing of a gun that everyone thought was loaded with blanks.

I could sense that a similar cultural fixation was arising around Heath and his death from a drug overdose, and that the viewing of Batman was going to be turned into a ritual vortex of negative energies.

Still, I went to see it with a friend.

It was a complicated, convoluted film with too many characters. Heath Ledger’s performance was fine enough and the movie would have been better if it had just been about him and Batman. But there were lots of subplots, and one particularly gruesome plot line involving Harvey Dent which was just inexcusable for a PG -13 movie. The kids in the theater with me were noticeably traumatized by the gruesome stuff going on with Dent at the end of the movie, and their parents should have been warned. These were kids of 12, 13, far too young for what should have been an R rated film.

So the entire PR machine around this film was getting very dark, and after seeing the movie I felt that it was essentially a ritual sacrifice type of movie exploiting both the energies of Heath Ledger and his death and also something very dark and nasty, probably demonic, riding in on the scenes of Harvey Dent’s mutilation and possibly a lot of mind control and subliminals also woven into the film.

Compare that with Hellboy 2, which I found to be a spiritually compelling, fascinating, funny and fun exploration of life in many dimensions – from supernatural creatures to earth devas to elves. Fascinating and good movie – check it out if you haven’t already. It’s a very interesting film from a metaphysical standpoint and it does not celebrate darkness at all – in fact, it illuminates morals and love in a really cool way.

Batman had none of that. It was just a suffocating immersion in yuck.

Well, I had a feeling that there was more weirdness to come with Batman.

It of course made an obscene amount of money in a short amount of time.

Then around the time of the Batman premiere in the UK, Batman star Christian Bale was arrested for assault in a weird incident involving his mother and sister.

In the UK the definition of assault is a little different than it is here in the US. In the US assault has to involve physical touch. In the UK it can just involve threatening words.

Reports from the scene contradict each other, but apparently Bale has long been estranged from his mom and sister, and I believe the women have each had reported problems with drugs. Anyway, they supposedly showed up at his hotel demanding to be let up to his room and caused a scene. Then they were very unruly when he let them into his room and may have made threats like “You owe us!” and said something derogatory about Bale’s wife. Bale got mad and probably made some threatening noises like “Back off,” and the entire thing escalated into a case of “He said vs. she said and she said,” and it ended in his brief arrest.

I felt like Bale, being the center piece of this movie, was being bombarded by a lot of negative and strange energy as this film came out, and these chaos energies or even Custodial energies were working on everybody involved with the movie.

Well, today I was saddened to hear that Morgan Freeman, another star of the film, was just in a very serious car accident. Apparently they had to use the jaws of life to extract him from the car. He has supposedly broken a shoulder and an arm and is is serious but stable condition. I hope he is okay as I really like him and he brings a unique humane quality to all of his work. He’s kind of an elder wise man type and I do hope he and his family are okay.

The problem is that Freeman was just in two very dark films – his role in Batman was rather small, but he also played a leading role in a dark movie called Wanted. Wanted is about a young kid who discovers he has unusual genetics which allow him to react fast and heal quickly, and he is recruited to become an assassin by a mysterious group called The Weavers. Morgan Freeman plays the head of the Weavers who decides who must live and who must die (for the greater good, supposedly.)

It’s a somewhat mindless shoot ’em up movie, and the kid character is kind of funny and offbeat, yet the movie overall is very dark. It’s all about teaching the kid how to kill people.

I wonder energetically if being involved with Batman and Wanted plugged Freeman into too many Custodial or dark energies, and if it stirred up chaos in his life, leading to his car accident.

Something very negative is “feeding” off the Batman movie, its watchers, and its actors right now.

I would advise psychically shielding yourself before you watch either movie as there are probably a lot of undesirable parasites hanging on in the etheric surrounding both films. And if you feel restless, angry, or emotionally disturbed after viewing either picture, then you definitely need to do some psychic clearing on yourself to shake off any residual goop.

Editor’s Note: This blog entry has a follow up post here: Psychopaths, It’s All in Your Brain.