If Love Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

Most spiritual traditions have as part of their “charter” a stated desire to do good, to uplift humanity, and to engender greater feelings and expressions of love within humanity.

And that’s great!

If there’s one amazing thing that humans are capable of, it’s love.

(Well, except the psychopaths. And usually they’re in charge of things. So that kind of sucks.)

But there are countless kind souls across the globe who have been great at doing the love thing. And they’re still doing it.

Admittedly, sometimes it’s a “selfish” kind of love. Many folks only ever express or exchange love with their immediate loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Altruism – expressing love toward people outside of one’s immediate social network – isn’t really taught in our culture, and when someone expresses it, they’re often misunderstood or ridiculed. The hippies did a lot of good with their “love-ins” and refusal to go to war in Vietnam. Those peaceniks who took a stand against senseless war had their hearts in the right place.

Unfortunately, it’s not cool to be a hippie these days. If you’re pro-peace than you’re also said to be “pro terrorism.”  Yeah, right. That’s what the prevailing warlike cultural mindset would have you believe, but it’s a lie.

Peaceful resistance worked well for Gandhi, whose non-violent yet persistent protests led to a dramatic change in leadership in then British-run India. Although it didn’t work out so well for him personally, as Gandhi made many enemies along the way and was assassinated in 1948.

We tend to crucify or otherwise dispose of teachers who try to show us loving ways to resolve conflict. Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many other proponents of love sacrificed their individual lives as they devoted themselves to trying to get across a message of peace.

It would be nice if we could stop that – destroying the messengers, that is. It’s getting kind of old.

I mean, we all claim to want love, and most people are starved of it in their daily lives, yet when someone comes around who actually emits huge vibrations of love, we rarely protect or help that person. Or if we do, we don’t do enough. We don’t take into account the fact that these people need extra support and protection because they are daring to stare Darkness in the face, and Darkness has a nasty way of fighting back by stimulating psychopaths to commit violence and stirring up other chaotic events that can end up obscuring the message that the peacemaker was trying to bring.

It’s the one thing those Custodial presences are scared of – our capacity for love.  Love is the polar opposite of fear on the vibrational spectrum. And since many Custodial entities – both physical and non-physical – feed on fear, when we refuse to be afraid and we choose to love, we starve them of the very stuff they need to remain here.

So it stands to reason that they have a vested interest in stirring up as much hatred, intolerance, sex addiction (when sex becomes an act of consuming the other person’s energies, not uplifting or healing the other person,) and violence as possible. They need those baser vibrations to be allowed entrance into our dimension.

Every day that we dare to love and we refuse to fear, we make it harder for them to grab hold of us.

Every day that we choose to have empathy and compassion for someone instead of feeling superior, disconnected, or arrogant toward them, we become the anti-Custodian. 

Sometimes doing this can feel like an Olympic triathlon event. You wake up feeling okay, determined to have a great day. You kiss your kids and your wife goodbye, rub the dog or the cat on the head, and head off to work.

On the train, bus, or highway headed to work, reality conspires to throw obstacles in your path.  People are freaking out in scary attacks of road rage. Drug addicts sit next to you and frighten you on the subway. Cruelty and depravity abounds on every corner.

And then you reach work and if you’re like most people, you fester in a cubicle all day doing a lot of silly, ultimately inconsequential stuff.

By the end of the day it’s highly likely that your vibration is – shall we say – droopy. You’re not a cornucopia of loving feeling, that’s for sure. Instead, you feel toxic, annoyed, drained of good energy.

It’s because we have created such a dense psychic soup of cruelty, anger, and fear – and we all have to walk around in it every day – that it’s so hard to keep up the loving.

But we CREATE that energy environment. And each one of us can change it.

It really takes being a spiritual warrior, I think. Being a love warrior. Loving where others fear to love, where others have long ago stopped loving, and doing it anyway because that’s the type of creature you are.

Don’t expect it to be easy.

But it will be rewarding.

And countless creatures in your path – from the butterfly you save because you were looking where you were walking and didn’t step on him, to the old lady who appreciates how you helped her open a heavy door, to the harried clerk behind the cash register at Starbucks who felt better after you smiled and made a funny joke to lighten the energy in the store – all of them will benefit from your love, even if only in subtle ways.

And inch by inch, mile by mile, we can reclaim the psychic landscape of this planet and send those crusty, outdated emanations of fear packing.

In a richer energy landscape where love is king and fear is a bastard stepson we rarely acknowledge, things can change. People can improve emotionally and physically. Children can spread their wings and express their inherent magnificence. The air itself will be easier to breathe. Maybe some of those endangered species will choose to stick around, since the psychic environment is so much nicer now. Animals are very sensitive to vibration and they don’t thrive in dense places.

We each have a choice, each and every day, to either pollute our environment with the equivalent of stinky psychic flatulence or enrich it by breathing out something finer, purer, and more sustaining.

Each moment and each breath counts.


The Natural World vs. the Spiritual World – A Needless Battle

Yesterday afternoon some refreshing summer storms blew through. At sunset the sun came out and created the most marvelous double rainbow I’ve ever seen, right over the property. The photo at the left doesn’t do it justice at all, but it was the most amazing thing Nature has shown me in a long time.

I’ve seen rainbows before, and usually they’re very ephemeral, lasting just a few minutes. This one formed a complete, uninterrupted arc across the sky and lasted for about fifteen minutes. I couldn’t capture the whole arc in a photo so I only managed to capture sections of it with my digital camera. And there was a tiny ghost rainbow along the right.

It was breathtaking to stand there right beneath this glorious arc that stretched in luminous light across the sky.

After the rainbows faded from view the clouds and light conspired to give us some more cool visuals.

The natural world sure can be a gorgeous and amazing thing.

No wonder humans have always been obsessed with the idea of immortality. I mean, assuming you’re in decent health, you have enough shelter and food, and you have a few people around who love you, who wouldn’t want to stick around here for a while?

The problem is all of those poisons that have filtered into society and human consciousness since ancient times. These poisons pollute our ability to enjoy life, prevent us from understanding how to properly honor other forms of life, and spur us on to engage in activities that are based on the principles of “divide and conquer” and “kill or be killed” instead of principles of loving compassion.

Those agendas of aggression and combativeness come to us directly from the Custodians, who were always spurring humans on to make bloody war upon each other. It’s what the Custodians themselves were doing most of the time, so it’s all that they knew.

And throughout history they have been our main teachers in how to be human.

Which is ironic, since they weren’t human themselves.

Humanity needs to face up to the fact that we have been schooled by the wrong teachers and indoctrinated by beings of questionable moral and ethical fiber. And their teachings filter down into every world religion and into each of the common forms of metaphysical practice we tend to study when we become deeply interested in spirituality.

I’ve never been a fan of any belief structure that is anti-life. Many spiritual disciplines seem to encourage a stance that requires ascetic withdrawal from the world. This can include many self-destructive practices like vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, which usually do more harm than good.

Who are we pledging obedience too, anyway? Would a self-sufficient, infinite God require obedience? Why? Wouldn’t God be beyond such petty “needs?”

So many spiritual seekers see the poisons that can dampen the beauty and functionality of society and choose to completely withdraw their energies. And that doesn’t really work.

Among spiritual seekers I’ve found a huge percentage of folks to be anti-money, and they don’t even realize it. They justify this stance by talking about the evil corporations, the exploitation of the human labor force, the incredible tax burden citizens face, and so forth – and these are all good points.

But their attitude too often becomes one of steadfastly refusing to engage with the world of commerce or capitalism in any form. Even though we live in the age of the entrepreneur, and anyone can put up a free blog or web page and sell goods or services very easily, too few spiritual seekers are taking advantage of these incredible tools. They feel guilty about charging money for their writing, their services, or the goods that they promote. And they allow others within that circle who are themselves really screwed up about money issues to make them feel guilty, too.

We need to stop that.

You can’t be so invested in spiritual ideas that you forget to honor the needs of the body. And to honor the body in this particular place and time means engaging in activities that allow money to flow your way. To do anything less is an act of suicide.

We need to continue to root out the poisons that Custodial mind control has instilled in us, while at the same time embracing the miracles that life on the physical plane can offer us. This truly can be heaven on Earth if we get our act together. But it won’t happen through taking vows of poverty or exhibiting false piety, which too often happens in metaphysical circles. There’s a lot of “I’m more enlightened than you” nonsense that gets passed around, and a lot of this dysfunction centers around acting really weird about money.

If you write something of value and you’re selling a book, DVD, or ebook, I have no problems paying you for it. You’re providing me with something wonderful that is enhancing my life and increasing my knowledge – and that has great value to me.

If you get letters or emails from idiots saying “Information should be free!” (Translation: “I’m a user with an enlarged sense of entitlement, so gimme, gimme, gimme!”) — ignore them.

There ARE people on this planet who aren’t afraid to give value for value – to exchange energy in a balanced way.

Sometimes spiritual students forget that we all have bodies. We have hungry bellies that require food. We have many complex needs including rent or mortgage payments, car payments, health and car insurance, and a wide variety of expenses that are a part of living in a modern world.

You don’t become wealthy by hating wealth. You don’t become more balanced in your personal energy by staging a rebellion against the physical realm. And you definitely don’t earn any karmic brownie points by bullying people who provide you with something of value into spending countless hours slaving away for you for free by laying guilt trips on them or assessing them as “evil” or “unenlightened.”

If you’re turning somebody else into a slave, expecting them to serve you for free, you’ve become a Custodian. Remember how into slavery they were?

We need to find ways to reinvent what it means to be alive in physical form and discover new ways of becoming fully engaged in creating cool things down here in the world of “3-D.”

At the same time, we need to keep stripping away programming, thought forms, and indoctrination that prevent us from understanding our spiritual natures and coming into our full power as sovereign energy beings.

On the shamanic path students are taught from the beginning of their training that they need to keep one foot in each world – one rooted firmly in the physical, one planted deeply in the spiritual realm.

While straddling the two, you can access a lot of power, a nuanced kind of energy that is balanced and controlled.

Personally I never want to lose the capacity to be flabbergasted with tears streaming down my cheeks whenever I’m presented with a natural marvel like the gorgeous double rainbow I saw last night.

At the same time, I continue to challenge myself and others to push the boundaries of human understanding so that we can map out the world of the metaphysical in a truer, more joyful, and more magical way than has come before.

We can do it. We each have tremendous innate wisdom. We just need to listen to it.

New Invisibility & Cloaking Technology Revealed – Except It’s Not New

So when you’re trying to cloak an object and make it appear invisible, there are two steps to the process. First, you have to make the object invisible. Then you need to carefully blur the edges of the object. If you don’t mask the edges, the object will be noticeable as it moves around. You need to bend the light so the edges appear invisible or, at the very least, blurry. You need to make sure that the observer’s focus isn’t drawn to those edges or your “invisible” object just looks silly and attracts major attention.


In other words, you don’t want your invisible object to end up looking like this:

This is a personal photo which a man I know took some years ago of several poorly-cloaked ships he observed in the sky near his home in the MidWest. Whether they were extraterrestrial or military in origin, he didn’t know. But you can see how the ships are poorly masked. You can clearly see the crisp, outer edges of the ships.

If the light had been bent around the edges of the ships, as happens with proper cloaking, you would have simply thought that the cloud mass was broken up into chunks and it would have fooled your eyes more. You’d have seen cloud mass, then open space, then cloud mass, and you wouldn’t have realized that there were these objects in the middle of the clouds. Your eyes would have probably skipped over the dark parts.

Well, the military has been working with invisibility for a long time. The UK Times just released some information about the light bending aspects of this technology, which the article states are coming along quite nicely – but still only in the research stage, of course.  Ahem. Yeah, right.

Science Close to Unveiling Invisible Man

Some excerpts:

Invisibility devices, long the realm of science fiction and fantasy, have moved closer after scientists engineered a material that can bend visible light around objects. The breakthrough could lead to systems for rendering anything from people to large objects, such as tanks and ships, invisible to the eye – although this is still years off.

Xiang Zhang, the leader of the researchers, said: “In the case of invisibility cloaks or shields, the material would need to curve light waves completely around the object like a river flowing around a rock.” An observer looking at the cloaked object would then see light from behind it – making it seem to disappear.

Whenever the “discovery” of some intriguing and highly-advanced type of technology is announced in the news, you have to keep in mind that the real level of technology that has been perfected goes far beyond what is publically released.

Remember the Aurora plane? That was the “secret” hypersonic spy plane said to be capable of Mach 6 performance? People were seeing these strange, triangular shaped planes in the skies and the military was denying that they knew anything about them.

Then we learned that the US Air Force had developed a stealth bomber called the B2. So planes of this type were definitely being tested. Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine claimed that Aurora referred to an entire group of advanced aircraft products, not one plane in particular. This is a photo of a B2 plane.

It was in March of 1990 that Aviation Week broke the news that the term “Aurora” appeared in the 1985 U.S. budget. It was used in reference to an allocation of some $455 million dollars which was going to be used for Black aircraft production in the fiscal year 1987. Note that thie was for actual PRODUCTION of these planes, not research and development. So these planes were way past the R & D phase and gearing up for production.

Invisibility and cloaking technology have been around for a long time. About seven years ago I was shown this technology. Some subcontractors for the Army were bragging about it and trying to impress me, and they demonstrated it to me on a miniature model of an airplane. They were very pleased with themselves and considered their team to be very smart since they had mastered not just the invisibility aspect but more importantly the cloaking or masking of the edges of the object. As they explained to me, it took them a long time to get that part right, and until they did, the entire technology wasn’t yet viable. But after they mastered the light bending aspects of the technology, invisibility was good to go.

Now, it’s possible that this technology was perfected long before that. The entire spider’s nest of military, black operations, and alphabet soup agencies operate on a highly compartmentalized “need to know” basis, and so it’s rare that one person working in one office knows what anybody else is doing. I think the guys I spoke to genuinely thought they were the first to bring this technology through its full testing phases, and they were associated with the Army, who was doing the primary funding. Their actual team was a subcontracting group to a subcontracting group who contracted with the Army, at least that was the way they explained it to me.

I wasn’t very impressed with any of it, frankly.  I actually was a little embarrassed for them because holographic technology can do much more than what they showed me. I felt like these guys were well-intentioned types tinkering around in the garage while the REAL players and the REALLY advanced tech were being kept from them. Yet they were allowed to stumble along doing their little section of research and were told they were being good boys and girls. (There were female researchers there, too, although I spoke with men during this demonstration.)

So anyway, I have to laugh when the mainstream media takes something that is already a perfected, tried and true piece of “black operations” technology and try to present it to the masses as if the technology is POSSIBLE, at least theoretically, but certainly not viable yet.


Again, it’s all about control of perception, and manipulation of expectation.

If you’ve been told that invisibility technology doesn’t yet exist in any practical, usable form, you’re not going to question the strange things you sense in the sky.

Cloaking and invisibility don’t entirely mask sound, by the way, and neither do they mask atmospheric effects. So if you feel something rushing over you in the skies above, or you hear strange sonic booms or “thunder” without any storm nearby, QUESTION WHAT YOU PERCEIVE.  It’s likely to be a cloaked vehicle.

Whether it belongs to us, the ET’s, or a combination of the two is an entirely different question.

Drunvalo Melchizedek Meets Egyptian God Thoth in the Flesh

It’s 1972. You’ve been on a spiritual quest for some time, studying many traditions with different teachers. Today you’re working with an instructor who has been teaching you about alchemy. You’re sitting across from your teacher with your eyes open doing a meditation.

All of a sudden, your teacher disappears before your eyes and you see in his place an odd-looking man. He’s about five foot three and wearing simple clothing in an ancient Egyptian style. The man has gentle eyes and appears to be in his seventies.

This strange man communicates to you. He says that there are three missing atoms in the universe and he wants YOU to find them. Then he demonstrates in a mysterious vision exactly what he means. And then he disappears. Your alchemy teacher is sitting in front of you as if nothing happened. Your teacher didn’t see this strange Egyptian man or know that anything unusual was going on during the meditation.

Twelve years later this being reappears in your life. And now you discover that this is Thoth, a man who is thousands of years old. He tells you he was once a king in Atlantis and is a very advanced soul who had reached “ascension.” But instead of ascending to another reality, he and a small group of others like him decided to stay behind and to remain on Earth until humanity reached a certain level of consciousness. In ancient Egypt he was known as the god Thoth, who taught humanity many important things, including the art of writing.

You continue to have interactions with Thoth until 1991, when Thoth says humanity finally reached that desired level of consciousness. After that, Thoth disappears, supposedly ascending to a higher dimension.

If you are Drunvalo Melchizedek, this is your life.

Drunvalo (born Bernard Perona) is a metaphysical teacher best known for his Flower of Life workshops. These workshops employ a system of meditation and imagery that supposedly activates a sacred geometrical form called the “merkaba” around the aura of the body. This merkaba field is said to do a lot of wonderful things – enabling you to travel comfortably between dimensions, regenerate health, and more.

And Drunvalo says this merkaba meditation was taught to him by an advanced being named Thoth, the same being he met through the circumstances described above.

The description of how Drunvalo first became involved with Thoth was provided by one of Drunvalo’s students, a man name Bob Frissell. Frissell is a rebirther, a Flower of Life teacher, and an author. Find out more about Frissell here: BobFrissell.com.

Drunvalo has released books and DVD’s, and his latest book was published in January 2008. It’s called Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012.It describes various mysterious healings Drunvalo has done with indigenous elders from around world, many of them designed to awaken the Earth’s “kundalini.”

If we go back into Drunvalo’s history a little, long before he encountered Thoth, he had befriended other mysterious, otherworldly beings.

For a while Drunvalo and his then wife were seriously studying Hinduism. Shortly thereafter the following happened:(from his bio here: Drunvalo’s Bio)

Then, one day, after practicing meditation for about four or five months, two tall angels about ten feet high appeared in our room! They were right there. One was green and one was purple. We could see through their transparent bodies, but they were definitely there. We did not expect this appearance to take place. . . From that moment on, my life was never the same. It wasn’t even close.

The first words the angels said were, “We are you.” I had no idea what they meant. I said, “You’re me?” Then, slowly they began to teach me various things about myself and the world, and about the nature of consciousness … until finally my heart just completely opened to them. I could feel tremendous love from them which totally changed my life.

These angels seemed to be rather bossy.

Over a period of many years, they led me to about seventy different teachers. They would actually tell me the address and the phone number of the teacher I was to go see. They would tell me either to call first or just show up at his or her house. So I would do this — and it would always be the right person! Then I would be instructed to stay with that person for a certain length of time.

Drunvalo seems to have been very good at taking orders from these beings. No wonder they kept him so busy with various projects. He never objected to being bossed around.

Now, I personally have little experience with Drunvalo’s work except I briefly viewed one of his Flower of Life videos back in the 90’s, plus I’ve read a couple of Bob Frissell’s books which describe a lot of Drunvalo (and Thoth’s) teachings. The video seemed to show a sincere man, Drunvalo, who was doing his best to describe what he obviously felt was a very important metaphysical concept – teaching people how to activate their own merkaba field. I didn’t really resonate with it, and I soon returned the video to the friend who had loaned it to me.

The Bob Frissell books offer a pretty standard New Age hodge podge of discussions of ancient Atlantis, coming Earth changes, and the transition of humanity into a higher level of consciousness. You find that in a lot of New Age literature.

But the stuff I find the most interesting in Frissell’s writing are his explanations of just what is going on with Drunvalo.

From You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience:

Drunvalo’s second name is the name for a special class of beings who have attained the ability to move freely throughout the 144 different worlds or dimensions of reality that make up our “octave” – our region of the universe.

He goes on to say that when a person becomes a Melchizedek, they’re faced with a choice. Either they can leave this part of the universe and enter into a thirteenth dimension where everything is very different, or they can remain in this “octave” and serve as a troubleshooter or helper. Drunvalo supposedly made the decision to stick around and be a troubleshooter for humanity.

In order to fulfill his mission it was necessary for Drunvalo to take the form of an ordinary mature human being and to live his life among us without the appearance of being a magical or supernatural entity. It was necessary that he really be an ordinary person in order to communicate most successfully with as many of us as possible. . . As a matter of fact, he actually is an ordinary human being at the same time that he is a Melchizedek.

How can this be so?

This is because Drunvalo is what we call a “walk-in.” A walk-in is a being from a higher dimensional reality who has made a benevolent arrangement with an ordinary human being so that he can occupy a human body and personality in order to fulfill his task. Drunvalo “walked in” April of 1972. The person whose body he now occupies agreed to pass on, in exchange for which his spiritual evolution was sped up and enhanced.

Invasion of the Custodial body snatchers, anyone?

The “walk-in” concept was very popular in the 80’s, but you don’t hear quite as many New Agers talking about it now. The whole idea is a pretty nasty one. The idea that a human would knowingly give up a body and allow another entity to take it over, allegedly for spiritual reasons, sounds like a load of bunk.

And many of these self-proclaimed walk-ins become teachers with a decent-sized following, who become enamored with the “higher energies” and “advanced spiritual nature” of the walk-in.

Why would an advanced being hijack another person’s body? Doesn’t sound very “advanced” to me. This isn’t even a case of “channeling,” where an entity plugs into a person’s voice and speaks through them. A walk-in involves a total personality erasure and a complete body hijacking.

So with Drunvalo Melchizedek we have a few classic Custodial scenarios playing out.

First, there is a mysterious transition from a man formerly known as Bernard Perona to a new persona that is supposed to be in touch with ascended masters and advanced metaphysical teachings.

Second, we have a history of this person getting the bulk of his guidance from three mysterious characters – the “green” and the “purple” angels who appeared to him after he began practicing a Hindu form of meditation, and an immortal, ancient “ascended” master who has hung around since ancient times and is known as Thoth teaching him, too.


This Thoth character does indeed go back a long way. If you return to the ancient Sumerian texts, many scholars believe his equivalent in the Sumerian pantheon of gods was a being known as Ningishzidda. In ancient Greece, this same being was called Hermes. In Roman times, he was Mercury.

This guy sure got around.

The story of Drunvalo and his Flower of Life movement is fascinating because it’s one of the few situations where we have a metaphysical teacher who claims to have been in close, physical contact with an actual Custodian from ancient times, and he derived a large portion of his teachings from this very same being over the course of almost 7 years.

When you look closely at the Flower of Life material, the main theme of it is that humanity supposedly needs to learn how to erect a merkaba field around the body so that we can ascend to another dimension.

The need for ascension is all tied up in beliefs that the earth (and/or humanity) are ascending in consciousness from a third dimensional state of awareness to a fourth dimensional one.

And apparently, according to Drunvalo (and Thoth) humans need to create this energy vehicle which will allow them to make this transition peacefully.

Like many New Age traditions, the Flower of Life/merkaba teachings are bound up in escapism. It’s not really that different from belief systems that tell adherents to prepare for the spaceships to come and rescue them, or even the traditional belief that a few divinely chosen “elect” will be taken from the Earth during a coming Apocalyptic time of Tribulation.

Why are we always so willing to run off with the Custodians and their ships or their light vehicles?

And shouldn’t we question teachings that arise from someone whose body has been hijacked by an outside entity and forced to become a “walk-in?”

If an advanced being really wanted to come down and teach humanity some cool stuff, he wouldn’t need a body to do so. He could hang out in the etheric and inspire people to create wonderful things like an angel or a muse. Or he could probably put in some dramatic appearances in “3-D” as advanced beings like Jesus and Mother Mary may have done.

Somehow, I don’t see Jesus coming down and saying, “Guess what, bub, I’m going to need your body for a while so I can talk to some people.”

“Uh, okay – for how long?”

“Well, bub, do you want the bad news or the good news first?”

“I’ll take the good news.”

“The good news is that when I take your body I’m going to use it to help a great many people, and this will really benefit humanity.”

“Okay. What’s the bad news.”

“The bad news is that you’re outta here, bub. Sorry! Have a nice afterlife!”

Overcoming Spiritual Amnesia After Death

We humans have an understandable need to explore our divine nature. After all, we’re energy beings first and physical bodies second. After death our consciousness leaves the physical realm and returns to the non-physical reality. In fact this might happen dozens or hundreds of times if it’s true that we reincarnate.

But because we also suffer from spiritual amnesia, we’re not very good at remembering what happens to the soul after death or between lifetimes. We have to rely upon our religious traditions to provide a map for us.

And because religions are remnants of old instructions that the Custodial “gods” gave to humanity, this map is highly suspect.

When we move into the realm of psychic impressions and hypnotic regressions, we unearth some interesting stuff that might help us to assemble a more accurate map of what really happens to the soul after it leaves the body.

Two compelling sources of such information are Memories of God and Creation: Remembering from the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Shakuntala Modi and The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a Psychic Spy for the US Military by Lyn Buchanan.

Dr. Modi is a psychiatrist who has also written another groundbreaking book called Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness. She’s done a lot work with both spirit release therapy and hypnosis, and in Memories of God and Creation she compiles data from her hypnotic subjects to form an intriguing picture of what might happen to the soul at the time of death, after death, and right before coming into a new body through reincarnation.

Some of this information is standard territory – the soul goes through a cleansing period, a life review period, and a schooling period. Then the soul experiences a planning time where it maps out the next lifetime. Throughout it all the soul is completely self-aware and conscious.

My hypnotized patients consistently report that, as the soul comes out of the body, there is no loss of consciousness or of continuity of consciousness. The soul experiences an immediate freedom from any pain and discomfort it was experiencing before death. It feels as alive as it felt before the death of its physical body. It retains all of its memories and attitudes and its personality as before.

Most people Dr. Modi worked with reported similar experiences. They had multiple lifetimes on Earth, they went through the usual share of relatively happy lifetimes mixed with harsh lifetimes of difficulty or war. And they tended to experience death in a similar way – with a great, loving light descending upon them and the appearance of loved ones, angels, or spiritual helpers who guided them to a higher dimension.

I read this book years ago and now I’ve been looking at it again through fresh eyes. I think the first time I read it I was thinking, “Isn’t that cool, there are all these beings of Light who help us reorient after death.”

But I’ve been rereading Chapter Seventeen where she writes about how people describe Heaven. Some excerpts:

. . . If we can imagine the whole realm of Light, or Heaven, as a crystal globe, then the outer edge of that globe is the place where people reenter the Light after the death of their physical body. In this re-entry area, souls go through the cleansing, ventilation, life review, and resting phases of afterlife experience.

Hypnotized people claim that after they’ve rested in Heaven following death, they let go of past-life personality and integrate it into their larger self, making “themselves” much greater than the individual past-life personality. They become a complete spiritual being. They drop their physical form and look like a spark or a ball of Light. They function with their full spiritual capacity and knowledge.

She then describes how people move further into the globe of Light and spend time in different sections, depending on their level of spiritual evolution. Some sections aren’t Earth-like at all and appear to be composed of pure light. While in Heaven, souls plan what they wish to do next. Sometimes they choose to reincarnate on Earth, sometimes they go to other planets. There’s a big theme of people wanting to resolve certain problems they had in earlier lifetimes so as to become wiser and more whole. There’s also another theme of coming back to Earth to uplift others and to help raise human awareness – that’s another big project that appears to be going on.

Throughout this process human guides (humans who aren’t alive on Earth anymore but who have a loving and helpful relationship with that person) and angels are assigned to them to provide assistance. Sometimes they also connect with what is referred to as that person’s “Godhead” – an advanced spiritual being such as Jesus or Buddha who is there to help out, too.

Isn’t that nice of them?

Nowhere in Modi’s book does it mention the possibility of NOT reincarnating. And since she’s pooling firsthand accounts of what happens to the soul after death from hundreds of hypnotized patients, it’s interesting that NOT coming back here never seems to come up as an option.

Prison planet, anyone?

In Remarkable Healings Dr. Modi presents informations about spirit attachment and demonic attachment, which she has learned are big contributors to illness and emotional imbalance. And that book is mostly about how to invoke the help of God, angels, etc. to expel these attachments. The “remarkable healings” she writes about really are amazing, because people have overcome everything from physical illness to mental illness by receiving spirit release therapy.

While I respect her work very much, rereading Memories of God and Creation has been an eye opener. Nowhere in her research is she discovering any way for humans to choose NOT to reincarnate. It’s like we’re predestined to scamper off happily into the “Light” after death (and who wouldn’t be tempted to after seeing dead loved ones and nice looking angels in the Light) and we go up into the God sphere. We rest a bit, learn a few things, and then we have to come back here. Or we go to another planet to experience a new physical body there.


If our essence is immortal, limitless, pure energy, why do we have to continually stuff it into physical bodies? And why must we experience complete spiritual amnesia in each lifetime so as to never be able to make use of the lessons we’ve learned over all those past lives?

Seems kinda screwy, doesn’t it? Like it’s a game that has been rigged?

If it hasn’t been rigged, and Earth really is a “school” where we’re meant to learn spiritual lessons, why are we never allowed to graduate?

Seems like somebody has set up a perfect, self-contained system for the regurgitation of souls to keep coming back into physical bodies.

And nobody ever questions it. In the New Age community in particular, people seem to just blindly accept that reincarnation is the only gig and that there aren’t any other choices.

The Seventh Sense by Lyn Buchanan offers further glances into the after death experience. Most of the book is about Buchanan’s work doing remote viewing for the military, which is interesting if you’d like to learn more about the various “black operations” using psychics that have been run by the CIA, the Army, and others.

But for me the real “juice” of this book is in Chapter Fifteen. It’s called “The Afterlife.”

In it, he talks about information he gathered over many remote viewing assignments where he was viewing a person at or around the time of their death. He identified four different places that his targets appeared to be going to after death. He calls these “Heaven, “Hell,” “Oblivion,” and “Reincarnation.”

His description of what Heaven was like is very similar to what Modi’s patients said about the outer layers of the God sphere or “globe.” The scenery was very Earth-like and beautiful, and the environment had a blisslike emotional ambiance.

He saw Hell as a place of terrifying “glowing blackness.” He only saw a brief glimpse of an orange glow in the background and something or someone waiting for the person entering this place upon their death. The feeling involved with this place was absolute, unbridled horror that deeply shook Buchanan whenever he encountered it. Certainly it was the complete opposite of the happy heaven-like place he also remote viewed.

Oblivion was a strange experience. In the cases where the person died and then disappeared into oblivion, he literally could find no trace of them at all. Before they died he had a lock on them, remote viewing-wise, but immediately after death they disappeared off his psychic radar. He called this end point “Oblivion,” but it’s also possible they simply went off to points unknown, headed somewhere he wasn’t able to remote view. Whether it was a good, bad, or an indifferent place – we don’t know.

When he saw subjects reincarnating, he would see this as an almost simultaneous transition. One minute he’d be remote viewing someone, and the next minute they would suddenly have different physical and facial features, and they would be in a completely different location with different surroundings and different family members. The interesting thing is that he always saw this new identity in the form of a child of twelve or thirteen years old. He didn’t view them as a baby. He just saw them having one lifetime as an adult, then they died, and then they immediately reappeared as a person of about twelve years old in a completely new situation.

In many spiritual traditions a child is said to be spiritually mature somewhere between the ages of eight to thirteen. In the Catholic tradition children usually have their first Communion around the age of eight. In Judaism, boys have their bar mitvah at about 12 or 13, and girls have their bat mitvah then.

Mystics also have talked about how humans have four energy bodies – the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies. The physical body is there when we are born. The emotional body links into the physical body at around the age of two (hence all the acting out and melodrama during the “terrible twos.”)

The intellectual body links in around the time a child starts school, at around five or six, and the spiritual body comes in later as the physical body has become more mature. Reports vary about when this is, depending on the mystical tradition, but it would seem to match that time frame of eight years to thirteen years.

So it’s interesting that Lyn Buchanan didn’t even see the person as EXISTING until they were twelve or thirteen years old. Maybe that’s the time frame when a person finally has all those energy bodies integrated and is fully “at home” in physical form.

Buchanan often thought that he would find evidence of people hanging around as ghosts after they died or perhaps some would go on to reincarnate on other planets, but none of the targets he was assigned to appeared to undergo those experiences after death. Maybe he simply didn’t have targets that experienced that.

But again, Buchanan’s remote viewing of the afterlife failed to show anything that would suggest that the human soul has an option to return to pure “energy being” form and avoid reincarnation. Except for when he viewed souls disappearing into what he called “Oblivion.” Perhaps those targets went off his radar at that point because they were returning to a truly non-physical dimension that was no longer a holding pen for human souls.

It would be nice to have the option, wouldn’t it? Is the best we can hope for when we die a brief “vacation” in a God “sphere” or heaven between lifetimes, tea with the loved ones, and then we have to sign up for another tour of duty down here?


Who made those rules?

Can we make new ones?

Added:  PS:  Please have a peek at the comments posted in response to this blog entry. I reveal some more information related to this article, plus we have some wonderful comments from readers.

Rebirthing – An Opportunity to Become Infested

James Bartley is an interesting writer who covers some explosive territory on his website: James Bartley at Whale.to.

He is an abductee who has dealt with a lot of harassment from a full range of nasty entities, both physical and seemingly non-physical or interdimensional in nature.

His articles are fascinating, especially his section about the reptilian ET’s.

There has long been a question about what the Custodial “gods” or apparent ET’s looked like, and some ancient texts suggests that they were reptilian in nature. Others hint that they looked humanoid like us. Other sources allude to something more extraordinary – the idea that BOTH things are possible, that these beings possess unusual DNA that allows them to shapeshift from a humanoid form to a reptilian one and back again.

One need only to look at videos or photos of George Bush Senior to realize that perhaps the idea of shapeshifting lizard ET’s isn’t so outlandish after all!

And certainly ancient lizards, dragons, and reptilian humanoids figure in the traditions of almost every early culture. So there is something going on with the lizzies – whether they got here before the Custodians, whether they were here all along, or whether they turned up later in Earth’s history.

The problem is, according to many victims of abduction, that they seem to still be around. And they’re not particularly nice.

They seem deeply entrenched within the whole phenomenon of psychic possession and spiritual enslavement which are too often the byproduct of getting involved with Custodial practices (like yoga, channeling, following most religions, etc.)

Anyway, Bartley mentions something very interesting – almost as a sidenote – in one of his articles.

In Rebuttal to a Reptilian in Human Clothing he mentions some weird phenomenon which appear to connect to the New Age practice called rebirthing. He writes about having attended a UFO conference in San Diego:

Another irony about that conference was that the individual at the situation desk at the register was a Host for a Reptilian Entity. This particular entity is summoned by her “Spirit Guides” to visit Sedona Arizona at intervals throughout the calendar year to take part in “Rebirthing Exercises.” . . . . During one of these exercises reptilian astral pods (very dark smoky reptilian shaped astral entities) were seen by numerous witnesses to enter and exit the abdomen of the host whilst the latter growled and hissed as if in a state of possession. The host was merely being “re-infested” and this is done at intervals. This host has all the facial and physical characteristics that mark it as a reptilian hybrid and yet to the unsuspecting “contactee” or “experiencer” she merely comes off as a ditzy New Age La Dee Dah.”

He goes on to mention how the woman in question has left a lot of chaos in her wake because she comes into contact with so many abductees and apparently reptilian energies constantly try to hook into weakened people who have already been traumatized from various abduction experiences. So this woman rebirther is acting as a bit of a “typhoid Mary” type, spreading psychic contagion.

Rebirthing is a popular holistic health technique that uses breathwork to supposedly regress someone to their birth time and uses breath to help the person clear out emotional and psychic trauma that happens to all babies at the time of birth. The idea behind the technique is that we have a lot of birth trauma held within our bodies and it affects us throughout our adult years. Supposedly be reexperiencing birth or “rebirthing” with an experienced coach to guide us through the process in a positive way, we can heal those old traumas and overcome any phobias, emotional problems, or personal difficulties that might have been caused by those original traumas.

Sounds benign on the surface – but the problem is that so many folks in the holistic health, metaphysical, and spiritual movements have at some point actively welcomed Custodial type energies or entities into their lives. So it becomes a challenge finding a healer to work with whose energy hasn’t been compromised already. Some of them have a tremendous amount of psychic garbage traveling around with them, which pollutes any healing work they are trying to do for people. They may be well-intentioned, but they can still have negative effects on the very folks they are trying to help.

Bartley’s assertion that rebirthing sessions in Sedona have only served to cause this woman further psychic possession might not be so far off the mark. Sedona is known to be a hotbed of questionable activity ranging from UFO’s to dark military operations to channelers who are proud to talk with ET’s. Many of these channelers are also healers who work one on one with clients in massage, Reiki, or other hands on healing practices.

Do you really want someone infested with Custodial presences touching you? Do you really think you’re going to feel better after doing so?

I’ve never experienced rebirthing myself, but Bartley’s article certainly raises some legitimate concerns about whether it’s a safe technique to be using.

It’s Time for a Custodial Smackdown

Hi everybody. Welcome to this blog, Custodial Smackdown.

Why have I seen the need for yet another blog?

I’m certainly nobody special. But more and more I feel a need to expose authentic information about the beings that are often called the Custodians. This is a term used in William Bramley’s excellent book, The Gods of Eden. He uses it to refer to the questionable beings –  extraterrestrial or interdimensional in origin – who appear to be at the bottom of much human strife and suffering. They are custodial in the sense that early in mankind’s appearance on this planet, these beings claimed ownership of us.

Whether they really created our physical forms remains to be seen. Even if they did, they do not own the spiritual aspect of our nature. Yet they seem highly motivated to induce a kind of spiritual amnesia in us, so we forget our unique power as spiritual beings or energy beings and become more and more bound in the world of matter.  Hence the creation of all the world’s religions, which almost always contain elements of Custodial worship.

Here are some of the problems I see right now with humanity and our relationship with the Custodians.

1)   Humanity has confused the idea of honoring “god” (an eternal, divine consciousness of intelligence, order and love) with a misguided addiction to a group of dysfunctional, warlike beings it has come to view as “gods.” Sometimes monotheistic (one god) religions which attempt to express reverence for the divine are still caught up worshipping one of these ancient Custodial beings. So even when we’re raising our hearts and minds in sincere prayer, too often we’re invoking that bloodthirsty maniac Jehovah, or Allah, beings who are part of that same group of wacko Custodians that have been enslaving humanity for centuries. Even the “Amen” which is commonly used at the end of a prayer is an homage to an ancient custodial god, Amon. Almost every spiritual activity humans engage in has been infiltrated by an allegiance to Custodial energies.

2) If we begin walking the path away from these false gods, things get complicated. We’re thwarted on every side by mystic and gurus speaking with “ascended masters,” (Custodians) “guides” (often Custodians masquerading as advanced spiritual beings,) and/or “the higher self.” (Although we each have our own spiritual connection to Source, it doesn’t exist outside of us – that’s the realm where manipulation and deception happens, when we’re reaching out to something external for solutions to our problems.)

3) Discernment on the spiritual path is challenging. Genuine perception of the truth, often through extrasensory abilities or psychic senses, is rarely shared because there is so much taboo around talking about psychic perceptions. And since many observations and insights come in the form of lucid dreams or astral experiences (originating in a realm where the Custodians are master manipulators,) it’s important to be comparing notes.  We can’t hope to break free of the illusions and false teachings of these ancient manipulators if we don’t share and exchange ideas. 

4) Psychic possession appears to be real, a byproduct of Custodial energies becoming parasites and attaching themselves to genuine spiritual seekers. So many people we turn to for spiritual guidance end up being compromised themselves as they take yet another Reiki initiation, become indoctrinated into yet another yoga or martial arts system, or study with yet another healer/guru who is compromised by parasitical, mind controlling entities themselves.

5) The tools we need to stay clear of these lying, manipulative entities seem to involve using the heart and the psyche to discern the truth – yet even the heart and the psyche can be manipulated. Cult leaders and cultish organizations often give new members a “love blast,” beaming so much warmth and positive energy at the person that they misread the energies of the group as being positive. Later on they see how the cult’s leadership is compromised with custodial entities, and by then it can be difficult to break free and find wholeness again. So there are lot of stumbling blocks on the path to get information and find fellow seekers to talk to who aren’t themselves compromised.

6) The dark government/black brotherhood appears to be alive and well and working with Custodial presences here on Earth. People who attempt to unearth tools and techniques to free the human spirit from limitation too often become targets of street theater, harassment by very real government and quasi-governmental/military agencies. And they also frequently find themselves locked out of jobs or financial advancement due to the dark brotherhoods who are in charge of many of society’s structures – the corrupt power brokers that punish people who call them on the Custodial energies they are linked into.  So day to day life can be difficult as you seek clarity and truth, because who wants to deal with personal, psychic, and financial harassment?

7) Sincere seekers are pitted against each other. Webmasters often refuse to link to each other unless they share the exact same worldview, and since piecing together a coherent worldview is complicated on this path, two people will rarely see things the same way. And yet instead of supporting each other there is a lot of petty infighting and attack that goes on. Also, negative entities can target people who were formerly friends, causing temporary psychic possession or attack for one or both people, which can split allies apart when they should be working together to overcome the darkness.

We need to break free of this spiderweb of Custodial garbage that has wormed its way into our societies, religions, and family traditions.

That’s what this blog is about – pointing fingers at Custodial stuff, providing first hand experiences about Custodial energies and how to overcome them, and stirring up a dialogue to lead us out of Custodial enslavement and into a reality of much greater empowerment and personal and spiritual strength.

We’re very powerful beings, you know.

That’s what the Custodians are afraid of.

And that’s why they always hit hard when they feel that someone is exposing them too much.

I say it’s time for some payback.

Time for a Custodial smackdown.