Again with the Freakin’ Vampires – Breaking Dawn Sells 13 Million Copies

One recurring Custodial theme is the pursuit and worship of immortality.

There are a lot of questions raised by the Sumerian texts, which suggest that the “gods” who came down from Nibiru lived a lot longer than humans. This made them appear immortal to the shorter lived folks.

Yet some of the gods and goddesses clearly aged – this is mentioned later on in some of the texts. It just took them a lot longer to do so. This may have been because Nibiru was said to have an extremely long, elliptical orbit around the sun, so one year on Nibiru was like 3600 of our Earth years.

At some point after humanity had been created, the Custodians began interbreeding with humans. Genesis obliquely refers to this as the Sons of God breeding with the Daughters of Men.

These half-breeds or half-gods were often long-lived as well. And they possessed intriguing powers, unusual intelligence, or supernatural beauty. Think of the Greek heroes like Achilles who were said to be children of various gods. They possessed mighty talents that separated them from normal men.

Remember how the Bible talks about Noah living a long time? At the time of the Biblical flood he was said to be 600 years old.

This would have been physically plausible if he had been “half-god” and half human. The children of the Custodians inherited some of their physiology.

Probably because of this era in our early history when some humans were living such a long time, the pursuit of immortality (or at least a very long life) has been a constant source of fascination for us throughout the ages.

With this fascination comes a preoccupation with modern characters in contemporary entertainment like the X-Men mutants with their special powers, and of course the continual obsession with vampires.

I hadn’t heard of the Twilight series until today. It’s a young adult book series about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. He’s vegetarian, though, so it’s okay. The bad vampires chase them around and they have many adventures throughout the series.

The latest book in the series is called Breaking Dawn, and it sold 13 million copies in one day.

This series is beating all the records for book sales. It’s even giving Harry Potter a serious run for his money.

Hey, it’s great that young people are reading a book once in a while.

But again with the freakin’ vampire worship. GEESH!

The whole vampire mystique is all about embracing the dark Custodial energies. The obsession with drinking blood, the quest for immortality, and the outright misery and depression that the vampires are always experiencing – it’s Anne Rice all over again.

By the way, Anne Rice is planning one last Lestat novel. So we have that to look forward to.

I think part of our fascination with these Custodial themes is because we have such a dysfunctional and mysterious relationship with these beings. They’re like the parent who abuses the hell out of you and then you spend the rest of your life longing for them in this twisted way, because deep down in your heart you long for a close connection with those who gave birth to you, even though they treat you like crap and are entirely, hopelessly psychotic.

Will we ever get over it and identify these insane, amoral beings for the rat bastards that they are?

One can hope.

Breaking Dawn Sells 13 Million Copies in One Day.


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