How the Love Experience Can Be Manipulated

First off, in case you haven’t checked it out already, there is a fabulous and cutting edge blog called Splinter of the Mind that explores issues related to spirituality, consciousness, and where we can get off track in our quest for enlightenment. Author Bronte Baxter is one of the wisest voices to come on the scene in a long, long time, and her essays will have you considering your own quest in a whole new way, with fresh levels of discernment and insight. This is a blogger to watch, no doubt about it.

Her latest post talks about the love experience and how love is a wonderful thing, yet it can be used to manipulate sincere spiritual seekers by forcing them to forego attending to their own needs and “surrendering” the ego, which can be very dangerous. Read her post here, it’s great:

Attracting More Flies with Honey – How Love and Oneness Teachings Are Used to Disempower.

I was thinking about these issues myself after writing an essay here about love the other day. If you missed it, you can catch it here:

If Love is the Answer, What is the Question?.

I think it’s so important to keep an eye open about how the expression of love and a sincere desire to help one’s fellow man can be manipulated. First off, world religions are cults which usually sucker people into joining by blasting new members with tons of love, to the point where the person can be very vulnerable. If you’ve been lonely and at odds with the world and you suddenly find a brotherhood or sisterhood of people who claim to “get” you, who seem to love and appreciate you despite your many imperfections, then it’s very easy to fall into lockstep with that group and sign up to become a member.

Along the way, you’ll probably be shown lots of nice writings or quotes from that religion, all of which will of course be talking about love, healing, enlightenment, and so on. So you get sold on a very attractive package.

But since religions are overshadowed by Custodial presences, and your guard is going to be down, you’re going to be inviting these presences into your life through your new religious practice – without even realizing it. And pretty soon you’re caught up in rituals and practices designed to invite these “gods” into your auric field and allowing them to overtake your life.

Bronte Baxter writes a lot about the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement, which she was a part of for some years. She talks about how she gradually came to see the dark side of this group, which has as part of its core spiritual practice the daily invocation of “mantras” which turn out to be the names of ancient Hindu gods. (Hint: I smell a Custodian!) Kudos to her for so bravely and eloquently speaking out about this little known fact. TM is often seen as a benign thing. Celebrities like radio host Howard Stern, director David Lynch, and scores of others talk about TM as if it were just a simple little act of meditating each day to clear your mind and access positive feelings.

Positive feelings and a false kind of euphoria can be caused by a lot of things – including self-hypnosis, having one’s auric field overenergized by Custodial energies, and other forms of manipulation that are common in most spiritual practices.

So how do we distinguish between a genuine communion with Source, or a divine intelligence and consciousness of infinite love, and a manipulated experience of dialing up the Custodians and getting a quick energy rush?

That’s the challenge all sincere spiritual seekers face.

We know that through self-hypnosis and biofeedback techniques that we can turn positive feelings on like a light switch. Various techniques like deep breathing, getting in touch with love within your own heart, and relaxation can conjure up a host of endorphins, and these natural chemicals can give you a wonderful feeling. Depending on the intensity of the experience, you can go from feeling just a bit better, more able to cope with stress, to finding yourself filled with euphoria and what seems like a divinely induced form of bliss.

But is it?

I question these things myself. Even though I try to use my own heart, empathy, and capacity for love as a gauge which helps me determine who and what I engage with, I know that this can be manipulated. I have often been tricked into thinking that someone cared about me or was benevolent toward me, only to be viciously attacked – both personally and psychically – by that same person later on in a very sudden and devastating way.

So just how good of a judge are we about whether someone (or something) is good for us?

And when it comes to metaphysics and the pursuit of communing with a loving energy, how can we gauge the various entities and energies that come along? “Angels,” “spiritual guides,” and a wide range of annointed presences like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, and Mary can appear to us in meditation or in moments of psychic opening, but are these beings really good for us?

We tend to think that they are because connecting with them often triggers a strong “awakening” experience where certain things happen in our brain and our mind, and we can be flooded with feelings of bliss. The classic spiritual awakening event or “peak experience” usually involves some glimpse of these “divine beings,” and it’s usually coupled with immensely pleasurable bodily sensations and joyful emotional surges.

But is this happening because we are connecting with a divine being? Or is the process of us sincerely reach out to discover more about our spiritual natures something that can be tracked and monitored? And is a “messenger” or “mediator” instantly sent to us to try to manipulate our perceptions so we’ll remain locked in the jail that the Custodians have created for us?

The translation for the word “angel” is “messenger,” and the angels of the Bible were said to be PHYSICAL messengers of the gods. Or of God.

Just because a being can travel between dimensions, or just because we BELIEVE that it can, doesn’t mean that that being is necessarily divine in origin.

We’re very sophisticated now about understanding technology. Many of these “angels” or “guides” could easily be holographic projections. They could be ET’s or other interdimensional travellers who do not necessarily have our best interests at heart. If they are able to use sophisticated electromagnetic pulses or hypnosis or subliminal suggestion, they could probably induce just about any type of experience in us. They could make us feel bliss and love by stimulating the right brain. They could flood us with a sense of connecting to something powerful and wonderful by manipulating our chakra or energy centers, blasting them with energy in some way. Or during an abduction experience, they could inject us with various drugs that also induce a chemical high, fooling us into thinking they’re the “good aliens.”

The problem is that just about EVERY form of communication we have been conditioned to believe might be talking with angels, guides, or some form of Godhead (those “ascended masters” like Buddha, Jesus, etc.) could actually be a falsified experience.

Which is very sad, since many seekers who are working toward being careful and discerning in their spiritual practice still use a feeling-based approach as their guidance system.

I myself have long tried to use this approach. If I sense a loving being who emits kindness and concern, or happiness and play, then I will tend to trust it or at least give it the benefit of the doubt. I’ve had so many experiences with presences that are the complete opposite – beings whose energy and intention I can only describe as deeply demonic and hateful – that I know what the opposite energy feels like.

Let’s put it this way. I’m not one to be overly impressed by materializations in my bedroom during a moment of prayer or heart-based connection with Source. Because I’ve seen my share of good, bad, and indifferent entities, some physical, some seemingly nonphysical or interdimensional.

But over time, I have learned to question everything.

The thing that is confusing for me is that I have been able to access many separate memories of having known the actual man Jesus in a past life. I have many specific things I’ve recalled about knowing him. I didn’t know him very well in that past life, but I did help organize several gatherings where he talked to people and taught them interesting things and told them stories in a system of caves. These were joyful get togethers, always held at night, and the man I saw was gentle, filled with laughter, and definitely connected to divine understanding in a really unique way.

Separate from these past life tidbits – these moments of recall that have come to me over the years – I have also meditated or prayed and learned more about Jesus and the spiritual help he apparently has been trying to bring humanity since he left this physical plane. He has never claimed to be an angel, he has never claimed to be God or a Son of God. In fact, he has always told me to ignore the Bible and just focus on connecting with a loving spiritual Creator. (Notice how he makes a distinction between a PHYSICAL creator (i.e. the Custodians who feel they have ownership over humanity) and a SPIRITUAL one (more of a divine Source or Mind of God type of energy.)

This being has seemed filled with integrity, although still very much human, and not a perfect being by any stretch of the imagination. He has expressed a lot of sorrow about how his image and his words were completely distorted over time and his ideas were hijacked and manipulated by the Romans, who founded the horrifically brutal satanic organization known as the Catholic Church. He has told me that pretty much nothing that he actually taught or said survives in the texts that we have now.

I can’t reconcile my own personal experiences with the being I believe to be Jesus with the warnings that many writers have published about how all communications with Jesus are holographic projections from ET ships or satellites because it doesn’t add up for me, based on my personal experiences.

I have been able to access a lot of past life memories over the years, and good portions of these recollections have been independently confirmed by people I’ve met over time in this life, where they just happen to mention something from one of those same past lifetimes, and we figure out how we connected as family, fellow warriors, or lovers in that past lifetime. My recollections of Jesus have not been particularly emotionally charged, and they haven’t had any signs of Custodial influence to them because the memories have arrived in the same way as my other memories – in bits and pieces, with a realism and clarity that is very lucid and direct, and which make total sense within the overall fabric of things I’ve gone through in this life.

So. . . . for me, the jury is still out on Jesus.

I feel that the Jesus myth is one concocted by Custodial and negative beings because he himself has told me about their lies and manipulations. And many things that other people describe in relation to communicating with him seem off to me – such as A Course in Miracles, the channeled book alleged to have been dictated by Jesus to Helen Schucman, which is a horrible and incoherent thing that preaches a lot of anti-self, “ego as bad,” “surrender yourself to the Custodians” crappola. None of that book resonates with what the being I’ve been in contact with has to say.

So I think his name and image are used a lot by the Custodians to create confusion and to manipulate people into thinking they’ve had a genuine experience with him, and this is terrible.

After I first began having some of my recall of knowing Jesus in past lives I encountered several other people in my social circle who also remembered past lives where they met him, and without my describing anything about what I saw or heard, they each described the same exact physical details about him. (Details which, I should add, are not commonly mentioned about him.)

So either we were all manipulated in our past life recollections, or we’re truly remembering seeing and speaking with the same person. . . who was not an ET but a human man. Of course, his genes may have been tampered with to create a kind of super being, because he possessed amazing psychic gifts, and the whole story of his conception is a little funky (Virgin mom or artificially inseminated mom? You decide.)

Certainly, we each need to explore these issues in our own way, and with great care and objectivity.

And most importantly we need to understand how feelings of bliss, of oneness, and other joyful sensations can be triggered by things going on in the right brain – and unfortunately these effects can be generated through technology and sophisticated forms of mental tampering.

So I guess the thing I DO know is that love is good. . .

Loving others at the expense of taking care of yourself is not good. . .

“Surrendering” or “merging” with an entity believed to be God, ascended masters, etc., is a BAD idea, because no truly enlightened being would want you to obliterate your uniqueness or knowingly give up your spiritual sovereignty. . .

And I still love Jesus. That is, I honor the teachings and energy of a man I’ve had intriguing glimpses of, and a teacher who once in a while has brought me some amazing gifts of insight which have allowed me to be more productive, more fully engaged with life, and more filled with love in my heart.

I just don’t much like the Custodial manipulation that seems to have happened around him, because it’s led people out of personal power and into war, escapism, and religious conflict. 

Jesus never wanted a cult to form around him. He actually told his students to prevent that from happening.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out so well.


9 Responses

  1. I think the only answer in navigating through all of this is to just keep your wits about you.
    There is so much out there – far far many more non-physical beings exist in this world than there are physical and to assume that they are all out to get you is paranoia plain and simple.

    The truth is some are predators living off our energy, whilst others couldn’t give a toss about stinky human flesh beings and just want to be left alone (hint:if only we could just stop chopping down and destroying their forest, jungle and natural wilderness homes).
    Some others think we’re really cute (they can’t get over that whole innovative half spirit half animal thing) and fun to play with though occasionally their games can get a bit annoying (especially if they’re trying to play tag with you at 3 o’clock in the morning); and a few highly evolved ones take great pity on our plight and occasionally try and help out a bit.

    If someone really wants to get some clues about the non physical world, they need to spend time studying the myths of the ancients and the fairytales from all around the world etc, and developing their psychic abilities so they can see and communicate with these beings for themselves, all the while as I stated above, KEEPING YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU (just like all the heroes and heroines in the fairytales!!!!).

    Then you’ll know stuff for yourself. Otherwise all you’ve done is swapped the fake spiritual authority of religions and gurus for the even more useless one of clueless conspiracy theorists.

  2. Dodgyguru, While keeping your wits about you goes a long way towards maintaining your personal sovereignty, I don’t think we fleshy human types ( at least some among us) are cluelessly theorizing about those energy predators out there. From this understanding comes the crux of the matter which of course is preserving your energy with the ultimate aim of becoming the master and commander of your being. Being the decider and director of that which you choose to happen. You’ve come on this blog and declared that developing your psychic abilities will enable you to know stuff for yourself. After making a statement like that I would hope that you would share some of that stuff with your fellow readers.

  3. I just wanted to add this one salient point. That is that the half animal aspect of our being is what characterizes our hu-man condition that has RESULTED from the pedators that are siphoning off our energy. This is what makes us subjects. As in subject to, or subjugated by. Our goal is to transform our instincts which imply that which happens TO us into the intuitions of our spiritual aspect so as to become those masters and commanders

  4. “After making a statement like that I would hope that you would share some of that stuff with your fellow readers.”

    Sounds like you want me to be your own personal dodgyguru, Brownhawk? Now why would I want to do a silly thing like that? The guru trip is one I have no desire whatsoever to go down in this lifetime having seen what it does to both the gurus and their followers many many times.

    Why not learn, explore and discover ‘that stuff’ for yourself.

    In my opinion, it’s this refusal by most people to take full responsiblity for their own spiritual path and to do whatever work (and it is real hard work, I may add) that is necessary to evolve for themselves, that is the main reason religions, gurus and custodial beings get involved. That’s why I’m not really into the whole blame/conspiracy game.
    ‘Boo hoo, the evil guru/god/priest done me wrong’….well give ’em a slap, tell ’em not to mess with you and don’t fall for that same trick again!

  5. I’m not looking for any dodgygurus thank you. And I’ve delivered my share of smackcowns to the guru/god/priesty types. Sorry if I came across the wrong way. I’m simply interested in thoughtful discussions. Nothing more. Nothing less

  6. No one either physical or otherwise can manipulate ones love. It comes from deep within and it is our choice what we do with it. And love is not just a mushy feeling. True, Unconditional Love is an actual energy, the strongest and highest of vibrations known, which btw, is why it can conquer all. There are indeed dark beings and forces among us, but we play right into their hands by putting ourselves in opposition to them. we reduce our own vibration by engaging in a struggle of duality instead of rising above to a non-dual point of view.

    Cling not and thieves will disappear.

  7. I can only say…if you think this truly, then you have found your answer. Think on that.

  8. That was interesting. First time I see the term “custodians” to describe these entities. Many terms have been used throughout times by different cultures. I’m still trying to work out for myself the similarities/differences between non-human and non-corporal entities and thought-forms. I’ve heard that if enough people join in a thought-form it can become an independent entity — living being, sort to speak – and control entire civilization.

    Recently I’ve come to overstand the need of these entities to “heal” and to “sustain” themselves throuht feeding on the life force contained in blood, for example. Healing, however, is about finishing an unfinished process — most often a failed incarnation, for example. May sound strange, but they also need healing if we (human beings) are to heal, and if we’re to “spiritualise the Universe”.

    Anyway, glad to read your words and know that someone out there can cut through the layers of deceit.

    I made a podcast a while back on “false gods and blood”. I share with you:



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