The Natural World vs. the Spiritual World – A Needless Battle

Yesterday afternoon some refreshing summer storms blew through. At sunset the sun came out and created the most marvelous double rainbow I’ve ever seen, right over the property. The photo at the left doesn’t do it justice at all, but it was the most amazing thing Nature has shown me in a long time.

I’ve seen rainbows before, and usually they’re very ephemeral, lasting just a few minutes. This one formed a complete, uninterrupted arc across the sky and lasted for about fifteen minutes. I couldn’t capture the whole arc in a photo so I only managed to capture sections of it with my digital camera. And there was a tiny ghost rainbow along the right.

It was breathtaking to stand there right beneath this glorious arc that stretched in luminous light across the sky.

After the rainbows faded from view the clouds and light conspired to give us some more cool visuals.

The natural world sure can be a gorgeous and amazing thing.

No wonder humans have always been obsessed with the idea of immortality. I mean, assuming you’re in decent health, you have enough shelter and food, and you have a few people around who love you, who wouldn’t want to stick around here for a while?

The problem is all of those poisons that have filtered into society and human consciousness since ancient times. These poisons pollute our ability to enjoy life, prevent us from understanding how to properly honor other forms of life, and spur us on to engage in activities that are based on the principles of “divide and conquer” and “kill or be killed” instead of principles of loving compassion.

Those agendas of aggression and combativeness come to us directly from the Custodians, who were always spurring humans on to make bloody war upon each other. It’s what the Custodians themselves were doing most of the time, so it’s all that they knew.

And throughout history they have been our main teachers in how to be human.

Which is ironic, since they weren’t human themselves.

Humanity needs to face up to the fact that we have been schooled by the wrong teachers and indoctrinated by beings of questionable moral and ethical fiber. And their teachings filter down into every world religion and into each of the common forms of metaphysical practice we tend to study when we become deeply interested in spirituality.

I’ve never been a fan of any belief structure that is anti-life. Many spiritual disciplines seem to encourage a stance that requires ascetic withdrawal from the world. This can include many self-destructive practices like vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, which usually do more harm than good.

Who are we pledging obedience too, anyway? Would a self-sufficient, infinite God require obedience? Why? Wouldn’t God be beyond such petty “needs?”

So many spiritual seekers see the poisons that can dampen the beauty and functionality of society and choose to completely withdraw their energies. And that doesn’t really work.

Among spiritual seekers I’ve found a huge percentage of folks to be anti-money, and they don’t even realize it. They justify this stance by talking about the evil corporations, the exploitation of the human labor force, the incredible tax burden citizens face, and so forth – and these are all good points.

But their attitude too often becomes one of steadfastly refusing to engage with the world of commerce or capitalism in any form. Even though we live in the age of the entrepreneur, and anyone can put up a free blog or web page and sell goods or services very easily, too few spiritual seekers are taking advantage of these incredible tools. They feel guilty about charging money for their writing, their services, or the goods that they promote. And they allow others within that circle who are themselves really screwed up about money issues to make them feel guilty, too.

We need to stop that.

You can’t be so invested in spiritual ideas that you forget to honor the needs of the body. And to honor the body in this particular place and time means engaging in activities that allow money to flow your way. To do anything less is an act of suicide.

We need to continue to root out the poisons that Custodial mind control has instilled in us, while at the same time embracing the miracles that life on the physical plane can offer us. This truly can be heaven on Earth if we get our act together. But it won’t happen through taking vows of poverty or exhibiting false piety, which too often happens in metaphysical circles. There’s a lot of “I’m more enlightened than you” nonsense that gets passed around, and a lot of this dysfunction centers around acting really weird about money.

If you write something of value and you’re selling a book, DVD, or ebook, I have no problems paying you for it. You’re providing me with something wonderful that is enhancing my life and increasing my knowledge – and that has great value to me.

If you get letters or emails from idiots saying “Information should be free!” (Translation: “I’m a user with an enlarged sense of entitlement, so gimme, gimme, gimme!”) — ignore them.

There ARE people on this planet who aren’t afraid to give value for value – to exchange energy in a balanced way.

Sometimes spiritual students forget that we all have bodies. We have hungry bellies that require food. We have many complex needs including rent or mortgage payments, car payments, health and car insurance, and a wide variety of expenses that are a part of living in a modern world.

You don’t become wealthy by hating wealth. You don’t become more balanced in your personal energy by staging a rebellion against the physical realm. And you definitely don’t earn any karmic brownie points by bullying people who provide you with something of value into spending countless hours slaving away for you for free by laying guilt trips on them or assessing them as “evil” or “unenlightened.”

If you’re turning somebody else into a slave, expecting them to serve you for free, you’ve become a Custodian. Remember how into slavery they were?

We need to find ways to reinvent what it means to be alive in physical form and discover new ways of becoming fully engaged in creating cool things down here in the world of “3-D.”

At the same time, we need to keep stripping away programming, thought forms, and indoctrination that prevent us from understanding our spiritual natures and coming into our full power as sovereign energy beings.

On the shamanic path students are taught from the beginning of their training that they need to keep one foot in each world – one rooted firmly in the physical, one planted deeply in the spiritual realm.

While straddling the two, you can access a lot of power, a nuanced kind of energy that is balanced and controlled.

Personally I never want to lose the capacity to be flabbergasted with tears streaming down my cheeks whenever I’m presented with a natural marvel like the gorgeous double rainbow I saw last night.

At the same time, I continue to challenge myself and others to push the boundaries of human understanding so that we can map out the world of the metaphysical in a truer, more joyful, and more magical way than has come before.

We can do it. We each have tremendous innate wisdom. We just need to listen to it.


7 Responses

  1. You know, this topic brings up such conflicting viewpoints in me.

    On one hand, I believe that the entire concept of money creates unnecessary despair in the world. Humans don’t have a natural ability to deal with financial matters, which is why most people struggle with it.

    I know it’s hard to imagine our modern world without money, but I feel that if we all evolved to a more enlightened perspective, we might figure out different ways of handling things. Honestly, I can’t think of any myself, but money just seems like such a “primitive” concept to me.

    On the other hand, we’re still plugged into the matrix. As long as you’re part of society, you have to follow some basic rules. Yes, it might be possible to become entirely self-sufficient by growing your own food, supplying your own power, etc. But for the vast majority of us this isn’t a likely option.

    So for now, you’ve got to embrace this part of our world or you’ll end up miserable. There’s no beauty in poverty or suffering. I struggle with this also, but spiritual people need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the physical world as long as we’re here.

    Maybe one day we’ll all be able to lay around all day and use our minds to materialize objects out of thin air… but until then, we need to do what it takes to make sure we’re provided for. If we’re not, we won’t be able to help others.

    That being said, I do feel that it’s important to make your money in a way that doesn’t conflict with spiritual values. For example, I currently work in the wholesale diamond business. The diamond industry is one of the most corrupt, exploitative industries in the world.

    I can justify it by saying, “Oh, I don’t play a part in that. I just do my job.” But as long as I’m part of the chain, I feel like I’m helping it continue.

    So I’m planning on going back to school to become a healer. Not sure exactly what kind, but I won’t feel truly at ease until my money is made by creating good in the world.

  2. Jung,

    I hear you! I too feel a lot of conflict about money matters and find myself wondering what the ideal solutions are.

    If we were more enlightened, and if we had a better consciousness about truly sharing, communism might work. But certainly not in the way it’s been practiced in this world. The idea of living in a communal setting has always appealed to me, although it always seems like someone has to be “on top” controlling distribution of resources, which dooms such an enterprise to failure.

    If capitalism provided a more even playing field for people, that system can work, too. It certainly does a great deal to encourage creativity and self-reliance.

    Socialism takes into account the healthcare needs of its citizens quite well, but at the expense of free enterprise – and unfortunately most socialist countries punish business owners who want to create things with extremely heavy tax burdens and other limitations (like in France where you can never fire anyone!)

    I like your idea of laying around materializing things out of thin air! 🙂 Certainly we do have a hand in creating our own reality through our consciousness combined with physical efforts, so maybe we can get there at some point!

    You raise an excellent point about not wanting to plug into a company or industry that is corrupt. Working for the diamond industry must be very difficult for a spiritual person like yourself. I myself have left many corporate jobs because of the draconian energies in those various companies, so I know what it’s like to be hypersensitive about those things.

    I wish you the very best as you study healing. That might be a very good path for you. Even if you are only doing it part-time to start, it might help to balance out your worldly energies so you’re lightening things up for yourself a bit and dealing with energies that aren’t so dense. I’ve always really enjoyed the flow I get going when I’m doing healing work although doing it full-time doesn’t really work for me.

  3. I don’t necessarily have a problem with a concept of money as it represents a commonly accepted medium of exchange among human beings who understand the practical aspect of its usage as it involves the transferral of goods and services that enhances our sense of material well-being. What I do have a problem with is when that sense of well-being is corrupted by this sickness called ‘consumerism’ that has ravaged the planet and is backed by the phony funny money known as federal reserve notes. We need to always make this distinction whenever the topic of ‘money’ comes up. This will help us in maintaining a clear-eyed, balanced perspective of the stuff to the point where we can hopefully eliminate much of the ‘love of money’ and ‘anti-money’ stances that skew any rational understanding of what is a basic energy component that is reflected in our participation with it. Only then, when we have become grounded in its soundness can we evolve towards a more spiritual aspect of what are essentially exchanges of energy. For this to occur means that its various forms must be as diverse as can be humanly imagined. What we are seeing today is, by design, the complete opposite with this NWO move towards a one-world ‘cashless-currency’. Sounds like the mother of all oxymorons to me.

  4. Brownhawk,

    Thank you for your excellent comments. Yes, we do need to draw a distinction between all the weird stuff that the Federal Reserve has been doing, the extension of “credit” and debt as a way to buy things, and all that funny money floating around as mere digits on a bank’s computer screen. There is a great deal of distortion and negativity within the world’s banking and monetary systems – and we are right to be “anti” that!

    It’s not an easy problem to fix, however.

    I liked what you said here: “Only then, when we have become grounded in its soundness can we evolve towards a more spiritual aspect of what are essentially exchanges of energy.”

    I always like the feeling I get when I support someone whom I believe is doing good in the world – whether that be making a donation to a charity where the money actually gets to the people I want to help or buying something from a really cool person. That’s a pretty clean and direct energy exchange that isn’t so related to the heavy stuff in the middle like the banking system and so forth.

    But when it comes to buying a house – yikes – we’re right in the middle of mortgages, loans, credit, debt, and all that other yuck. Or when we’re trying to invest our savings and get it to grow and we discover that the gatekeepers like brokerage firms and banks are so over-extended into investing in worthless derivatives that at any point they themselves are likely to go bankrupt, taking your money with them! It makes it very hard for the “little guy” to feel empowered about building wealth because these systems are so corrupt and devoid of life force. They’re like a big antimatter vacuum just sucking up people’s vitality and energy.

    So, anyway, thanks again Jung and Brownhawk for raising excellent points and sharing such clear-sighted views.

  5. I’d have to disagree with the money concept here. I mean, I’m well aware that I have to make living here. And I’d much rather more money than less. But this is only because more money would give me more freedom. And it shouldn’t be up to shitty paper money or electronic money for that matter to decide how much ‘freedom’ I have.

    Personally, I’d rather a system of no money. Why are we born into a world where we have to do mindless jobs and earn paper or electronic funds just to get by in life? Why would we do this to ourselves?

    Wouldn’t a type of resource-economy be better? As recommended in the Venus Project.

    Also, with a monetary economy there can never be balance. One side of the scale must always be tipped. That’s why you have the super rich on one side and the super poor to super starving on the other. And if we were all ‘enlightened’ enough to make it balance then we wouldn’t need money in the first place.

    Animals don’t come into this world needing to get mortgages and earn a paycheck, so why do we have to?

    Secluded tribes in rainforests live totally fine without money, as did many Native Indian tribes.

    Yes, we’re ‘physical’ in this reality as far as we perceive physicality – yes we have ‘bodies’ that have needs. But I don’t see what money has to do with any of these points.

    Also within history, money was created by Illuminati families to control the human race. And so far it’s done a good job. The old adage ‘money is the root of all evil’ is pretty true.

    Money doesn’t do trees any good either. And we certainly can’t eat it. Or maybe we can – but it wouldn’t taste very nice or be very nutritional would it?

    Money also equals power in this reality. The more you have of it, the more power over others you can exact. No one should have power over others.

    Don’t get me wrong. I understand that obviously to get along in this current reality we have to make money. That’s why I work. But I sure as hell don’t like it. Yet, I was born into it, as my parents before me etc etc.

    So many people die because they can’t afford the medical care that can save them so easily. Why is this? Because they don’t have the money.

    My personal philosophy is that if you have something to share that is of the utmost importance to peoples freedom then for goodness sakes give it to people when they ask for it, or when they may need it. Don’t put a price on it. Some people have really shitty jobs – literally – and can barely pay their way in life – so don’t let them struggle to pay for what information you believe is truly something that can help them and the human race as whole.

    Not everyone can afford books and seminars. And the New Age is rife with books and seminars that asks for shitloads of your money… and for what??

    And this Karma thing. WTF is karma?? Another guilt trip??

    Yes, I am a truth seeker. I’m not sure what the term ‘spiritual’ is supposed to mean any more. But I don’t go around forgetting about my body because of my philosophies on money. I spend a great deal of money on good food, because I can afford it. Yet I know people who spend very little on shit food because they can’t afford it. And there’s more than enough good food in this world for everyone, so why doesn’t everyone have access to it? Because you have to be privileged. And what makes you privileged in this sense? Money.

    Still, some good points to be found here. It was an interesting read. Thanks and take care all.

  6. I should also say that I may have taken some of your points out of context, but nevertheless, I’ve imparted mine too.

    This whole money thing is a complex topic, with so many implications, but at the end of it all I think that IF the masses we’re at the point of understanding then money would be a thing of the past anyways.


  7. Conspiracy is almost always rooted in truth but unbalanced by lies.

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