The Fish People Are Alive and Among Us

There is some confusion about just what type of physical bodies the “Annunaki” possessed.  As written in the ancient Sumerian texts, “Annunaki” translates as “Those who from heaven to Earth came.” So we’re definitely not talking about an indigenous life form. These beings were from. . . somewhere else.

Many different descriptions of the Annunaki survive. Some images from the ancient Sumerian tablets depict humanoids wearing what appear to be goggles and jumpsuits, rather like the gear an astronaut would wear. Most accounts of these beings describe them as  taller than humans. And throughout many ancient traditions – not just the Sumerian legends but also the oral and written traditions of other cultures around the world – these beings are described as fish-like or reptilian, possessing scales. 

Which is a little weird, since they also apparently crossbred with humans. It means that, fish man or not, our DNA was capable of merging with theirs to create a viable life form.

There may well have been many different ET’s around in ancient times. And some of them, no doubt, are still around, their influence still clearly felt within human society.

I’m always fascinated by a group of West Africans known as the Dogon. This is a nice introductory page with a lot of cultural information and photos of the Dogon people: Dogon Tribe.

The Dogons have a complex history, but a large part of their oral tradition includes stories about how a race of fish-like beings came down in a spaceship and imparted various forms of knowledge to them.

They refer to this in their mythology sometimes as a single being called “Nommo” and sometimes as a group of beings called “the Nommo.” Dogons frequently describe the Nommo as having the upper body of a man and the lower body of a snake. And sometimes the Nommo is said to have a ram’s head with a serpent body.

There are several different religious groups within the Dogon society. One of them honors a god called Lebe.

The cult of Lebe, the Earth God, is primarily concerned with the agricultural cycle and its chief priest is called a Hogon. All Dogon villages have a Lebe shrine whose altars have bits of earth incorporated into them to encourage the continued fertility of the land. According to Dogon beliefs, the god Lebe visits the hogons every night in the form of a serpent and licks their skins in order to purify them and infuse them with life force. The hogons are responsible for guarding the purity of the soil and therefore officiate at many agricultural ceremonies.

Hmm. So the serpents come down and lick people every night to “purify” them. Whoa.

One of the things the Dogons learned from the Nommo was a lot of highly specific information about the star Sirius. Supposedly the Nommo came from that area of the galaxy and they told them that Sirius wasn’t just one star. It had a companion star that was a white dwarf. And there was another companion star that was a small red dwarf star. 

Western astronomers first began to suspect that Sirius had a companion after they observed that the star had a certain “wobble.” But Sirius B wasn’t discovered until 1862, and we didn’t know it was a white dwarf star until the 1920’s. Much later on, in 1995, French Astronomers Daniel Benest and J.L. Duvent announced that they had discovered a second companion star –  a small red dwarf star now called Sirius C.

So the Dogons were getting accurate astronomical information about Sirius from the Nommo.

The Annunaki ET’s also provided advanced astronomical information to the ancient Sumerians. The Sumerians knew that the Earth and the planets rotated around the sun (and not the other way around, which was the consensus belief until the 17th century.) They also knew how many planets were in our solar system and the exact distance between the planets. Keep in mind that modern astronomers didn’t discover the planet Uranus until 1781, Neptune in 1846, and Pluto in 1930. 

The Sumerians were also told about another planet, called Nibiru, which was in the outer edges of the solar system and which had a weird, elliptical orbit. This was the original home of the Annunaki.

Among today’s astronomers, the jury is still out on Nibiru. Sedna, a small planetoid discovered in 2004, might fit the bill. Its orbit is extremely elliptical, and it takes about 10,500 years to circle the sun. Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin’s translations suggest that Nibiru only takes about 3500 years to complete one orbit, so perhaps Sedna isn’t the famed “12th planet” of ancient myth, after all.

But in an odd synchronicity echoing the Dogon and their encounters with the half man, half fish Nommo ET’s, astronomers named Sedna after an Inuit goddess of the sea, who is usually depicted as a half human being with the tail and fins of a fish.


When it comes to tracing the echoes of the ancient ET’s who first interacted with humans, we see ghostly imprints among all cultures and in all societies. And these mythic traces are still here with us today, hidden just behind the facade of modern living.

It seems that, wherever we go and whatever we do, the Custodial presence still lingers among us.

I don’t for one minute believe that the offspring of those ancient Custodians have chosen to hide among the shadows. I think many of them are obvious and influential people, the “blueblood” types who display a callous disregard for human suffering.

And so many of the people here in the arena, were, you know, underprivileged anyway, so this (giggle) this is working very well for them.

That’s what Barbara Bush had to say upon touring the devasted city of New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina hit. Yes, death, trauma, homelessness and devastation sure worked out really well for the victims of Katrina.

I’ve always found the Spelling family to be very fish-like. This is Candy Spelling, matriarch of the clan. Aaron Spelling, the richest, most influential TV producer who ever lived, was her husband. “Actress” Tori Spelling is their daughter. 

Poor Candy was recently forced to downsize and move out of her 123 room mansion in L.A. She picked up a cozy little 16,500 square foot condo for just $47 million.

Years ago, back before I became interested in ancient ET astronauts, reptilians, or anything like that, I couldn’t stand to watch George Bush senior on TV. This was back when he was President. Everything in my body would start to vibrate and I’d get this all over sense of KNOWING that always said, “He’s not human. He’s a reptile.” And his non-humanness was very clear to me, even though I didn’t understand the potential implications of this awareness at the time.

This YouTube video is the one that has been making the rounds for a while. It supposedly shows Senior Bush shapeshifting from human to reptilian form.  That’s one theory about Annunaki bodies – that they could somehow shapeshift between human and reptilian forms.

Anyway, whether doctored or not, this video gets you thinking:

George Bush Shapeshifting.

I always thought it fascinating that people conveniently “forgot” about the attempted assassination of then President Ronald Reagan and how George Bush Senior was up to his elbows in it.

Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr., son of John Hinckley, Senior.  John Hinckley Sr. has been the chairman of the oil company Vanderbilt Energy Corp. He was also a good friend of George Bush Senior. He provided funds and political support during Bush’s 1980 presidential primary campaign against Ronald Reagan.

In another weird connection,  John Hinckley Jr.’s older brother, Vanderbilt vice president Scott Hinckley, and George Bush’s son Neil Bush, had a dinner appointment scheduled for the next day after the attempt on Reagan’s life. So to pretend that the two families weren’t heavily connected is just silly. Yet no investigations into these connections were ever made. Nobody asked questions about it. It all just disappeared from view.

George Bush Senior has been running things here in the U.S. for the past eight years, and we’re all supposed to pretend that he hasn’t been. We’re supposed to believe that his son never calls or talks to his Daddy, never gets advice from him, and in no way has his decisions affected by this former director of the CIA.  So it’s just a coincidence that just about every crony who was ever part of Senior Bush’s inner circle magically received appointments to his son’s administration.

The incestual connections of the Custodians and their offspring are almost laughable sometimes, they are so “in your face.” But most people still aren’t looking at the web with anything approaching clarity.

Again, the major problem with the Custodial influence is that at least some of these Custodial beings displayed extreme psychopathic tendencies. And if we are their offspring, or a genetic offshoot from their corrupted DNA, it’s no wonder that psychopathic behavior is considered normal and okay.

Ask yourself – in any reality which you yourself inhabit, if you were brought to the horrific scene of devastation in New Orleans just a few days after Hurricane Katrina struck, would you even JOKINGLY make the statement that Barbara Bush made?

Here’s what she said again when asked what she thought about what was going on.

“And so many of the people here in the arena, were, you know, underprivileged anyway, so this (giggle) this is working very well for them.”

This is the same arena where sick and injured, old and helpless, were crowded in a situation with no water, no working plumbing, and violent acts of rape and brutality were being committed on people so they couldn’t sleep and couldn’t ensure their children’s safety.  This was happening right in front of her. And these people had just come through a war zone where many of them watched family members and neighbors die.

Again, when we pretend that this behavior or these types of unempathetic “reactions” are normal, we lose our grip as a society. We might as well continue to turn the steering wheel over to the Custodians and their descendents, which is what we’ve been doing since day one.

Cold emotional disconnection from the suffering of others is a main symptom of a psychopath.

Isn’t it funny how so many of the powerful, influential types who look like descendents of reptiles or fish people behave that way?  How much longer are we going to tell ourselves it’s just a coincidence?


Who’s the Boss?

In the book The 12th Planet by famed Sumerian scholar and translator Zecharia Sitchin, the author describes in Chapter Twelve the creation of man. Taken from the ancient tablets that describe this process:

I will produce a lowly Primitive;
‘Man’ shall be his name
I will create a Primitive Worker;
He will be charged with the service of the gods,
That they might have their ease.

He goes on to explain that to the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian people, man was referred to as a “lulu” (primitive,) a “lulu amelu” (primitive worker,) and an “avilum” (laborer.)

Humanity in turn spoke of the “gods” as “Lord,” “King,” “Ruler,” and “Master” – very much the same terms the Jews used to talk about their god Jehovah, and Christians later used to describe their prophet Jesus.

The Sumerian texts say that humans were used as laborers on many projects. This included mining gold (which the Annunaki aliens needed to improve the atmosphere of their home planet.) And it also included “tilling the garden,” in a place that translates literally as “EDIN” (which became the Eden of Genesis in the Old Testament.)

So, basically, we were the slave laborers of the gods since day one.

This would explain humanity’s tendency to behave in a “sheeplike” way. Subservience was bound into our very genes. We’ve been habituated to it since mankind’s earliest days. We’re so used to it we don’t even question it anymore.

This explains why, throughout our history, we have had a pathological belief that slavery is okay. We’ve always been good at turning people into slaves – whether it’s people from another continent with a different skin tone, or our women.

It doesn’t look like we came up with the concept ourselves. Instead, it was literally bred into us to the point where it became familiar and “normal.”

Sitchin also explains a mistranslation that took place. In the Sumerian texts the word “avod” was used to mean “work.” But this term was misconstrued over the years to mean “worship.”

In mankind’s earliest days, he didn’t WORSHIP the gods.

He WORKED for them.


These days, we like to think we no longer work for the gods.

But in every religious tradition, we are still using terms like “worship” and “serve” when we talk about God (or the gods.) (Or the Goddess, for that matter.)

Why would a divine being of infinite power, intelligence, and awareness need slaves to worship him or her?

Would a divine being, indeed, even possess an ego? Would God (with a capital “G”) really display the emotional maturity of a fourteen year old girl and demand that humans run around worshipping and praising and making offerings to him?

Does that sound like a divine consciousness?

Sounds more like a narcissist to me.

Religion means the expression of reverence for a divine, infinite being – or communion with a consciousness or field of energy that originates in the nonphysical realm.

But what are we usually doing?

Engaging in ritual, kneeling and bowing down before “gods” of various kinds, prostrating ourselves, flagellating ourselves (especially if we belong to Opus Dei) and bemoaning how sinful we are.

Do you think an infinitely loving, intelligent, and immortal consciousness or divine force would require that?

If so, your daddy must not have loved you very much.

Most of humanity’s quest for approval from God appears to be about placating a distant, dyfunctional being (or beings) who have conditional love for humanity, not unconditional or altruistic love.

We got off track and developed such core self-esteem problems because we were slaves from the very beginning.

And the slave factory keeps cranking up production. To the tune of seven billion people, many of whom spend their entires lives fighting hunger, consumed by war, and misled by the very spiritual traditions which they naively hope will “save” them from suffering.

The problem is, slave laborers don’t get saved.

They just get used.

Sure, some of the Custodians gave humans education in a few nice things like writing, music, architecture, and the like. Handy stuff for building a civilization.

They also indoctrinated us with their dysfunctional tendencies to make constant war upon each other (because the gods are always fighting in every pantheistic tradition.) And they programmed us to be afraid and to never question the gods, devising sophisticated forms of mind control like telling us over and over again how naughty we are, how we’re born in sin, and how maybe – if we’re extremely lucky and we do everything the gods dictate – we might get to go to heaven one day.

And reincarnate shortly thereafter to become slaves again. But they don’t tell us that part.

It’s time for a slave revolt. And it’s time for fire those deceptive, arrogant agencies – both the Custodians who originated these degrading traditions of self-hatred within humanity, as well as their human servants who perpetuate enslaving the masses through their various religions and crusty, outmoded forms of “spiritual wisdom.”

Because I don’t know about you, but I ain’t signing on to renew a labor contract I didn’t fully understand in the first place.

And I ain’t gonna be nobody’s bitch. 🙂

Yoga- A Tool to Invoke the Gods or Custodians

Yoga is catch all term for many different practices that attempt to align the practitioner with spiritual energies. It comes to us from the rich, complex, Hindu religion, which honors many “gods.”

Some styles of yoga state at the core of their traditions that they are used to invoke these “gods,” even going so far as to invite them into the body. And some traditions go even further – encouraging adherents to focus on completing uniting themselves with the gods of yoga.


The Custodians would appear to be at it again.

I’m always hard on these entities, even though humanity has had a love/hate affair with them for millennia. Some people would say, “What’s wrong with attempting to unite with the divine? Why wouldn’t you want to invite the gods into your life or into your body or, indeed, to attempt to merge with them?”

I would respond with this – “What exactly are you trying to merge with? And how can you be certain that the thing or being you’re inviting in has your best interests at heart?”

Just because something has been done for thousands of years doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Humanity shat in the woods (or in outhouses or chamber pots) for many centuries before modern plumbing was invented. The resulting diseases occurred because we weren’t practicing good hygiene.

Does this mean that modern plumbing is bad?


It means we got smarter and cleaner and healthier. We began to try new things that gave us a better standard of living.

In a similar way, we need to be getting smarter about practicing good spiritual hygiene. And we need to be questioning the “gods” and their true nature at every opportunity.

That doesn’t meant that we should be disrespectful to people who practice yoga. Many wonderful people and teachers have been practitioners of this ancient system. And yet even they may have been misled, not understanding that the very tenets of that system were Custodial (i.e., spiritually enslaving toward humanity.)

Many older yoga teachers will discuss that yes, indeed, yoga (especially Hatha yoga, one of the most popular forms) has always focused on invoking the gods and inviting them into the body or energy system. But you won’t find this bit of information in the many popular “Yoga for Yuppies” books sold at Barnes and Noble! You have to actually talk to the yogis about this. And many of the younger yoga teachers either aren’t aware of what the original Vedas said about yoga, or they aren’t talking about it – or both! I’ve had two older yoga teachers from India admit to me off the record that yes, in the original texts, yoga was all about bringing these “gods” into the body through the various postures. That’s kind of a big admission, don’t you think? So why isn’t it talked about more openly?

I found an interesting blog the other day where the publisher briefly talks about yoga. The blog is called Animam Recro: Explorations in the Esoteric and the Political.

Here is some of what this fascinating blogger had to say about The Gods Within Hinduisim:

I recently met an interesting person and we got into a rather lengthy conversation. . .While speaking with him, I got to the topic of divinity within man. My new friend told me several stories and then mentioned one of his favorite techniques in Hinduism. One can invoke certain Gods when in need of help, usually invoking the God whose particular attribute would be most helpful to you. I’ve never considered the psychological significance of this before. Putting aside whether these Gods ‘physically’ exist or not, this is a very interesting practice of self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment? Or psychic possession?

The blogger also provides an interesting quote from The Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson:

In bhakti yoga, you form a love-bond with a particular divinity, dedicate every waking moment to Him (or Her) and invoke that Divine Being by every method possible, especially vivid visual imagination.

Hmm, if you’re doing this every day, should it be any surprise if your personality begins to change, your body goes through strange transformations, you experience mental disturbances and other classic symptoms of psychic possession? You’ve been inviting something alien (or someone!) into your body!

One of the commenters on this post had the following to say:

In Hindu Bhakti yoga, first devotee worships a personal God with name and form; Then that God becomes light; Then as devotee matures in devotion, that God becomes void or devotee & God becomes ONE. …This happens to every one who seeks after God, irrespective one is Hindu or not.

And that’s the root of the problem, isn’t it?

Too often spiritual and religious traditions encourage people to deny the body, to let go of the self, and to resign to something from the OUTSIDE coming into the body. This is nothing less than a complete psychic takeover.

Generally NOT a good idea! Especially if it’s questionable Custodial entities that you’re inviting to take over your life.

I would encourage anybody who has had an interest in yoga to take a long, hard look at this system. If you look into some of the original vedas (written texts) they openly state that you are INVITING GODS INTO YOUR BODY as you PERFORM CERTAIN HIGHLY REGIMENTED PHYSICAL POSTURES.

Do you want to be doing this? This isn’t about getting the equivalent of a nice workout on the treadmill. It’s no longer just about physical exercise. You need to look into the true esoteric origins of yoga and ask if you really need to be inviting something foreign – and likely to be Custodial in nature – into your body.

I’m just sayin’! Take a closer look, folks.

Clarification of Terms – Good, Evil, Etc.

I realized after rereading my last posts that I should probably clarify what I mean by words like “good” or “evil” or “Satan,” “Satanic,” etc.

At the heart of the Custodial mystery lies the issue of the hijacking of the human soul. The Custodians seem really good at this. Humanity is allegedly their physical creation, the byproduct of a mixture of their own DNA with more apelike humanoids who were already living on the planet. And they supposedly taught us many things such as agriculture, architecture, engineering, music, astrology/astronomy, and more. Many things the Custodians did would seem to be “positive” in the sense that they allowed us to advance our knowledge and grow in skills.

So there were some supposedly friendly Custodial beings who were more interested in empowering humanity with information. But there were also more restrictive, draconian, and controlling Custodians.

In the Sumerian texts this conflict was expressed through Enlil and Enki, two brothers who came down with the other Custodians from a planet called Nibiru. The entire group was said to be the creators of humans in their current form.

Enki was always trying to give us stuff and encourage us. Enlil was much more guarded in his affection for humanity and treated us a bit like a bastard stepchild. He tended to get angry at us all the time and treat us like slaves or meat – in other words, he was hardly a loving father figure. (Traces of the hard to please Jehovah, anyone?)

But nowhere along the way was the average human given clear, easy-to-understand, simple to apply techniques for accessing or enhancing the spiritual side of his nature. Oh, sure, you had the ancient mystery schools, most of them originated by Custodial beings (Thoth, Diana, and the other mystery cults.) But they all operated from the vantage point that metaphysical information about mankind’s spiritual nature should be withheld from the masses.

Why? So as to better enslave them.

If the average human was caught up in constant physical toil and hard work, spending every minute focused on mere survival, and he lacked any schooling in understanding what happens after the body dies, then he would never learn how to LEAVE this prison planet and regain his home amongst the other spiritual energy beings he originated from.

Because a human is not just a physical self. He is a spiritual self as well.

The Custodians have always exerted extreme control over the flow of information about the nature of the human soul and the unfolding of psychic gifts. Developing our psychic gifts is important, because they allow us to perceive the higher dimensions and orient ourselves towards a nonphysical “home.”

And the Custodians put many gatekeepers in place in the form of priests and priestesses who heavily policed all spiritual practices, creating mindless rituals (and often bloody ones – see the human sacrifice traditions of the Aztecs and the Mayans) for the masses without ever explaining what these practices were supposed to accomplish.

Those who didn’t follow religious tradition were often punished, and they still are today – especially if they dare to ask questions like “Why are we pretending to eat Jesus’ flesh and drink his blood again?” “Why is God referred to as ‘they’ in Genesis instead of ‘he?” “And who are the Elohim, the Watchers, the giants, and the other mysterious beings alluded to in the old texts?”

Don’t ask questions – you’ll get burned at the stake.

At the darkest heart of many Custodial traditions is the repression of human knowledge, the hijacking of humanity’s inherent spirit of inquiry and experimentation, and a horrible, systemic form of mind control that fools humans into forgetting that they are spiritually sovereign beings first (i.e. owned by no one, self-contained and autonomous) – and physical bodies second.

And that’s what I have a problem with. And that’s why this Custodial Smackdown blog was created.

Whether you believe in a fallen angel named Lucifer, or a being named Satan, there are a lot of very dark, vicious, and “anti-soul” practices woven into many Custodial beliefs and practices.

I sometimes lump these into the category of being “Satanic” or “evil” because to me they are an incredible perversion, unbelievably nasty tools for enslavement.

No sane being based in anything approaching love would purposefully force eternal, immortal, and limitless energy beings into physical bodies – bodies that experience incredible pain and limitation, and which quickly decay and die.

No sane being that is loving would at the same time PURPOSEFULLY WITHHOLD information about these energy beings’ true nature from them and encourage or cause complete spiritual amnesia for them, dooming them to continual reincarnation and disorientation between lifetimes.

Something very bad has been happening to humanity almost since day one of our creation.

And our “creators” have a lot to answer for.

For purposes of future discussion here, please know that while I continue to explore the idea of an actual being called Satan or Lucifer existing (and indeed, he may be one of the Custodians,) when I talk about something being Satanic, evil, or dark, I’m usually talking about conditioning or practices that are anti-freedom, anti-growth, and spiritually enslaving.

In other words, Satanic practices move us into alignment with the most materialistic, chaotic, “anti-life” and base energies – the complete opposite pole from energies of expansion, self-awareness, and personal growth.

The challenge we face living down here is to recognize when something or someone we’re plugging into is pulling us in the wrong direction. It all comes down to a litmus test of “Does this enrich my intelligence, expand my capacities to feel love and experience awareness?” or “Does this dull my wits, drain me of joy and love, and magnetize me to energies of chaos, hatred, and despair?”

It’s by aiming ourselves at one and doing our best to avoid the influences of the other that true progress can be made!

And that’s what the intention is for this blog – to help provide some potential blueprints on how to do this effectively, bypassing the pitfalls and traps that the Custodians have laid for us.