How the Love Experience Can Be Manipulated

First off, in case you haven’t checked it out already, there is a fabulous and cutting edge blog called Splinter of the Mind that explores issues related to spirituality, consciousness, and where we can get off track in our quest for enlightenment. Author Bronte Baxter is one of the wisest voices to come on the scene in a long, long time, and her essays will have you considering your own quest in a whole new way, with fresh levels of discernment and insight. This is a blogger to watch, no doubt about it.

Her latest post talks about the love experience and how love is a wonderful thing, yet it can be used to manipulate sincere spiritual seekers by forcing them to forego attending to their own needs and “surrendering” the ego, which can be very dangerous. Read her post here, it’s great:

Attracting More Flies with Honey – How Love and Oneness Teachings Are Used to Disempower.

I was thinking about these issues myself after writing an essay here about love the other day. If you missed it, you can catch it here:

If Love is the Answer, What is the Question?.

I think it’s so important to keep an eye open about how the expression of love and a sincere desire to help one’s fellow man can be manipulated. First off, world religions are cults which usually sucker people into joining by blasting new members with tons of love, to the point where the person can be very vulnerable. If you’ve been lonely and at odds with the world and you suddenly find a brotherhood or sisterhood of people who claim to “get” you, who seem to love and appreciate you despite your many imperfections, then it’s very easy to fall into lockstep with that group and sign up to become a member.

Along the way, you’ll probably be shown lots of nice writings or quotes from that religion, all of which will of course be talking about love, healing, enlightenment, and so on. So you get sold on a very attractive package.

But since religions are overshadowed by Custodial presences, and your guard is going to be down, you’re going to be inviting these presences into your life through your new religious practice – without even realizing it. And pretty soon you’re caught up in rituals and practices designed to invite these “gods” into your auric field and allowing them to overtake your life.

Bronte Baxter writes a lot about the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement, which she was a part of for some years. She talks about how she gradually came to see the dark side of this group, which has as part of its core spiritual practice the daily invocation of “mantras” which turn out to be the names of ancient Hindu gods. (Hint: I smell a Custodian!) Kudos to her for so bravely and eloquently speaking out about this little known fact. TM is often seen as a benign thing. Celebrities like radio host Howard Stern, director David Lynch, and scores of others talk about TM as if it were just a simple little act of meditating each day to clear your mind and access positive feelings.

Positive feelings and a false kind of euphoria can be caused by a lot of things – including self-hypnosis, having one’s auric field overenergized by Custodial energies, and other forms of manipulation that are common in most spiritual practices.

So how do we distinguish between a genuine communion with Source, or a divine intelligence and consciousness of infinite love, and a manipulated experience of dialing up the Custodians and getting a quick energy rush?

That’s the challenge all sincere spiritual seekers face.

We know that through self-hypnosis and biofeedback techniques that we can turn positive feelings on like a light switch. Various techniques like deep breathing, getting in touch with love within your own heart, and relaxation can conjure up a host of endorphins, and these natural chemicals can give you a wonderful feeling. Depending on the intensity of the experience, you can go from feeling just a bit better, more able to cope with stress, to finding yourself filled with euphoria and what seems like a divinely induced form of bliss.

But is it?

I question these things myself. Even though I try to use my own heart, empathy, and capacity for love as a gauge which helps me determine who and what I engage with, I know that this can be manipulated. I have often been tricked into thinking that someone cared about me or was benevolent toward me, only to be viciously attacked – both personally and psychically – by that same person later on in a very sudden and devastating way.

So just how good of a judge are we about whether someone (or something) is good for us?

And when it comes to metaphysics and the pursuit of communing with a loving energy, how can we gauge the various entities and energies that come along? “Angels,” “spiritual guides,” and a wide range of annointed presences like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, and Mary can appear to us in meditation or in moments of psychic opening, but are these beings really good for us?

We tend to think that they are because connecting with them often triggers a strong “awakening” experience where certain things happen in our brain and our mind, and we can be flooded with feelings of bliss. The classic spiritual awakening event or “peak experience” usually involves some glimpse of these “divine beings,” and it’s usually coupled with immensely pleasurable bodily sensations and joyful emotional surges.

But is this happening because we are connecting with a divine being? Or is the process of us sincerely reach out to discover more about our spiritual natures something that can be tracked and monitored? And is a “messenger” or “mediator” instantly sent to us to try to manipulate our perceptions so we’ll remain locked in the jail that the Custodians have created for us?

The translation for the word “angel” is “messenger,” and the angels of the Bible were said to be PHYSICAL messengers of the gods. Or of God.

Just because a being can travel between dimensions, or just because we BELIEVE that it can, doesn’t mean that that being is necessarily divine in origin.

We’re very sophisticated now about understanding technology. Many of these “angels” or “guides” could easily be holographic projections. They could be ET’s or other interdimensional travellers who do not necessarily have our best interests at heart. If they are able to use sophisticated electromagnetic pulses or hypnosis or subliminal suggestion, they could probably induce just about any type of experience in us. They could make us feel bliss and love by stimulating the right brain. They could flood us with a sense of connecting to something powerful and wonderful by manipulating our chakra or energy centers, blasting them with energy in some way. Or during an abduction experience, they could inject us with various drugs that also induce a chemical high, fooling us into thinking they’re the “good aliens.”

The problem is that just about EVERY form of communication we have been conditioned to believe might be talking with angels, guides, or some form of Godhead (those “ascended masters” like Buddha, Jesus, etc.) could actually be a falsified experience.

Which is very sad, since many seekers who are working toward being careful and discerning in their spiritual practice still use a feeling-based approach as their guidance system.

I myself have long tried to use this approach. If I sense a loving being who emits kindness and concern, or happiness and play, then I will tend to trust it or at least give it the benefit of the doubt. I’ve had so many experiences with presences that are the complete opposite – beings whose energy and intention I can only describe as deeply demonic and hateful – that I know what the opposite energy feels like.

Let’s put it this way. I’m not one to be overly impressed by materializations in my bedroom during a moment of prayer or heart-based connection with Source. Because I’ve seen my share of good, bad, and indifferent entities, some physical, some seemingly nonphysical or interdimensional.

But over time, I have learned to question everything.

The thing that is confusing for me is that I have been able to access many separate memories of having known the actual man Jesus in a past life. I have many specific things I’ve recalled about knowing him. I didn’t know him very well in that past life, but I did help organize several gatherings where he talked to people and taught them interesting things and told them stories in a system of caves. These were joyful get togethers, always held at night, and the man I saw was gentle, filled with laughter, and definitely connected to divine understanding in a really unique way.

Separate from these past life tidbits – these moments of recall that have come to me over the years – I have also meditated or prayed and learned more about Jesus and the spiritual help he apparently has been trying to bring humanity since he left this physical plane. He has never claimed to be an angel, he has never claimed to be God or a Son of God. In fact, he has always told me to ignore the Bible and just focus on connecting with a loving spiritual Creator. (Notice how he makes a distinction between a PHYSICAL creator (i.e. the Custodians who feel they have ownership over humanity) and a SPIRITUAL one (more of a divine Source or Mind of God type of energy.)

This being has seemed filled with integrity, although still very much human, and not a perfect being by any stretch of the imagination. He has expressed a lot of sorrow about how his image and his words were completely distorted over time and his ideas were hijacked and manipulated by the Romans, who founded the horrifically brutal satanic organization known as the Catholic Church. He has told me that pretty much nothing that he actually taught or said survives in the texts that we have now.

I can’t reconcile my own personal experiences with the being I believe to be Jesus with the warnings that many writers have published about how all communications with Jesus are holographic projections from ET ships or satellites because it doesn’t add up for me, based on my personal experiences.

I have been able to access a lot of past life memories over the years, and good portions of these recollections have been independently confirmed by people I’ve met over time in this life, where they just happen to mention something from one of those same past lifetimes, and we figure out how we connected as family, fellow warriors, or lovers in that past lifetime. My recollections of Jesus have not been particularly emotionally charged, and they haven’t had any signs of Custodial influence to them because the memories have arrived in the same way as my other memories – in bits and pieces, with a realism and clarity that is very lucid and direct, and which make total sense within the overall fabric of things I’ve gone through in this life.

So. . . . for me, the jury is still out on Jesus.

I feel that the Jesus myth is one concocted by Custodial and negative beings because he himself has told me about their lies and manipulations. And many things that other people describe in relation to communicating with him seem off to me – such as A Course in Miracles, the channeled book alleged to have been dictated by Jesus to Helen Schucman, which is a horrible and incoherent thing that preaches a lot of anti-self, “ego as bad,” “surrender yourself to the Custodians” crappola. None of that book resonates with what the being I’ve been in contact with has to say.

So I think his name and image are used a lot by the Custodians to create confusion and to manipulate people into thinking they’ve had a genuine experience with him, and this is terrible.

After I first began having some of my recall of knowing Jesus in past lives I encountered several other people in my social circle who also remembered past lives where they met him, and without my describing anything about what I saw or heard, they each described the same exact physical details about him. (Details which, I should add, are not commonly mentioned about him.)

So either we were all manipulated in our past life recollections, or we’re truly remembering seeing and speaking with the same person. . . who was not an ET but a human man. Of course, his genes may have been tampered with to create a kind of super being, because he possessed amazing psychic gifts, and the whole story of his conception is a little funky (Virgin mom or artificially inseminated mom? You decide.)

Certainly, we each need to explore these issues in our own way, and with great care and objectivity.

And most importantly we need to understand how feelings of bliss, of oneness, and other joyful sensations can be triggered by things going on in the right brain – and unfortunately these effects can be generated through technology and sophisticated forms of mental tampering.

So I guess the thing I DO know is that love is good. . .

Loving others at the expense of taking care of yourself is not good. . .

“Surrendering” or “merging” with an entity believed to be God, ascended masters, etc., is a BAD idea, because no truly enlightened being would want you to obliterate your uniqueness or knowingly give up your spiritual sovereignty. . .

And I still love Jesus. That is, I honor the teachings and energy of a man I’ve had intriguing glimpses of, and a teacher who once in a while has brought me some amazing gifts of insight which have allowed me to be more productive, more fully engaged with life, and more filled with love in my heart.

I just don’t much like the Custodial manipulation that seems to have happened around him, because it’s led people out of personal power and into war, escapism, and religious conflict. 

Jesus never wanted a cult to form around him. He actually told his students to prevent that from happening.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out so well.

The Fish People Are Alive and Among Us

There is some confusion about just what type of physical bodies the “Annunaki” possessed.  As written in the ancient Sumerian texts, “Annunaki” translates as “Those who from heaven to Earth came.” So we’re definitely not talking about an indigenous life form. These beings were from. . . somewhere else.

Many different descriptions of the Annunaki survive. Some images from the ancient Sumerian tablets depict humanoids wearing what appear to be goggles and jumpsuits, rather like the gear an astronaut would wear. Most accounts of these beings describe them as  taller than humans. And throughout many ancient traditions – not just the Sumerian legends but also the oral and written traditions of other cultures around the world – these beings are described as fish-like or reptilian, possessing scales. 

Which is a little weird, since they also apparently crossbred with humans. It means that, fish man or not, our DNA was capable of merging with theirs to create a viable life form.

There may well have been many different ET’s around in ancient times. And some of them, no doubt, are still around, their influence still clearly felt within human society.

I’m always fascinated by a group of West Africans known as the Dogon. This is a nice introductory page with a lot of cultural information and photos of the Dogon people: Dogon Tribe.

The Dogons have a complex history, but a large part of their oral tradition includes stories about how a race of fish-like beings came down in a spaceship and imparted various forms of knowledge to them.

They refer to this in their mythology sometimes as a single being called “Nommo” and sometimes as a group of beings called “the Nommo.” Dogons frequently describe the Nommo as having the upper body of a man and the lower body of a snake. And sometimes the Nommo is said to have a ram’s head with a serpent body.

There are several different religious groups within the Dogon society. One of them honors a god called Lebe.

The cult of Lebe, the Earth God, is primarily concerned with the agricultural cycle and its chief priest is called a Hogon. All Dogon villages have a Lebe shrine whose altars have bits of earth incorporated into them to encourage the continued fertility of the land. According to Dogon beliefs, the god Lebe visits the hogons every night in the form of a serpent and licks their skins in order to purify them and infuse them with life force. The hogons are responsible for guarding the purity of the soil and therefore officiate at many agricultural ceremonies.

Hmm. So the serpents come down and lick people every night to “purify” them. Whoa.

One of the things the Dogons learned from the Nommo was a lot of highly specific information about the star Sirius. Supposedly the Nommo came from that area of the galaxy and they told them that Sirius wasn’t just one star. It had a companion star that was a white dwarf. And there was another companion star that was a small red dwarf star. 

Western astronomers first began to suspect that Sirius had a companion after they observed that the star had a certain “wobble.” But Sirius B wasn’t discovered until 1862, and we didn’t know it was a white dwarf star until the 1920’s. Much later on, in 1995, French Astronomers Daniel Benest and J.L. Duvent announced that they had discovered a second companion star –  a small red dwarf star now called Sirius C.

So the Dogons were getting accurate astronomical information about Sirius from the Nommo.

The Annunaki ET’s also provided advanced astronomical information to the ancient Sumerians. The Sumerians knew that the Earth and the planets rotated around the sun (and not the other way around, which was the consensus belief until the 17th century.) They also knew how many planets were in our solar system and the exact distance between the planets. Keep in mind that modern astronomers didn’t discover the planet Uranus until 1781, Neptune in 1846, and Pluto in 1930. 

The Sumerians were also told about another planet, called Nibiru, which was in the outer edges of the solar system and which had a weird, elliptical orbit. This was the original home of the Annunaki.

Among today’s astronomers, the jury is still out on Nibiru. Sedna, a small planetoid discovered in 2004, might fit the bill. Its orbit is extremely elliptical, and it takes about 10,500 years to circle the sun. Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin’s translations suggest that Nibiru only takes about 3500 years to complete one orbit, so perhaps Sedna isn’t the famed “12th planet” of ancient myth, after all.

But in an odd synchronicity echoing the Dogon and their encounters with the half man, half fish Nommo ET’s, astronomers named Sedna after an Inuit goddess of the sea, who is usually depicted as a half human being with the tail and fins of a fish.


When it comes to tracing the echoes of the ancient ET’s who first interacted with humans, we see ghostly imprints among all cultures and in all societies. And these mythic traces are still here with us today, hidden just behind the facade of modern living.

It seems that, wherever we go and whatever we do, the Custodial presence still lingers among us.

I don’t for one minute believe that the offspring of those ancient Custodians have chosen to hide among the shadows. I think many of them are obvious and influential people, the “blueblood” types who display a callous disregard for human suffering.

And so many of the people here in the arena, were, you know, underprivileged anyway, so this (giggle) this is working very well for them.

That’s what Barbara Bush had to say upon touring the devasted city of New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina hit. Yes, death, trauma, homelessness and devastation sure worked out really well for the victims of Katrina.

I’ve always found the Spelling family to be very fish-like. This is Candy Spelling, matriarch of the clan. Aaron Spelling, the richest, most influential TV producer who ever lived, was her husband. “Actress” Tori Spelling is their daughter. 

Poor Candy was recently forced to downsize and move out of her 123 room mansion in L.A. She picked up a cozy little 16,500 square foot condo for just $47 million.

Years ago, back before I became interested in ancient ET astronauts, reptilians, or anything like that, I couldn’t stand to watch George Bush senior on TV. This was back when he was President. Everything in my body would start to vibrate and I’d get this all over sense of KNOWING that always said, “He’s not human. He’s a reptile.” And his non-humanness was very clear to me, even though I didn’t understand the potential implications of this awareness at the time.

This YouTube video is the one that has been making the rounds for a while. It supposedly shows Senior Bush shapeshifting from human to reptilian form.  That’s one theory about Annunaki bodies – that they could somehow shapeshift between human and reptilian forms.

Anyway, whether doctored or not, this video gets you thinking:

George Bush Shapeshifting.

I always thought it fascinating that people conveniently “forgot” about the attempted assassination of then President Ronald Reagan and how George Bush Senior was up to his elbows in it.

Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr., son of John Hinckley, Senior.  John Hinckley Sr. has been the chairman of the oil company Vanderbilt Energy Corp. He was also a good friend of George Bush Senior. He provided funds and political support during Bush’s 1980 presidential primary campaign against Ronald Reagan.

In another weird connection,  John Hinckley Jr.’s older brother, Vanderbilt vice president Scott Hinckley, and George Bush’s son Neil Bush, had a dinner appointment scheduled for the next day after the attempt on Reagan’s life. So to pretend that the two families weren’t heavily connected is just silly. Yet no investigations into these connections were ever made. Nobody asked questions about it. It all just disappeared from view.

George Bush Senior has been running things here in the U.S. for the past eight years, and we’re all supposed to pretend that he hasn’t been. We’re supposed to believe that his son never calls or talks to his Daddy, never gets advice from him, and in no way has his decisions affected by this former director of the CIA.  So it’s just a coincidence that just about every crony who was ever part of Senior Bush’s inner circle magically received appointments to his son’s administration.

The incestual connections of the Custodians and their offspring are almost laughable sometimes, they are so “in your face.” But most people still aren’t looking at the web with anything approaching clarity.

Again, the major problem with the Custodial influence is that at least some of these Custodial beings displayed extreme psychopathic tendencies. And if we are their offspring, or a genetic offshoot from their corrupted DNA, it’s no wonder that psychopathic behavior is considered normal and okay.

Ask yourself – in any reality which you yourself inhabit, if you were brought to the horrific scene of devastation in New Orleans just a few days after Hurricane Katrina struck, would you even JOKINGLY make the statement that Barbara Bush made?

Here’s what she said again when asked what she thought about what was going on.

“And so many of the people here in the arena, were, you know, underprivileged anyway, so this (giggle) this is working very well for them.”

This is the same arena where sick and injured, old and helpless, were crowded in a situation with no water, no working plumbing, and violent acts of rape and brutality were being committed on people so they couldn’t sleep and couldn’t ensure their children’s safety.  This was happening right in front of her. And these people had just come through a war zone where many of them watched family members and neighbors die.

Again, when we pretend that this behavior or these types of unempathetic “reactions” are normal, we lose our grip as a society. We might as well continue to turn the steering wheel over to the Custodians and their descendents, which is what we’ve been doing since day one.

Cold emotional disconnection from the suffering of others is a main symptom of a psychopath.

Isn’t it funny how so many of the powerful, influential types who look like descendents of reptiles or fish people behave that way?  How much longer are we going to tell ourselves it’s just a coincidence?

If Love Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

Most spiritual traditions have as part of their “charter” a stated desire to do good, to uplift humanity, and to engender greater feelings and expressions of love within humanity.

And that’s great!

If there’s one amazing thing that humans are capable of, it’s love.

(Well, except the psychopaths. And usually they’re in charge of things. So that kind of sucks.)

But there are countless kind souls across the globe who have been great at doing the love thing. And they’re still doing it.

Admittedly, sometimes it’s a “selfish” kind of love. Many folks only ever express or exchange love with their immediate loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Altruism – expressing love toward people outside of one’s immediate social network – isn’t really taught in our culture, and when someone expresses it, they’re often misunderstood or ridiculed. The hippies did a lot of good with their “love-ins” and refusal to go to war in Vietnam. Those peaceniks who took a stand against senseless war had their hearts in the right place.

Unfortunately, it’s not cool to be a hippie these days. If you’re pro-peace than you’re also said to be “pro terrorism.”  Yeah, right. That’s what the prevailing warlike cultural mindset would have you believe, but it’s a lie.

Peaceful resistance worked well for Gandhi, whose non-violent yet persistent protests led to a dramatic change in leadership in then British-run India. Although it didn’t work out so well for him personally, as Gandhi made many enemies along the way and was assassinated in 1948.

We tend to crucify or otherwise dispose of teachers who try to show us loving ways to resolve conflict. Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many other proponents of love sacrificed their individual lives as they devoted themselves to trying to get across a message of peace.

It would be nice if we could stop that – destroying the messengers, that is. It’s getting kind of old.

I mean, we all claim to want love, and most people are starved of it in their daily lives, yet when someone comes around who actually emits huge vibrations of love, we rarely protect or help that person. Or if we do, we don’t do enough. We don’t take into account the fact that these people need extra support and protection because they are daring to stare Darkness in the face, and Darkness has a nasty way of fighting back by stimulating psychopaths to commit violence and stirring up other chaotic events that can end up obscuring the message that the peacemaker was trying to bring.

It’s the one thing those Custodial presences are scared of – our capacity for love.  Love is the polar opposite of fear on the vibrational spectrum. And since many Custodial entities – both physical and non-physical – feed on fear, when we refuse to be afraid and we choose to love, we starve them of the very stuff they need to remain here.

So it stands to reason that they have a vested interest in stirring up as much hatred, intolerance, sex addiction (when sex becomes an act of consuming the other person’s energies, not uplifting or healing the other person,) and violence as possible. They need those baser vibrations to be allowed entrance into our dimension.

Every day that we dare to love and we refuse to fear, we make it harder for them to grab hold of us.

Every day that we choose to have empathy and compassion for someone instead of feeling superior, disconnected, or arrogant toward them, we become the anti-Custodian. 

Sometimes doing this can feel like an Olympic triathlon event. You wake up feeling okay, determined to have a great day. You kiss your kids and your wife goodbye, rub the dog or the cat on the head, and head off to work.

On the train, bus, or highway headed to work, reality conspires to throw obstacles in your path.  People are freaking out in scary attacks of road rage. Drug addicts sit next to you and frighten you on the subway. Cruelty and depravity abounds on every corner.

And then you reach work and if you’re like most people, you fester in a cubicle all day doing a lot of silly, ultimately inconsequential stuff.

By the end of the day it’s highly likely that your vibration is – shall we say – droopy. You’re not a cornucopia of loving feeling, that’s for sure. Instead, you feel toxic, annoyed, drained of good energy.

It’s because we have created such a dense psychic soup of cruelty, anger, and fear – and we all have to walk around in it every day – that it’s so hard to keep up the loving.

But we CREATE that energy environment. And each one of us can change it.

It really takes being a spiritual warrior, I think. Being a love warrior. Loving where others fear to love, where others have long ago stopped loving, and doing it anyway because that’s the type of creature you are.

Don’t expect it to be easy.

But it will be rewarding.

And countless creatures in your path – from the butterfly you save because you were looking where you were walking and didn’t step on him, to the old lady who appreciates how you helped her open a heavy door, to the harried clerk behind the cash register at Starbucks who felt better after you smiled and made a funny joke to lighten the energy in the store – all of them will benefit from your love, even if only in subtle ways.

And inch by inch, mile by mile, we can reclaim the psychic landscape of this planet and send those crusty, outdated emanations of fear packing.

In a richer energy landscape where love is king and fear is a bastard stepson we rarely acknowledge, things can change. People can improve emotionally and physically. Children can spread their wings and express their inherent magnificence. The air itself will be easier to breathe. Maybe some of those endangered species will choose to stick around, since the psychic environment is so much nicer now. Animals are very sensitive to vibration and they don’t thrive in dense places.

We each have a choice, each and every day, to either pollute our environment with the equivalent of stinky psychic flatulence or enrich it by breathing out something finer, purer, and more sustaining.

Each moment and each breath counts.

The Natural World vs. the Spiritual World – A Needless Battle

Yesterday afternoon some refreshing summer storms blew through. At sunset the sun came out and created the most marvelous double rainbow I’ve ever seen, right over the property. The photo at the left doesn’t do it justice at all, but it was the most amazing thing Nature has shown me in a long time.

I’ve seen rainbows before, and usually they’re very ephemeral, lasting just a few minutes. This one formed a complete, uninterrupted arc across the sky and lasted for about fifteen minutes. I couldn’t capture the whole arc in a photo so I only managed to capture sections of it with my digital camera. And there was a tiny ghost rainbow along the right.

It was breathtaking to stand there right beneath this glorious arc that stretched in luminous light across the sky.

After the rainbows faded from view the clouds and light conspired to give us some more cool visuals.

The natural world sure can be a gorgeous and amazing thing.

No wonder humans have always been obsessed with the idea of immortality. I mean, assuming you’re in decent health, you have enough shelter and food, and you have a few people around who love you, who wouldn’t want to stick around here for a while?

The problem is all of those poisons that have filtered into society and human consciousness since ancient times. These poisons pollute our ability to enjoy life, prevent us from understanding how to properly honor other forms of life, and spur us on to engage in activities that are based on the principles of “divide and conquer” and “kill or be killed” instead of principles of loving compassion.

Those agendas of aggression and combativeness come to us directly from the Custodians, who were always spurring humans on to make bloody war upon each other. It’s what the Custodians themselves were doing most of the time, so it’s all that they knew.

And throughout history they have been our main teachers in how to be human.

Which is ironic, since they weren’t human themselves.

Humanity needs to face up to the fact that we have been schooled by the wrong teachers and indoctrinated by beings of questionable moral and ethical fiber. And their teachings filter down into every world religion and into each of the common forms of metaphysical practice we tend to study when we become deeply interested in spirituality.

I’ve never been a fan of any belief structure that is anti-life. Many spiritual disciplines seem to encourage a stance that requires ascetic withdrawal from the world. This can include many self-destructive practices like vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, which usually do more harm than good.

Who are we pledging obedience too, anyway? Would a self-sufficient, infinite God require obedience? Why? Wouldn’t God be beyond such petty “needs?”

So many spiritual seekers see the poisons that can dampen the beauty and functionality of society and choose to completely withdraw their energies. And that doesn’t really work.

Among spiritual seekers I’ve found a huge percentage of folks to be anti-money, and they don’t even realize it. They justify this stance by talking about the evil corporations, the exploitation of the human labor force, the incredible tax burden citizens face, and so forth – and these are all good points.

But their attitude too often becomes one of steadfastly refusing to engage with the world of commerce or capitalism in any form. Even though we live in the age of the entrepreneur, and anyone can put up a free blog or web page and sell goods or services very easily, too few spiritual seekers are taking advantage of these incredible tools. They feel guilty about charging money for their writing, their services, or the goods that they promote. And they allow others within that circle who are themselves really screwed up about money issues to make them feel guilty, too.

We need to stop that.

You can’t be so invested in spiritual ideas that you forget to honor the needs of the body. And to honor the body in this particular place and time means engaging in activities that allow money to flow your way. To do anything less is an act of suicide.

We need to continue to root out the poisons that Custodial mind control has instilled in us, while at the same time embracing the miracles that life on the physical plane can offer us. This truly can be heaven on Earth if we get our act together. But it won’t happen through taking vows of poverty or exhibiting false piety, which too often happens in metaphysical circles. There’s a lot of “I’m more enlightened than you” nonsense that gets passed around, and a lot of this dysfunction centers around acting really weird about money.

If you write something of value and you’re selling a book, DVD, or ebook, I have no problems paying you for it. You’re providing me with something wonderful that is enhancing my life and increasing my knowledge – and that has great value to me.

If you get letters or emails from idiots saying “Information should be free!” (Translation: “I’m a user with an enlarged sense of entitlement, so gimme, gimme, gimme!”) — ignore them.

There ARE people on this planet who aren’t afraid to give value for value – to exchange energy in a balanced way.

Sometimes spiritual students forget that we all have bodies. We have hungry bellies that require food. We have many complex needs including rent or mortgage payments, car payments, health and car insurance, and a wide variety of expenses that are a part of living in a modern world.

You don’t become wealthy by hating wealth. You don’t become more balanced in your personal energy by staging a rebellion against the physical realm. And you definitely don’t earn any karmic brownie points by bullying people who provide you with something of value into spending countless hours slaving away for you for free by laying guilt trips on them or assessing them as “evil” or “unenlightened.”

If you’re turning somebody else into a slave, expecting them to serve you for free, you’ve become a Custodian. Remember how into slavery they were?

We need to find ways to reinvent what it means to be alive in physical form and discover new ways of becoming fully engaged in creating cool things down here in the world of “3-D.”

At the same time, we need to keep stripping away programming, thought forms, and indoctrination that prevent us from understanding our spiritual natures and coming into our full power as sovereign energy beings.

On the shamanic path students are taught from the beginning of their training that they need to keep one foot in each world – one rooted firmly in the physical, one planted deeply in the spiritual realm.

While straddling the two, you can access a lot of power, a nuanced kind of energy that is balanced and controlled.

Personally I never want to lose the capacity to be flabbergasted with tears streaming down my cheeks whenever I’m presented with a natural marvel like the gorgeous double rainbow I saw last night.

At the same time, I continue to challenge myself and others to push the boundaries of human understanding so that we can map out the world of the metaphysical in a truer, more joyful, and more magical way than has come before.

We can do it. We each have tremendous innate wisdom. We just need to listen to it.

Psychopaths, It’s All in Your Brain

I’ve been receiving some comments on an earlier post I wrote about the dark ritual energies that seemed to accompany the new Batman: The Dark Knight movie. You can view what I had to say about this here: Batman Movie and Dark Satanic Energies.

Many of the comments have been intelligent and insightful. The ones I have deleted have invariably been from young, hostile men who are proud about how “manly” they are because they are unaffected by scenes of brutal, explicit violence. Their comments can best be summed up as: “Dude, it’s only a movie!”

In the April 24, 2007 issue of MIT’s Technology Review there is a fascinating article called What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Evil?

The article talks about how modern day psychiatrists and neuroscientists are learning a lot about psychopaths through studying brain imagery. The term “psychopath” has many definitions, but generally it’s a person who lacks empathy, compassion, fear, or remorse. Brain scientists are finding that the sections of the brain responsible for generating these normal emotional reactions appear to be “missing” from the brains of psychopathic people.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers in the United States, Germany, and elsewhere have started taking scans of the brains of psychopaths while the patients view horrific images, such as photographs of bloody stabbings, shootings, or evisceration. When normal people view these images, fMRI scans light up to indicate heavy brain activity in sections of the emotion-generating limbic system, primarily the amygdala, which is believed to generate feelings of empathy. But in psychopathic patients, these sections of the amygdala remain dark, showing greatly reduced activity or none at all. This phenomenon, known as limbic underactivation, may indicate that some of these people lack the ability to generate the basic emotions that keep primitive killer instincts in check.

The article does go on to say that not all psychopaths become killers. Some people whose limbic section of the brain is underactive head into the “heroic” professions and become firefighters, police officers, or fighter pilots.

That’s actually a little scary. Give the psychopaths all the guns and heavy artillery and hope that they don’t act out, even though their brains predispose them to be inhumanly desensitized to the suffering of other people.

What a superb idea.

I think before anyone runs for political office or is allowed to enter the military they should have a brain scan. It should be determined whether the person is able to feel compassion or empathy. If they are a psychopath, they are prevented from participating in either profession.

The Technology Review doesn’t go into detail about how these brain tests work, but basically what happens is that the person sits with electrodes attached to various sections of their brain and they are made to watch various images which are flashed before them. Innocuous images like cute animals, nature scenes, and cars are interspersed with photographs of brutal scenes like dead or mutilated bodies, war zones, and so forth.

In a “normal,” non-psychopathic brain, there is a huge spike of activity in the limbic center of the brain (the compassion and empathy center) whenever any of the horrific and violent images are shown. And when  pleasant pictures are flashed in front of them, there is no such spike in activity.

In a psychopathic person their brain activity remains level throughout. In other words, they have NO REACTION AT ALL when violent and bloody pictures of dead human bodies or mutilated animals are flashed in front of them. It’s just another day at the beach for them. They are unable to identify with the suffering of others and are blissfully unconcerned. At the anatomical level they are incapable of experiencing empathy.

We live in a culture where we have given permission for movies, TV shows, and other forms of media to constantly be flashing brutal images at us of people being mutilated, tortured, and killed. And this is supposed to be okay, and we’re all supposed to go around being “manly” and insist that these images don’t degrade us emotionally and reveal us to be sadistic animals.


Just yesterday I went to see what was happening at a liberal blog published by Arianna Huffington called the Huffington Post. Above the fold, filling the entire top and center of the screen, was a devastating photograph of an old woman crying as she stood next to another old woman, probably a close relative, who had been shot dead in the head and was lying on the ground in front of her.

Faces were not blurred. The spot where the bullet had penetrated the woman’s brain and left a blood trail was not obscured.

We were just forced to see this if we went to that blog.

You know, I get it, Huffington Post – there’s horrific violence escalating in the former Russian region of Georgia right now and civilians are being killed.

But I would feel just the same about it, knowing that it was terrible, if you hadn’t shown me that disrespectful and gory image of some poor woman being shot dead, leaving her family devastated and grieving.

That’s because I’m a human. Not a psychopath.


Psychopaths don’t. It doesn’t matter how violent the images, how gory the movie, or how brutal or disgusting the photos or movie scenes are.

The brain of a psychopath is not wired the way real, compassionate, functioning people’s brains are.

And we have allowed the abhorrent consciousness (or really, complete lack of consciousness) of the psychopath to dominate our culture, littering our media landscape with images too horrifying for a child to see. And if we’re honest with ourselves and we’re not playing “manly man” games, we know that they are too terrible for an adult not to be emotionally affected by, too.

And this is what we now celebrate in our movies and our media. Including in the Batman movie, which was one dark, ritualistic scene of gore after another.

Young, psychopathic men out there – you’re welcome to enjoy your scenes of brutality and your complete non-identification with the victims of violence depicted in those films. You’re welcome to continue claiming, “Dude, it’s just a movie!” while at the same time enjoying all those horrific images of REAL people dying and being mutilated each day in the news. Admit it. You get off on it.

Just don’t expect to get any air time at this blog. This blog is all about outlining the Custodial influence in human affairs.

And there are a lot of signs in the ancient texts about the Custodians that point to them being the true originators of the psychopathic brain sickness that many of their descendents have developed.

You cannot objectively view the actions of a being known as “Yaweh” or “Jehovah” in the Old Testament (who by the way, sounds exactly like the bloodthirsty and vindictive Marduk from the ancient Sumerian texts) and not identify this “god” as a complete psychopath.

We’ve been giving psychopaths too much respect, too much power, since day one.

And I say it’s time to end it. And if you can’t make a distinction between images that uplift the human race and inspire expansion of consciousness and imagery that degrades, abuses, and limits consciousness, well then –

You’re not just a psychopath.

You’re clinically stupid and not qualified to comment on the human condition in any way, shape or form.

New Invisibility & Cloaking Technology Revealed – Except It’s Not New

So when you’re trying to cloak an object and make it appear invisible, there are two steps to the process. First, you have to make the object invisible. Then you need to carefully blur the edges of the object. If you don’t mask the edges, the object will be noticeable as it moves around. You need to bend the light so the edges appear invisible or, at the very least, blurry. You need to make sure that the observer’s focus isn’t drawn to those edges or your “invisible” object just looks silly and attracts major attention.


In other words, you don’t want your invisible object to end up looking like this:

This is a personal photo which a man I know took some years ago of several poorly-cloaked ships he observed in the sky near his home in the MidWest. Whether they were extraterrestrial or military in origin, he didn’t know. But you can see how the ships are poorly masked. You can clearly see the crisp, outer edges of the ships.

If the light had been bent around the edges of the ships, as happens with proper cloaking, you would have simply thought that the cloud mass was broken up into chunks and it would have fooled your eyes more. You’d have seen cloud mass, then open space, then cloud mass, and you wouldn’t have realized that there were these objects in the middle of the clouds. Your eyes would have probably skipped over the dark parts.

Well, the military has been working with invisibility for a long time. The UK Times just released some information about the light bending aspects of this technology, which the article states are coming along quite nicely – but still only in the research stage, of course.  Ahem. Yeah, right.

Science Close to Unveiling Invisible Man

Some excerpts:

Invisibility devices, long the realm of science fiction and fantasy, have moved closer after scientists engineered a material that can bend visible light around objects. The breakthrough could lead to systems for rendering anything from people to large objects, such as tanks and ships, invisible to the eye – although this is still years off.

Xiang Zhang, the leader of the researchers, said: “In the case of invisibility cloaks or shields, the material would need to curve light waves completely around the object like a river flowing around a rock.” An observer looking at the cloaked object would then see light from behind it – making it seem to disappear.

Whenever the “discovery” of some intriguing and highly-advanced type of technology is announced in the news, you have to keep in mind that the real level of technology that has been perfected goes far beyond what is publically released.

Remember the Aurora plane? That was the “secret” hypersonic spy plane said to be capable of Mach 6 performance? People were seeing these strange, triangular shaped planes in the skies and the military was denying that they knew anything about them.

Then we learned that the US Air Force had developed a stealth bomber called the B2. So planes of this type were definitely being tested. Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine claimed that Aurora referred to an entire group of advanced aircraft products, not one plane in particular. This is a photo of a B2 plane.

It was in March of 1990 that Aviation Week broke the news that the term “Aurora” appeared in the 1985 U.S. budget. It was used in reference to an allocation of some $455 million dollars which was going to be used for Black aircraft production in the fiscal year 1987. Note that thie was for actual PRODUCTION of these planes, not research and development. So these planes were way past the R & D phase and gearing up for production.

Invisibility and cloaking technology have been around for a long time. About seven years ago I was shown this technology. Some subcontractors for the Army were bragging about it and trying to impress me, and they demonstrated it to me on a miniature model of an airplane. They were very pleased with themselves and considered their team to be very smart since they had mastered not just the invisibility aspect but more importantly the cloaking or masking of the edges of the object. As they explained to me, it took them a long time to get that part right, and until they did, the entire technology wasn’t yet viable. But after they mastered the light bending aspects of the technology, invisibility was good to go.

Now, it’s possible that this technology was perfected long before that. The entire spider’s nest of military, black operations, and alphabet soup agencies operate on a highly compartmentalized “need to know” basis, and so it’s rare that one person working in one office knows what anybody else is doing. I think the guys I spoke to genuinely thought they were the first to bring this technology through its full testing phases, and they were associated with the Army, who was doing the primary funding. Their actual team was a subcontracting group to a subcontracting group who contracted with the Army, at least that was the way they explained it to me.

I wasn’t very impressed with any of it, frankly.  I actually was a little embarrassed for them because holographic technology can do much more than what they showed me. I felt like these guys were well-intentioned types tinkering around in the garage while the REAL players and the REALLY advanced tech were being kept from them. Yet they were allowed to stumble along doing their little section of research and were told they were being good boys and girls. (There were female researchers there, too, although I spoke with men during this demonstration.)

So anyway, I have to laugh when the mainstream media takes something that is already a perfected, tried and true piece of “black operations” technology and try to present it to the masses as if the technology is POSSIBLE, at least theoretically, but certainly not viable yet.


Again, it’s all about control of perception, and manipulation of expectation.

If you’ve been told that invisibility technology doesn’t yet exist in any practical, usable form, you’re not going to question the strange things you sense in the sky.

Cloaking and invisibility don’t entirely mask sound, by the way, and neither do they mask atmospheric effects. So if you feel something rushing over you in the skies above, or you hear strange sonic booms or “thunder” without any storm nearby, QUESTION WHAT YOU PERCEIVE.  It’s likely to be a cloaked vehicle.

Whether it belongs to us, the ET’s, or a combination of the two is an entirely different question.

Drunvalo Melchizedek Meets Egyptian God Thoth in the Flesh

It’s 1972. You’ve been on a spiritual quest for some time, studying many traditions with different teachers. Today you’re working with an instructor who has been teaching you about alchemy. You’re sitting across from your teacher with your eyes open doing a meditation.

All of a sudden, your teacher disappears before your eyes and you see in his place an odd-looking man. He’s about five foot three and wearing simple clothing in an ancient Egyptian style. The man has gentle eyes and appears to be in his seventies.

This strange man communicates to you. He says that there are three missing atoms in the universe and he wants YOU to find them. Then he demonstrates in a mysterious vision exactly what he means. And then he disappears. Your alchemy teacher is sitting in front of you as if nothing happened. Your teacher didn’t see this strange Egyptian man or know that anything unusual was going on during the meditation.

Twelve years later this being reappears in your life. And now you discover that this is Thoth, a man who is thousands of years old. He tells you he was once a king in Atlantis and is a very advanced soul who had reached “ascension.” But instead of ascending to another reality, he and a small group of others like him decided to stay behind and to remain on Earth until humanity reached a certain level of consciousness. In ancient Egypt he was known as the god Thoth, who taught humanity many important things, including the art of writing.

You continue to have interactions with Thoth until 1991, when Thoth says humanity finally reached that desired level of consciousness. After that, Thoth disappears, supposedly ascending to a higher dimension.

If you are Drunvalo Melchizedek, this is your life.

Drunvalo (born Bernard Perona) is a metaphysical teacher best known for his Flower of Life workshops. These workshops employ a system of meditation and imagery that supposedly activates a sacred geometrical form called the “merkaba” around the aura of the body. This merkaba field is said to do a lot of wonderful things – enabling you to travel comfortably between dimensions, regenerate health, and more.

And Drunvalo says this merkaba meditation was taught to him by an advanced being named Thoth, the same being he met through the circumstances described above.

The description of how Drunvalo first became involved with Thoth was provided by one of Drunvalo’s students, a man name Bob Frissell. Frissell is a rebirther, a Flower of Life teacher, and an author. Find out more about Frissell here:

Drunvalo has released books and DVD’s, and his latest book was published in January 2008. It’s called Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012.It describes various mysterious healings Drunvalo has done with indigenous elders from around world, many of them designed to awaken the Earth’s “kundalini.”

If we go back into Drunvalo’s history a little, long before he encountered Thoth, he had befriended other mysterious, otherworldly beings.

For a while Drunvalo and his then wife were seriously studying Hinduism. Shortly thereafter the following happened:(from his bio here: Drunvalo’s Bio)

Then, one day, after practicing meditation for about four or five months, two tall angels about ten feet high appeared in our room! They were right there. One was green and one was purple. We could see through their transparent bodies, but they were definitely there. We did not expect this appearance to take place. . . From that moment on, my life was never the same. It wasn’t even close.

The first words the angels said were, “We are you.” I had no idea what they meant. I said, “You’re me?” Then, slowly they began to teach me various things about myself and the world, and about the nature of consciousness … until finally my heart just completely opened to them. I could feel tremendous love from them which totally changed my life.

These angels seemed to be rather bossy.

Over a period of many years, they led me to about seventy different teachers. They would actually tell me the address and the phone number of the teacher I was to go see. They would tell me either to call first or just show up at his or her house. So I would do this — and it would always be the right person! Then I would be instructed to stay with that person for a certain length of time.

Drunvalo seems to have been very good at taking orders from these beings. No wonder they kept him so busy with various projects. He never objected to being bossed around.

Now, I personally have little experience with Drunvalo’s work except I briefly viewed one of his Flower of Life videos back in the 90’s, plus I’ve read a couple of Bob Frissell’s books which describe a lot of Drunvalo (and Thoth’s) teachings. The video seemed to show a sincere man, Drunvalo, who was doing his best to describe what he obviously felt was a very important metaphysical concept – teaching people how to activate their own merkaba field. I didn’t really resonate with it, and I soon returned the video to the friend who had loaned it to me.

The Bob Frissell books offer a pretty standard New Age hodge podge of discussions of ancient Atlantis, coming Earth changes, and the transition of humanity into a higher level of consciousness. You find that in a lot of New Age literature.

But the stuff I find the most interesting in Frissell’s writing are his explanations of just what is going on with Drunvalo.

From You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience:

Drunvalo’s second name is the name for a special class of beings who have attained the ability to move freely throughout the 144 different worlds or dimensions of reality that make up our “octave” – our region of the universe.

He goes on to say that when a person becomes a Melchizedek, they’re faced with a choice. Either they can leave this part of the universe and enter into a thirteenth dimension where everything is very different, or they can remain in this “octave” and serve as a troubleshooter or helper. Drunvalo supposedly made the decision to stick around and be a troubleshooter for humanity.

In order to fulfill his mission it was necessary for Drunvalo to take the form of an ordinary mature human being and to live his life among us without the appearance of being a magical or supernatural entity. It was necessary that he really be an ordinary person in order to communicate most successfully with as many of us as possible. . . As a matter of fact, he actually is an ordinary human being at the same time that he is a Melchizedek.

How can this be so?

This is because Drunvalo is what we call a “walk-in.” A walk-in is a being from a higher dimensional reality who has made a benevolent arrangement with an ordinary human being so that he can occupy a human body and personality in order to fulfill his task. Drunvalo “walked in” April of 1972. The person whose body he now occupies agreed to pass on, in exchange for which his spiritual evolution was sped up and enhanced.

Invasion of the Custodial body snatchers, anyone?

The “walk-in” concept was very popular in the 80’s, but you don’t hear quite as many New Agers talking about it now. The whole idea is a pretty nasty one. The idea that a human would knowingly give up a body and allow another entity to take it over, allegedly for spiritual reasons, sounds like a load of bunk.

And many of these self-proclaimed walk-ins become teachers with a decent-sized following, who become enamored with the “higher energies” and “advanced spiritual nature” of the walk-in.

Why would an advanced being hijack another person’s body? Doesn’t sound very “advanced” to me. This isn’t even a case of “channeling,” where an entity plugs into a person’s voice and speaks through them. A walk-in involves a total personality erasure and a complete body hijacking.

So with Drunvalo Melchizedek we have a few classic Custodial scenarios playing out.

First, there is a mysterious transition from a man formerly known as Bernard Perona to a new persona that is supposed to be in touch with ascended masters and advanced metaphysical teachings.

Second, we have a history of this person getting the bulk of his guidance from three mysterious characters – the “green” and the “purple” angels who appeared to him after he began practicing a Hindu form of meditation, and an immortal, ancient “ascended” master who has hung around since ancient times and is known as Thoth teaching him, too.


This Thoth character does indeed go back a long way. If you return to the ancient Sumerian texts, many scholars believe his equivalent in the Sumerian pantheon of gods was a being known as Ningishzidda. In ancient Greece, this same being was called Hermes. In Roman times, he was Mercury.

This guy sure got around.

The story of Drunvalo and his Flower of Life movement is fascinating because it’s one of the few situations where we have a metaphysical teacher who claims to have been in close, physical contact with an actual Custodian from ancient times, and he derived a large portion of his teachings from this very same being over the course of almost 7 years.

When you look closely at the Flower of Life material, the main theme of it is that humanity supposedly needs to learn how to erect a merkaba field around the body so that we can ascend to another dimension.

The need for ascension is all tied up in beliefs that the earth (and/or humanity) are ascending in consciousness from a third dimensional state of awareness to a fourth dimensional one.

And apparently, according to Drunvalo (and Thoth) humans need to create this energy vehicle which will allow them to make this transition peacefully.

Like many New Age traditions, the Flower of Life/merkaba teachings are bound up in escapism. It’s not really that different from belief systems that tell adherents to prepare for the spaceships to come and rescue them, or even the traditional belief that a few divinely chosen “elect” will be taken from the Earth during a coming Apocalyptic time of Tribulation.

Why are we always so willing to run off with the Custodians and their ships or their light vehicles?

And shouldn’t we question teachings that arise from someone whose body has been hijacked by an outside entity and forced to become a “walk-in?”

If an advanced being really wanted to come down and teach humanity some cool stuff, he wouldn’t need a body to do so. He could hang out in the etheric and inspire people to create wonderful things like an angel or a muse. Or he could probably put in some dramatic appearances in “3-D” as advanced beings like Jesus and Mother Mary may have done.

Somehow, I don’t see Jesus coming down and saying, “Guess what, bub, I’m going to need your body for a while so I can talk to some people.”

“Uh, okay – for how long?”

“Well, bub, do you want the bad news or the good news first?”

“I’ll take the good news.”

“The good news is that when I take your body I’m going to use it to help a great many people, and this will really benefit humanity.”

“Okay. What’s the bad news.”

“The bad news is that you’re outta here, bub. Sorry! Have a nice afterlife!”