Clarification of Terms – Good, Evil, Etc.

I realized after rereading my last posts that I should probably clarify what I mean by words like “good” or “evil” or “Satan,” “Satanic,” etc.

At the heart of the Custodial mystery lies the issue of the hijacking of the human soul. The Custodians seem really good at this. Humanity is allegedly their physical creation, the byproduct of a mixture of their own DNA with more apelike humanoids who were already living on the planet. And they supposedly taught us many things such as agriculture, architecture, engineering, music, astrology/astronomy, and more. Many things the Custodians did would seem to be “positive” in the sense that they allowed us to advance our knowledge and grow in skills.

So there were some supposedly friendly Custodial beings who were more interested in empowering humanity with information. But there were also more restrictive, draconian, and controlling Custodians.

In the Sumerian texts this conflict was expressed through Enlil and Enki, two brothers who came down with the other Custodians from a planet called Nibiru. The entire group was said to be the creators of humans in their current form.

Enki was always trying to give us stuff and encourage us. Enlil was much more guarded in his affection for humanity and treated us a bit like a bastard stepchild. He tended to get angry at us all the time and treat us like slaves or meat – in other words, he was hardly a loving father figure. (Traces of the hard to please Jehovah, anyone?)

But nowhere along the way was the average human given clear, easy-to-understand, simple to apply techniques for accessing or enhancing the spiritual side of his nature. Oh, sure, you had the ancient mystery schools, most of them originated by Custodial beings (Thoth, Diana, and the other mystery cults.) But they all operated from the vantage point that metaphysical information about mankind’s spiritual nature should be withheld from the masses.

Why? So as to better enslave them.

If the average human was caught up in constant physical toil and hard work, spending every minute focused on mere survival, and he lacked any schooling in understanding what happens after the body dies, then he would never learn how to LEAVE this prison planet and regain his home amongst the other spiritual energy beings he originated from.

Because a human is not just a physical self. He is a spiritual self as well.

The Custodians have always exerted extreme control over the flow of information about the nature of the human soul and the unfolding of psychic gifts. Developing our psychic gifts is important, because they allow us to perceive the higher dimensions and orient ourselves towards a nonphysical “home.”

And the Custodians put many gatekeepers in place in the form of priests and priestesses who heavily policed all spiritual practices, creating mindless rituals (and often bloody ones – see the human sacrifice traditions of the Aztecs and the Mayans) for the masses without ever explaining what these practices were supposed to accomplish.

Those who didn’t follow religious tradition were often punished, and they still are today – especially if they dare to ask questions like “Why are we pretending to eat Jesus’ flesh and drink his blood again?” “Why is God referred to as ‘they’ in Genesis instead of ‘he?” “And who are the Elohim, the Watchers, the giants, and the other mysterious beings alluded to in the old texts?”

Don’t ask questions – you’ll get burned at the stake.

At the darkest heart of many Custodial traditions is the repression of human knowledge, the hijacking of humanity’s inherent spirit of inquiry and experimentation, and a horrible, systemic form of mind control that fools humans into forgetting that they are spiritually sovereign beings first (i.e. owned by no one, self-contained and autonomous) – and physical bodies second.

And that’s what I have a problem with. And that’s why this Custodial Smackdown blog was created.

Whether you believe in a fallen angel named Lucifer, or a being named Satan, there are a lot of very dark, vicious, and “anti-soul” practices woven into many Custodial beliefs and practices.

I sometimes lump these into the category of being “Satanic” or “evil” because to me they are an incredible perversion, unbelievably nasty tools for enslavement.

No sane being based in anything approaching love would purposefully force eternal, immortal, and limitless energy beings into physical bodies – bodies that experience incredible pain and limitation, and which quickly decay and die.

No sane being that is loving would at the same time PURPOSEFULLY WITHHOLD information about these energy beings’ true nature from them and encourage or cause complete spiritual amnesia for them, dooming them to continual reincarnation and disorientation between lifetimes.

Something very bad has been happening to humanity almost since day one of our creation.

And our “creators” have a lot to answer for.

For purposes of future discussion here, please know that while I continue to explore the idea of an actual being called Satan or Lucifer existing (and indeed, he may be one of the Custodians,) when I talk about something being Satanic, evil, or dark, I’m usually talking about conditioning or practices that are anti-freedom, anti-growth, and spiritually enslaving.

In other words, Satanic practices move us into alignment with the most materialistic, chaotic, “anti-life” and base energies – the complete opposite pole from energies of expansion, self-awareness, and personal growth.

The challenge we face living down here is to recognize when something or someone we’re plugging into is pulling us in the wrong direction. It all comes down to a litmus test of “Does this enrich my intelligence, expand my capacities to feel love and experience awareness?” or “Does this dull my wits, drain me of joy and love, and magnetize me to energies of chaos, hatred, and despair?”

It’s by aiming ourselves at one and doing our best to avoid the influences of the other that true progress can be made!

And that’s what the intention is for this blog – to help provide some potential blueprints on how to do this effectively, bypassing the pitfalls and traps that the Custodians have laid for us.

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