Why Communion is a Satanic Ritual

I’m a big fan of the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. Although no doubt this great man’s words were heavily altered, and indeed, the real guy may have been very little like we read about in the Gospels, there is something so loving and powerful about his energy. It shines right through those dusty pages and speaks to the heart, somehow. It makes you really wish you had been around when he walked the Earth, so you could see and sense firsthand what was going on with this incredible teacher.

The problem as I see it is all the crap that has been overlaid his material since he left us. He never intended for there to be a draconian, bloodthirsty organization forcing worship of him as a divine being on millions of people around the world. Crusades? Inquisitions? Crucifixions? That’s the consciousness of the Custodians, who were worshipped in ancient Rome and ancient Greece (and Egypt, Babylonia, India, China – you name it.) That doesn’t seem to be about him or what he taught – it was the influence of the Custodians trying to hijack the real teachings of Jesus, which were pretty much all about love, kindness, and altruism.

Well, the Custodians didn’t want any of that!

So they added some really nasty stuff into the equation. Now followers of Jesus were supposed to regularly engage in a mystical ritual whereby they emulated DRINKING HIS BLOOD and EATING HIS FLESH.

It’s called Communion. And at Communion you eat a piece of bread and drink a small vial of grape juice or wine and you’re supposed to pretend you’re eating Jesus.


Hmm. Satanism, anyone? Vampires? Hello!


Amitakh Stanford is a controversial writer who has some interesting ideas at her website, Xeeatwelve.com. Some of it veers into territory that seems classically Custodial – especially when she talks about how there are only a certain amount of “viable beings” left on the planet and how they are all going to be “rescued” soon (shades of that tried and true Apocalyptic nonsense that is a main feature of all Custodial teachings.)

But I do like what she has to say in this article from July 16:

Regardless of what explanations the Church gives about the Eucharist, the Church has erred and made a mockery of Christ and the True God. Jesus did not want anything resembling the Eucharist, symbolic or otherwise. The whole ritual of symbolically eating the flesh of Jesus is cannibalistic, and horribly offensive to the True Light. The vampiric ritual of drinking the blood of Jesus is repulsively demonic. Only a ghoul would favour such sickening rituals. Only the Anti-Christ would want others to mock Jesus in such a way, week-after-week in “holy” communion. Only the bloodthirsty ghoul who pretends to be a loving god would instigate and spread such gory rituals to contaminate the innocence of “children”, whilst simultaneously rewarding the overt demons with the putrid “pleasures” of the Eucharist. It is no wonder that some people express such love for the Eucharist because they feel empowered by devouring the flesh of Jesus and quaffing His blood.

Entire article here: The Personal Devil

Why indeed would any rational person knowingly engage in ritual blood drinking and flesh eating as part of their faith?

Do just a tiny bit of research into Satanism and it’s all about ritual sacrifice of the body, preferably of someone young, virgin, and pure.


Can we say, the Custodians strike again?

They took a sincere desire in people to honor the man and spirit of Jesus and warped it by inserting a perverse practice that only degrades spiritual energy, instead of uplifting it.

If Jesus actually said “Eat of this bread, it is my body” or “Drink of this wine, it is my blood,” I’ll eat my hat!

A spiritual master would never urge his followers to do that.

Sounds like something that was added at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. They were the ones who removed all references to reincarnation from Jesus’s speeches in the Bible. If they could remove that and effectively banish the idea of reincarnation forever from the Christian faith, what other concepts were removed or inserted?

Things that make you go “Hmmmmm. . . .I smell a Custodian around here.”


28 Responses

  1. I was reading this article and was thinking I was incredibly agreeing with what you wrote, and then I saw the link to Xee-A Twelve. I just want to say hello! There aren’t a lot of people who are really dedicated to truth.


  2. Yes Christianity and Judaism as practisized today are actually pagan religions and they lost their devine character.
    As you can see all religions but Islam have been changed and lost their original character. This is why God then sent Islam and Quran to us, correcting all the nondevine changes.
    Don’t think I am saying this to make propaganda of Islam.
    Just search the internet for people converted to Islam because of these facts.
    Read the Quran and you will see that it is from the creator of all the universes and races on earth and other planets.
    You wont find anything inconsistent with logic and science.
    Give Qur’an a chance, you risk nothing, it is just a book..
    There are many sites with proper English translation of Quran: hier you can find many of them:

    • Islam is satan worship in its purist form. Muhammad was a child-molesting bloodthirsty liar and thief. There’s nothing more to know about Islam.

    • Who are you kidding? Islam is man made. Islam is garbage. Islam is a slavery religion and dont tell this to people that can read. Caliph UTHMAN not only changed the quran, he burned the originals. So dont lie to people islam is anything then a product of a evil purvert mohhamed.

    • No honey. The devil will not change what is his already. Islam is Satanic. Christianity is tampered with by the devil as doctrines of demons because it is the truth. I even hate using the term “Christianity”. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but the Most High does not delay. He’s not gonna send His truth generations later….

  3. Lol…!

  4. Well put. Personally, I think it’s up for debate as to whether this Jesus character ever existed. But it is very clear that if he ever did he was absolutely nothing of the sort as portrayed in the most gory book (next to the Qu’ran) in the world – The Bible. No one should ever be worshiped nor claim themselves divine. We are all equal inw hat we can achieve and none or us are more of less important than the other.

    It bugs me when I see culture after culture bowing down to some psychopathic God or Gods… take the Mayans or the Incas for example – people today have some sort of sentimental attitude toward those ‘great cultures’ of the past who were peaceful and understood human evolution because of their great astronomical knowledge blah blah blah. NO, they were sacrificing men, woman, and especially children on a regular basis. And why? Well to appease their Gods of course. Gods my ass. There are no Gods in my eyes and never will be. They can bow down and kiss my ass. To hell with giving our power away and believing that we are small.

    • Not true some are awake and know the truth, most are blinded by man made religion. People are not created equal. Actually everyone is different just look at fingerprints.

  5. Wow there’s quite an array of ideas on the table and I will kick in one more. I agree that the practices of the modern church are completely pagan in their origin. I agree that human sacrifice, under any circumstances is wrong and that the perverse satanic and mayan ritual are disgusting. I agree that from shear amount of violence the Bible is the most gory book in the world, followed closely by the Qu’ran. But…. what’s wrong with a little snack time in the middle of church?

    Every religion on earth teaches the same thing – God is big and you are little. God is holy and you are not. God needs to be worshiped and you need to be the one to do it. And God needs sacrifices… yours.

    Disregarding the fact that the Bible has more manuscript authority that Hamlet does, lets assume that through the years, despite the changes and alterations, that at least the central themes of Christianity remain intact. With this assumption, this is what the Bible says.

    God is a perfect God and requires all things that come into contact with His holiness to become perfect. But God is also a loving God and He wants to be with people. Since people are not perfect, He institutes a law and sacrificial system which temporarily makes people holy enough to hang with God. So far this sounds like every other religion. Here’s where is swings. Since there was no permanent cure to mankind’s unholiness God visits earth as a man – not God. He lives his life as a man and never breaks the law. He makes a bunch of friends and loves a bunch of people and upsets the religious leaders in the process. They accuse him of breaking the law and crucify him. But why does any of this matter? And what does it have to do with communion?

    Well, I’m assuming that if you’ve read this far it’s because you’re interested in having a logical discussion about all of this. According to Hebraic law a male lamb without spot or blemish was the temporary cure for unholiness. The bible claims that Jesus was a man without spot or blemish who was unjustly killed for sins he didn’t commit. This, according to Christians, unraveled the whole law since the point of the law was to bring justice and hence Christians believe that they find salvation in Jesus’ death.

    Here’s where the communion part fits in. Unlike religions that require you to bring a sacrifice to God, Christianity teaches that God brought a sacrifice to you – all you have to do it receive it, hence the bread and juice. Further, Jesus taught his students that they would have to participate in his death to sin. This is only symbolism, not cannibalism – the wine doesn’t become real blood nor does the bread become flesh… that was a pagan practice introduced into the catholic church in the 8th and 9th centuries.

    But hey, what do I know. Maybe Justdoit8 is right there isn’t a God…. just people struggling to invent meaning for their pitiful little lives. Or maybe Justdoit8 is wrong and is missing out on something beautiful.

    Just watch the video

  6. I’m not saying there is no God. I’m saying that God is inside of you, in each and every single thing that has consciousness. Religion is twisted, there are no ifs or buts about it. It’s severely twisted. What ego maniac creates something only to demand that it’s creations worship it. Well…. if all I am is a creation of an ego maniac then please end my being right now… because that is just a pathetic existence.

    Read the Bible through and through, and see how bloodthirsty and psychopathic Mr Jehovah really is. Read the Qur’an while you’re at it.
    People seem to like to ignore the ‘bad’ things in the Old Testament such as:

    I kill … I wound …
    I will make my arrows
    drunk with blood,
    and my sword shall devour flesh.
    —Deuteronomy 32.39-42

    Yes, how loving and forgiving this God is. And wait… he continually seems to enjoy the smell of burning flesh and insinuates that he likes to eat it. Hmmm.

    Anyways, I urge people to seriously do their research when it comes to the Bible, and see where it stems from. From a very good historical perspective on the greatest story and lie ever told, visit http://www.jesusneverexisted.com

    I also recommend that people read William Bramley’s ‘Gods of Eden’ for an alternative perspective on who the real Jesus may have been… and nothing like the Jesus in the New Testament… but someone who like any other truth seeker, was trying to shine a light in the darkness. Instead, the darkness twisted his words.

    Oh, and for those who’d like a very good overview of the nasty things ‘God’ says in the Bible, visit:



    Worship no one. For anything that demands your worship is demanding your energy, because it is a parasite and cannot live without YOU.

    True love demands no worship. It demands nothing. It demands than you be who you are and search for the truth in all things. No matter how much you hate to face it. The truth can hurt a lot, and it challenges us to challenge ourselves. Everything is within. There are no tools outside of ourselves that we need.

    We were created with everything. So why do people continually feel the need to be re-assured by third parties outside of themselves?

    YOU are your greatest teacher…..

  7. Lord save us from religion!

  8. the koran is a statanic book, it clearly states that the moon god
    another name for satan is also known as allah. it hasn’t changed
    it still says kill the infedel….

    the only good muslim and jew is a dead one

    • To curse the Jewish people is to receive the curse of God himself.
      Jesus Christ Himself was a Jew.
      All 12 apostles were Jews
      The first 3000 people saved at the far of Pentecost were Jews
      The apostle Paul was a Jew.
      Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Caleb, Gideon, Samson, Samuel, David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel…All Jews.

      God used Jews to pen The Old Testament, God used Jews to pen The New Testament.

      All of the Old Testament prophets, kings, priests and judges were JEWS.

      This is who you curse in your ignorance. I suggest you read you Bible and see what GOD Himself has to say about your position.

  9. I am trying to come back to the teachings of God and Christ after a sojourn into other spirituality. I do believe what a lot of people say: That if you come to God (God Almighty the creator of everything) and Christ (the son of God) in good faith, you will be given the discernment you need to sort out the corruption of the Bible, but I further believe that your discernment will be based on your level of acceptance of things in your life overall. And, if your development of intuition (which contains a great deal of wisdom) is lacking, then you are going to be lacking in discernment skills.

    When I came upon the ritual sacrifice involving human flesh and blood regarding Christ in the Bible, I definitely had an alarm go off. There is no doubt in my mind that that was a satanic substitution. I also feel that the word “fear” was substituted for the word “love” in the Bible, as far as God is concerned. God is not about fear, but about love. It is satanism that allies itself with fear.

    I further feel that there is corruption in every aspect of religion and established spirituality, so everyone needs to discern to the best of their abilities in any path they choose.

    With regard to God being about love: I once had a profound experience in which I was filled with the love of God. I was not a Christian at the time. It brought me to my knees, and tears poured out of my eyes. I have no words to explain it really. God’s love is beyond our wildest dreams or imagination. There really is nothing that comes close to it among humanity on this earth. There is no comparison The love that we as humanity experience is so very tiny in comparison, and when people speak of unconditional love, they have no idea what it really is because God’s unconditional Love is of the great ALL that is. To encompass that kind of love would require us to change drastically in all aspects, including the physical.

    So, there is no way that God required any one to “fear” him as is stated in the Bible. That is an outright lie. There are many evil beings among us that feed off of human fear as they would a drug, and what better way than to produce fear in people than to substitute the word “fear” for “love” in a holy book.

    I don’t buy the flesh and blood sacrifice at all either. I think that is another implant put into the Bible. And I think if you believe it is OK, then you are asleep in other areas of your life and also entrapped in the need to go along with others and popular beliefs. There is nothing holy about blood sacrifices.

    I believe what was done is that something that had some merit was over-layed with something that doesn’t have any merit, making it ineffective. When I was a disciple of a guru for a while I did have a particular type of experience.

    [I am going to interject here that though this guru had a good deal of light and love, and was enlightened, he, none the less had issues. I did not fall prey to his issues, but he did have issues that others did fall prey to. That’s why purity is so important as a person grows in light. People fall prey to the issues of others, if they have issues themselves, or if they are un-awake. Thus, good begets good, and bad begets bad. I think that is why I have come back to God (in a pure form) and Jesus (the son of God, who did not have issues because of his purity in form), even if there is corruption in the Bible. With faith I believe you can overcome it, but it will be a journey to purify yourself and awaken yourself. But even with the guru’s issues, the level of light he had attained did protect those within his circle.]

    OK, one of the good things I did realize from that guru is that when he was in a pure state, if any of us disciples ate or drank anything from his table, we became enlightened for a brief period. Just a little hard candy wrapped up or any little bit would bring light of a great magnitude to us from him.

    So, I think that food and drink from the table of Jesus would bring light and love, and even temporary enlightenment, to those who partook of it, which would help them on their spiritual journey. This would also purify and provide protection also.

    I don’t think that most people realize that every aspect of spirituality has been tainted by opposing forces. That’s been their job over the centuries, so it is our job to sort it out.

  10. clearly u have no idea what you are talking about.
    ther is no sense to even say anything. Does not metter how good one is at explaining things, one ca not explain the colors to a blind man

  11. I think the whole christian religion was not highjacked,something that is made up cannot be highjacked.

    I think there may have been a man named jesus,he was perhaps a philospher or a teacher,a rabbi….thats it.

    He’s not coming back because he was a man and cannot.

    What good god would want you to eat flesh and drink blood.Why are there streets of gold in heaven,if gold is fleeting on earth and has no value,is so materialistic but in heaven will be everywhere??

    Why did god drown pregant woman in the great flood,but didnt kill satan???Sounds like a sadist to me,drinking blood and eating someone’s body,drowing pregant woman and sacrificing your own son.Um yeah….

    I have some ocean front property in arizona for you.

    Christianity is a cult,just like all the other religions,you get them very young in church,and give them the gangster sermon that if you dont believe you are going to burn in hell.

    Love me or burn in hell???Telling 4 year olds that is child abuse.

    All religion causes the suffering in the world.

    • He might be already here if he’s reincarnated But don’t fooled by the antichrist.

      • P.S. This post is old so hopefully you’re a little more aware of the truth. the Bible has been misinterpreted for your enslavement

  12. only if you are chosen to understand the wisdom behind the action… will u understand and accept and believe this gift of his body and blood. But i believe god is in all of us so let us not judge things we really do not understand. Tryin to understand god is like digging a hole at the beach and trying to get the ocean in that little hole….

  13. The Eucharist is indeed Satanic. I had serious issues with this practice because we as humans possess an innate revulsion against eating flesh and drinking blood. It is against our natures, and that alone makes the Eucharist’s “divine origin” suspect. Moreover, these Catholic Sacraments have never made the world better, but rather worse. When the Eucharist and its sacraments were in full career (and before their invalidation through Vatican II) the Catholic world was no better than ours; and even a bit more sinister. There were wars, persecutions, slaughters, and no intellectual freedom flourished outside the Church without it being in some danger of the accusation of heresy. The presence of “Christ” in the Eucharist didn’t assuage the wickedness of the men who lived then, but rather seemed to amplify it.

    I thought about this and other related matters until I finally concluded that the “essence” these Catholics were imbibing wasn’t that of God, but of a devil; a satan, if you will; which is a title, NOT a name. There is more than one satan in the spiritual world and many of them are at war with one another. People do not understand this because their view of the spirit world is entirely mistaken and misinformed. Otherwise, what a better way to trick people into taking a satanic essence within themselves, than to pass this vile ceremony off as holy! It is not the first time the Dark Side has played this trick.

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  15. Communion is a picture of what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary. The bread is SYMBOLIC, to remind us of His suffering. The cup is SYMBOLIC, to remind us of His shed blood. These things were given for our remembrance.

    Secondly, there is a big difference between Catholicism, and Christianity. The Catholic church was behind the Inquisition, the Crusades, and also the murder of Christians around the world.

    Before you write about a subject you should study it in depth, otherwise you will, as in this article, present falsehoods instead of fact. The claims that I have laid forth here are common knowledge to anyone who has studied this subject.

  16. Jesus Christ is a dirty fucking jew himself.

  17. Mate, you got this wrong.
    You disqualify your whole argument within the first paragraph.
    You say that we do not know what the words were because of corruption (paraphrase) without presenting any alternative to the point nor taking in to consideration that Bible translators have more than 5000 manuscripts from where they get the canon and that these manuscripts date within 100years of the events therefore:
    To go and put words into someone’s mouth is very dishonest or even worse to say that someone did not say something if the evidence points to that they did.

    Jesus himself said that we need to eat his flesh and drink his blood and he used symbolic grammar.

    Furthermore to tie this in to crusades and inquisitions etc is to be more dishonest.
    One never judge a philosophy according to the abuse of that philosophy but to the core foundation of it’s argument.
    Jesus made it very clear that his kingdom is not built by violence.
    But here you agree but I need to ask why?
    Why would you agree that Jesus was peaceful?
    What is your evidence that he was?
    If you dare use any scriptural evidence for this view on Christ then you once again stand on the stump that you cut down within your first argument.

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