It’s Time for a Custodial Smackdown

Hi everybody. Welcome to this blog, Custodial Smackdown.

Why have I seen the need for yet another blog?

I’m certainly nobody special. But more and more I feel a need to expose authentic information about the beings that are often called the Custodians. This is a term used in William Bramley’s excellent book, The Gods of Eden. He uses it to refer to the questionable beings –  extraterrestrial or interdimensional in origin – who appear to be at the bottom of much human strife and suffering. They are custodial in the sense that early in mankind’s appearance on this planet, these beings claimed ownership of us.

Whether they really created our physical forms remains to be seen. Even if they did, they do not own the spiritual aspect of our nature. Yet they seem highly motivated to induce a kind of spiritual amnesia in us, so we forget our unique power as spiritual beings or energy beings and become more and more bound in the world of matter.  Hence the creation of all the world’s religions, which almost always contain elements of Custodial worship.

Here are some of the problems I see right now with humanity and our relationship with the Custodians.

1)   Humanity has confused the idea of honoring “god” (an eternal, divine consciousness of intelligence, order and love) with a misguided addiction to a group of dysfunctional, warlike beings it has come to view as “gods.” Sometimes monotheistic (one god) religions which attempt to express reverence for the divine are still caught up worshipping one of these ancient Custodial beings. So even when we’re raising our hearts and minds in sincere prayer, too often we’re invoking that bloodthirsty maniac Jehovah, or Allah, beings who are part of that same group of wacko Custodians that have been enslaving humanity for centuries. Even the “Amen” which is commonly used at the end of a prayer is an homage to an ancient custodial god, Amon. Almost every spiritual activity humans engage in has been infiltrated by an allegiance to Custodial energies.

2) If we begin walking the path away from these false gods, things get complicated. We’re thwarted on every side by mystic and gurus speaking with “ascended masters,” (Custodians) “guides” (often Custodians masquerading as advanced spiritual beings,) and/or “the higher self.” (Although we each have our own spiritual connection to Source, it doesn’t exist outside of us – that’s the realm where manipulation and deception happens, when we’re reaching out to something external for solutions to our problems.)

3) Discernment on the spiritual path is challenging. Genuine perception of the truth, often through extrasensory abilities or psychic senses, is rarely shared because there is so much taboo around talking about psychic perceptions. And since many observations and insights come in the form of lucid dreams or astral experiences (originating in a realm where the Custodians are master manipulators,) it’s important to be comparing notes.  We can’t hope to break free of the illusions and false teachings of these ancient manipulators if we don’t share and exchange ideas. 

4) Psychic possession appears to be real, a byproduct of Custodial energies becoming parasites and attaching themselves to genuine spiritual seekers. So many people we turn to for spiritual guidance end up being compromised themselves as they take yet another Reiki initiation, become indoctrinated into yet another yoga or martial arts system, or study with yet another healer/guru who is compromised by parasitical, mind controlling entities themselves.

5) The tools we need to stay clear of these lying, manipulative entities seem to involve using the heart and the psyche to discern the truth – yet even the heart and the psyche can be manipulated. Cult leaders and cultish organizations often give new members a “love blast,” beaming so much warmth and positive energy at the person that they misread the energies of the group as being positive. Later on they see how the cult’s leadership is compromised with custodial entities, and by then it can be difficult to break free and find wholeness again. So there are lot of stumbling blocks on the path to get information and find fellow seekers to talk to who aren’t themselves compromised.

6) The dark government/black brotherhood appears to be alive and well and working with Custodial presences here on Earth. People who attempt to unearth tools and techniques to free the human spirit from limitation too often become targets of street theater, harassment by very real government and quasi-governmental/military agencies. And they also frequently find themselves locked out of jobs or financial advancement due to the dark brotherhoods who are in charge of many of society’s structures – the corrupt power brokers that punish people who call them on the Custodial energies they are linked into.  So day to day life can be difficult as you seek clarity and truth, because who wants to deal with personal, psychic, and financial harassment?

7) Sincere seekers are pitted against each other. Webmasters often refuse to link to each other unless they share the exact same worldview, and since piecing together a coherent worldview is complicated on this path, two people will rarely see things the same way. And yet instead of supporting each other there is a lot of petty infighting and attack that goes on. Also, negative entities can target people who were formerly friends, causing temporary psychic possession or attack for one or both people, which can split allies apart when they should be working together to overcome the darkness.

We need to break free of this spiderweb of Custodial garbage that has wormed its way into our societies, religions, and family traditions.

That’s what this blog is about – pointing fingers at Custodial stuff, providing first hand experiences about Custodial energies and how to overcome them, and stirring up a dialogue to lead us out of Custodial enslavement and into a reality of much greater empowerment and personal and spiritual strength.

We’re very powerful beings, you know.

That’s what the Custodians are afraid of.

And that’s why they always hit hard when they feel that someone is exposing them too much.

I say it’s time for some payback.

Time for a Custodial smackdown.

3 Responses

  1. Found your blog on a mind control forum. Look forward to reading more of what you have to say especially about what we can do to avoid custodial control.


  2. Found your blog via Splinter In The Mind and will be linking you under “Blogs We Love” at!

  3. This blog is very good. Im glad I found it somehow.
    Peace unity love strength mercy death and sex. Them last two was a joke haha.

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