Sacred Contracts – Why You Should Tear Them Up and Demand a New Lawyer

Carolyn Myss is a popular author, teacher and medical intuitive who is probably best known for two bestselling books: Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts.

Anatomy of the Spirit is about understanding the seven “chakras” or energy centers of the body, as outlined in the Hindu traditions. But Myss puts her own spin on them and teaches readers how to use these energy centers to experience healing and personal power.

In Sacred Contracts she alleges the following:

“In short, a Sacred Contract is an agreement your soul makes before you are born,” Myss explains. “You promise to do certain things for yourself, for others, and for divine purposes. Part of the Contract requires that you discover what you are meant to do.”

These various sacred contracts are broken down into various archetypes like the Avenger, the Trickster, the Networker, or the Prostitute. And Myss teaches readers how to understand which contract they supposedly agreed to adhere to before they were born and encourages them to follow the energies of these archetypes and express them to fulfill their life purpose.

I say it’s a bunch of horse pooey.

If we’ve really entered into these contracts before we were born, who provided the other signature on the contract?

I think we need a better attorney because it’s highly likely that any such pre-birth agreements were made with Custodial beings, not with the Infinite, Divine energy that is truly our spiritual Creator or point of origin as limitless energy beings.

The very idea that we must be restricted to only express one side of ourselves through an archetypal form doesn’t jibe with the notion that we are powerful spiritual beings.

Instead, it smacks of Custodial control.

It’s no better than astrology, which also attempts to limit our self-expression through condemning us to act out certain archetypal energies. Most practitioners of astrology view astrology this way – as a set series of conditions placed upon the soul at the time of birth as reflected in the birth chart. It should be said though that there are many new types of astrology out there that are reexamining these old traditions and looking at this ancient system of stereotyping the soul in fresh ways, suggesting that maybe we are NOT our sun sign after all. Which is a good thing!

But people love to read sun sign profiles or personality profiles, and since Carolyn Myss’ book offers up neat chapters about people born under each type of contract, it makes for a popular and entertaining read. You’re taught that you are “meant” to express yourself through one main archetype throughout your lifetime, and indeed, you “must” fulfill this sacred contract if you want anything good to happen to you.


Why is it that Custodial traditions are always into the “You must do this!” “Obey or die, mere mortal” language? Nowhere is it mentioned in these traditions that we are infinite, spiritually sovereign beings who happen to be hanging out in a physical body for a while.

Instead it’s always rules, rules, and more rules.

I’ve always found Carolyn Myss to be a rather unfriendly, suspect person. Her appearances on TV have not impressed me at all. She always seems to be cold and arrogant in the way she responds to people’s questions.

Some years ago I was talking to a man whose family is close to Myss’ family, and he says the first time he spent a day with Myss she was griping at her family members and not behaving like a particularly enlightened spiritual teacher at all. And he realized, much to his chagrin at the time, that she was nothing like the all-knowing mystic master she would appear to be in her books.

Maybe she was simply having a bad day. But when my acquaintance talked about her he put it this way, “If she’s so plugged into these sacred contracts that she’s supposed to fulfill, was her contract about being bitchy to people?”

Maybe it was! Or maybe she has full reign to behave as she chooses because she was the one who wrote the book and devised the “system.”

I dunno. Personal criticisms aside (and I have no firsthand experience with Myss other than seeing her on some TV shows,) I think it’s a good idea to question the concept that we are limited to adhering to some “contract” that we signed before showing up on Earth.

Given the manipulation that has been happening to human souls for aeons, it’s reasonable to assume that we might not have had all the information we needed before signing those contracts.

And it’s probably time for a major renegotiation.

Although, since Custodial energies rarely play fair and seem to prefer the old “Cower before me, mere mortals!” game, maybe we should just rip up the damn contracts and go “Niener, niener!” at those controlling entities.

It’s a bit like parents who, upon seeing that their five-year-old shows some early signs of talent as a singer, athlete, or musician, forces the kid into endless classes devoted to bringing out their “genius.” Then, when the kid displays other talents and inclinations, the parent continues to force the violin lessons or the French lessons down his throat. “This is your sacred contract! This is what you are meant to do!”

Who are THEY to limit one’s personal self-expression in such a way?

Parent or Custodian, it’s a shoddy way to treat your kids.


5 Responses

  1. Good analysis. I think Caroline Cory says some of the same stuff about pre-natal contracts. In fact, she teaches courses about this and does it in a way that I think exploits desparately unhappy people. Sad.

  2. It seems to be a fine old tradition that a spiritual teacher gets away with being a bully somehow. It would be a wise contract for the teacher to break. Get real and get love. It is possible to teach with kindness and compassion and leave your ego at the door.

    I find there are many useful ideas in this book and that it still can come across as limiting. The set of questions used to “interview” your perspective archetypes can be truly revealing. I am re-working the system with a new and gifted teacher right now and finding it much more benificial in this group than the first time I worked it.

    I vote that giving it a chance may help you find some gold in them thar hills. Really think about your favorite movie characters, song lyrics, protagonists in books you have loved. There are many clues therin.

    Besides. If you have the time it’s fun! Thanks, Jessa

  3. The moment I saw this was like wow. Thanks for putting your effort in writing this post.

  4. It’s clear you didn’t read the book. We are not one archetype and not in contract to act out one archetypal role. There were also no neat, outlined chapters on each of these archetypes and we are a changing system that is not fixed and not one archetype. There were the four ‘base’ survival archetypes that we all possess among our whole ‘primary’ expressions.
    These are tools. Patterns and expressions of our behavior to try to understand our world and your myopic interpretation– evident of a wounded rebel (for now; at the time of your composing this article)– simply underscores your resistance to understanding at the time.
    We are all part of a whole and none of us are one archetype. It’s a matter of recognizing the expressions at play in a situation to better understand what may be going on and where motivations for behavior may lie as in the dynamics of a play, ie. a perspective, a theory. No two contracts are alike, just as no two fingerprints or snowflakes are alike. Your life experience is does not fall into a neat framework or chapter that fits another.
    I’m sorry you did not receive it to benefit from the objective scope it can provide with regard to your relationships and role within.
    I do not know Caroline Myss personally either, but she’ll be the first to tell you she comes across as arrogant and your second-hand experience with her family is an effort to make a personal attack and discount her to support your argument — a personal attack means your losing and is off topic so give it up. Also, no where is she trying to create or advertise a system and create a following religious sect as you implied. Unless you’ve come upon a fan club that prays to her and the like which I’m sure she’d find laughable.
    And there’s no ‘signature provided on the other end of the contract’– get out of your literal framework to look past what you can see and get into the symbolic nature of a contract.
    If you want a literal answer: God. God signed your contract as your custodian.

  5. I agree with Elle in the above reply. The author of this blog did not read the book. Sacred Contracts, which is based on Jungian psychology as well as many different sacred texts, is about developing your symbolic sight. Even the Christ talks about the three levels of sight in the four gospels, of which symbolism is one. And even more, Christ used many different archetypes and symbols to convey the spiritual messages in his parables which literal words could not contain.

    Furthermore, we cannot perceive into the mystery that we are without symbolism. Literal perceptions break down at that level. This is why all sacred texts from the Bible to the Tibetan Books of the Dead to the Vedas are all archetypal.

    Essentially, we humans are complex and vast beings, like mini-universes all part of the same cosmos. Trying to understand ourselves as a whole summation is basically the same as trying to see the whole universe all at once. We cannot. It is too vast. This is why we have broken the universe up into constellations – which are essentially archetypes – symbols with myths and stories.

    I really recommend reading her book. It is powerful and soulfully delicious.

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