Drunvalo Melchizedek Meets Egyptian God Thoth in the Flesh

It’s 1972. You’ve been on a spiritual quest for some time, studying many traditions with different teachers. Today you’re working with an instructor who has been teaching you about alchemy. You’re sitting across from your teacher with your eyes open doing a meditation.

All of a sudden, your teacher disappears before your eyes and you see in his place an odd-looking man. He’s about five foot three and wearing simple clothing in an ancient Egyptian style. The man has gentle eyes and appears to be in his seventies.

This strange man communicates to you. He says that there are three missing atoms in the universe and he wants YOU to find them. Then he demonstrates in a mysterious vision exactly what he means. And then he disappears. Your alchemy teacher is sitting in front of you as if nothing happened. Your teacher didn’t see this strange Egyptian man or know that anything unusual was going on during the meditation.

Twelve years later this being reappears in your life. And now you discover that this is Thoth, a man who is thousands of years old. He tells you he was once a king in Atlantis and is a very advanced soul who had reached “ascension.” But instead of ascending to another reality, he and a small group of others like him decided to stay behind and to remain on Earth until humanity reached a certain level of consciousness. In ancient Egypt he was known as the god Thoth, who taught humanity many important things, including the art of writing.

You continue to have interactions with Thoth until 1991, when Thoth says humanity finally reached that desired level of consciousness. After that, Thoth disappears, supposedly ascending to a higher dimension.

If you are Drunvalo Melchizedek, this is your life.

Drunvalo (born Bernard Perona) is a metaphysical teacher best known for his Flower of Life workshops. These workshops employ a system of meditation and imagery that supposedly activates a sacred geometrical form called the “merkaba” around the aura of the body. This merkaba field is said to do a lot of wonderful things – enabling you to travel comfortably between dimensions, regenerate health, and more.

And Drunvalo says this merkaba meditation was taught to him by an advanced being named Thoth, the same being he met through the circumstances described above.

The description of how Drunvalo first became involved with Thoth was provided by one of Drunvalo’s students, a man name Bob Frissell. Frissell is a rebirther, a Flower of Life teacher, and an author. Find out more about Frissell here: BobFrissell.com.

Drunvalo has released books and DVD’s, and his latest book was published in January 2008. It’s called Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012.It describes various mysterious healings Drunvalo has done with indigenous elders from around world, many of them designed to awaken the Earth’s “kundalini.”

If we go back into Drunvalo’s history a little, long before he encountered Thoth, he had befriended other mysterious, otherworldly beings.

For a while Drunvalo and his then wife were seriously studying Hinduism. Shortly thereafter the following happened:(from his bio here: Drunvalo’s Bio)

Then, one day, after practicing meditation for about four or five months, two tall angels about ten feet high appeared in our room! They were right there. One was green and one was purple. We could see through their transparent bodies, but they were definitely there. We did not expect this appearance to take place. . . From that moment on, my life was never the same. It wasn’t even close.

The first words the angels said were, “We are you.” I had no idea what they meant. I said, “You’re me?” Then, slowly they began to teach me various things about myself and the world, and about the nature of consciousness … until finally my heart just completely opened to them. I could feel tremendous love from them which totally changed my life.

These angels seemed to be rather bossy.

Over a period of many years, they led me to about seventy different teachers. They would actually tell me the address and the phone number of the teacher I was to go see. They would tell me either to call first or just show up at his or her house. So I would do this — and it would always be the right person! Then I would be instructed to stay with that person for a certain length of time.

Drunvalo seems to have been very good at taking orders from these beings. No wonder they kept him so busy with various projects. He never objected to being bossed around.

Now, I personally have little experience with Drunvalo’s work except I briefly viewed one of his Flower of Life videos back in the 90’s, plus I’ve read a couple of Bob Frissell’s books which describe a lot of Drunvalo (and Thoth’s) teachings. The video seemed to show a sincere man, Drunvalo, who was doing his best to describe what he obviously felt was a very important metaphysical concept – teaching people how to activate their own merkaba field. I didn’t really resonate with it, and I soon returned the video to the friend who had loaned it to me.

The Bob Frissell books offer a pretty standard New Age hodge podge of discussions of ancient Atlantis, coming Earth changes, and the transition of humanity into a higher level of consciousness. You find that in a lot of New Age literature.

But the stuff I find the most interesting in Frissell’s writing are his explanations of just what is going on with Drunvalo.

From You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience:

Drunvalo’s second name is the name for a special class of beings who have attained the ability to move freely throughout the 144 different worlds or dimensions of reality that make up our “octave” – our region of the universe.

He goes on to say that when a person becomes a Melchizedek, they’re faced with a choice. Either they can leave this part of the universe and enter into a thirteenth dimension where everything is very different, or they can remain in this “octave” and serve as a troubleshooter or helper. Drunvalo supposedly made the decision to stick around and be a troubleshooter for humanity.

In order to fulfill his mission it was necessary for Drunvalo to take the form of an ordinary mature human being and to live his life among us without the appearance of being a magical or supernatural entity. It was necessary that he really be an ordinary person in order to communicate most successfully with as many of us as possible. . . As a matter of fact, he actually is an ordinary human being at the same time that he is a Melchizedek.

How can this be so?

This is because Drunvalo is what we call a “walk-in.” A walk-in is a being from a higher dimensional reality who has made a benevolent arrangement with an ordinary human being so that he can occupy a human body and personality in order to fulfill his task. Drunvalo “walked in” April of 1972. The person whose body he now occupies agreed to pass on, in exchange for which his spiritual evolution was sped up and enhanced.

Invasion of the Custodial body snatchers, anyone?

The “walk-in” concept was very popular in the 80’s, but you don’t hear quite as many New Agers talking about it now. The whole idea is a pretty nasty one. The idea that a human would knowingly give up a body and allow another entity to take it over, allegedly for spiritual reasons, sounds like a load of bunk.

And many of these self-proclaimed walk-ins become teachers with a decent-sized following, who become enamored with the “higher energies” and “advanced spiritual nature” of the walk-in.

Why would an advanced being hijack another person’s body? Doesn’t sound very “advanced” to me. This isn’t even a case of “channeling,” where an entity plugs into a person’s voice and speaks through them. A walk-in involves a total personality erasure and a complete body hijacking.

So with Drunvalo Melchizedek we have a few classic Custodial scenarios playing out.

First, there is a mysterious transition from a man formerly known as Bernard Perona to a new persona that is supposed to be in touch with ascended masters and advanced metaphysical teachings.

Second, we have a history of this person getting the bulk of his guidance from three mysterious characters – the “green” and the “purple” angels who appeared to him after he began practicing a Hindu form of meditation, and an immortal, ancient “ascended” master who has hung around since ancient times and is known as Thoth teaching him, too.


This Thoth character does indeed go back a long way. If you return to the ancient Sumerian texts, many scholars believe his equivalent in the Sumerian pantheon of gods was a being known as Ningishzidda. In ancient Greece, this same being was called Hermes. In Roman times, he was Mercury.

This guy sure got around.

The story of Drunvalo and his Flower of Life movement is fascinating because it’s one of the few situations where we have a metaphysical teacher who claims to have been in close, physical contact with an actual Custodian from ancient times, and he derived a large portion of his teachings from this very same being over the course of almost 7 years.

When you look closely at the Flower of Life material, the main theme of it is that humanity supposedly needs to learn how to erect a merkaba field around the body so that we can ascend to another dimension.

The need for ascension is all tied up in beliefs that the earth (and/or humanity) are ascending in consciousness from a third dimensional state of awareness to a fourth dimensional one.

And apparently, according to Drunvalo (and Thoth) humans need to create this energy vehicle which will allow them to make this transition peacefully.

Like many New Age traditions, the Flower of Life/merkaba teachings are bound up in escapism. It’s not really that different from belief systems that tell adherents to prepare for the spaceships to come and rescue them, or even the traditional belief that a few divinely chosen “elect” will be taken from the Earth during a coming Apocalyptic time of Tribulation.

Why are we always so willing to run off with the Custodians and their ships or their light vehicles?

And shouldn’t we question teachings that arise from someone whose body has been hijacked by an outside entity and forced to become a “walk-in?”

If an advanced being really wanted to come down and teach humanity some cool stuff, he wouldn’t need a body to do so. He could hang out in the etheric and inspire people to create wonderful things like an angel or a muse. Or he could probably put in some dramatic appearances in “3-D” as advanced beings like Jesus and Mother Mary may have done.

Somehow, I don’t see Jesus coming down and saying, “Guess what, bub, I’m going to need your body for a while so I can talk to some people.”

“Uh, okay – for how long?”

“Well, bub, do you want the bad news or the good news first?”

“I’ll take the good news.”

“The good news is that when I take your body I’m going to use it to help a great many people, and this will really benefit humanity.”

“Okay. What’s the bad news.”

“The bad news is that you’re outta here, bub. Sorry! Have a nice afterlife!”


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  1. Actually the entity that would take over as you put it would be your higher self, from what I understand.

    • Indeed. The way I see it this is all absolutely metaphorical in its ways with some of the experiences. Its a way to summarize an experience that is just far to complicated to put short.

  2. Hello KRH,

    Actually, no. According to Bob Frissell, one of Drunvalo’s most well known students (and author of several books,) Drunvalo is a walk-in. He writes that an outside entity came into Bernard Perona’s life.

    A walk – in is not the same as merging with aspects of the Higher Self. It is a takeover (whether through force or by manipulation of the invading entity) of another entity hijacking the body.

    I knew a young woman years ago who was going through a tough time in her life and was becoming very suicidal. She told two “healers” about this and they attempted to do a “walk-out” on her. From what the young woman told me, the “healers” laid her down and put her in a trance and connected with the deceased spirit of a woman, and this dead spirit was about to take over the young woman’s body but at the last minute the young woman summoned some spiritual willpower and told the healers she no longer gave permission for the “walk-in” to take over her body.

    There are many ways that “walk-ins” can happen, but I don’t recommend that ANYBODY embrace this highly dangerous process. You’re basically committing suicide. You were born into this body for many reasons, and I don’t think anyone should so easily relinquish life and hand over their body to another entity who never bothered to come through a proper birth process, anyway.

  3. That sounds or least kinda reminds me of when Don Juan ( in the book titled; The Art of Dreaming )would call an inorganic being… sorta

  4. oops replace when with what

  5. Let us attempt to apply logic to this hypothetical construct of a “walk in.” Let’s say that you are an entity from the highest overtone of the 12 dimension. You are a being of infinite compassion that wants to help the human race evolve at a very precarious time in their history.

    Does one float in through the window of the Whitehouse like a messianic archetype? Well, this would result in that being become an object of worship… perhaps feared. Many would flock, in panic, begging to be “saved” by this outside source. The result? Further enslavement of the population to this “magical” and “godlike” entity… the continuation of a “powerless” people undermining their own potential to evolve themselves in exchange for the worship of another with “the power.” In this universe, this would be a violation of an omnipresent law: FREEWILL.

    Remember, the modus operandi of this hypothetical being is to help Earth’s population rediscover their own inherent power. For an outsider, like our anonymous author of “Custodial Smackdown” [a fully indoctrinated skeptic that runs a rigid course dictated by social mores & societal concepts of status quo (i.e. “this is possible, this isn’t”)], these mysteries may allude him indefinitely. His potential will never be reached in this “repeater” mode; he will smugly & snugly remain in his self imposed cube of continual conformity… a self deputized member of the thought police. This is not meant to be derogatory, for simple ego gratification is one’s own choice; one’s birth right.

    For one to achieve true knowledge of self, one must become a sort of seeker; an esoteric sleuth that must find their own “truth” through a myriad of avenues: from cross cultural history, to quantum and hyper-dimensional models of physics… From meditation to body detoxification. One’s own ego is one’s own worst enemy (for there is never any new information coming from one’s ego). Therefore, the ego must first be muted if one is to learn anything of substance for oneself.

    Our hypothetical benevolent entity would only seek to help seekers of truth… not to violate the freewill of the contented sheep. That is not their purpose. If one wishes to sleep, let them be as comfortable as possible (as long as they harm no other).

    A “walk in” situation is not a “body snatcher” scenario. A “walk-in” is a greater aspect of one’s own self.. one’s own soul. Viewed (awkwardly) from the linear continuum of Space/time (three dimensions of space & one of time), this “walk in” would be possibly millions of years evolved from the current state of the “host” personality.

    A “walk in” is not a “take over,” it is a merging or an expansion of self with a larger, cosmic consciousness. There is no violation of one’s freewill. This is not unlike the descriptions many astronauts have historically had, including the recent disclosures of the Apollo 14 lunar lander module pilot Dr. Edgar Mitchell (6th man to walk on the moon). He, like most of his astronaut brethren, returned to earth a changed man. He had experiences that could not simply be explained by conventional gnosis. He began to excel at astral projection, psychic intuition, remote viewing, et al. He spent over 40 years empirically researching and compiling data to scientifically explain the reality of such topics.

    I was the biggest skeptic and atheist one could ever meet; a magnificent bastard. I used to love stroking my own ego by unleashing my classically schooled silvered tongue upon neocons, missionaries, alien contactees, new agers, M theorists, etc… an equal opportunity asshole. I would broadside them with the brute force of supposed “hard” data, often bringing them to tears as they were barraged by my hubristic parade of historical facts & presentations of self inherent hypocrisies relating to their own, poorly researched dogmas.

    Then one day, my scientist girlfriend and I witnessed a series of phenomena that could not even remotely be explained by any conventional model of physics, or by any traditional school of academia. Thus began my initiation into the mysteries.

    I’ve never looked back. My studies eventually lead to research in which Mr. Drunvalo Melchizedek was involved. Things have been witnessed, filmed, & rigorously documented; physical phenomena that would bake one’s proverbial noodle.

    Give the peanut gallery a break and look within… one might be surprised
    at what one finds.

    “There is more to heaven and earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.” -William Shakespeare (or was it really Francis Bacon?)

    • Very good response.

    • You sir, seem to know some things I’d like to hear more about. Could you further describe the phenomena that you and your partner have witnessed? My gut told me to reach out here and it isn’t usually incorrect when it does that. Post more info this is good stuff.

    • Any chance you are still active? I am on my own search and though I have learned a lot I am now looking to use this knowledge practically. I am curious what you can share with me, if you are willing. Thank you!

  6. well, first of all, when you say first of all, then you say secondly, not second of all. if you want to write a public document, you should learn some gramar first.
    secondly, a “walk in” situation has nothing to do with a body hijack as you call it. before the exchange takes place, the person genuinely has a wish to leave the planet, it is someone who is contemplating suicide. and thirdly, before the walk in exchange takes place, the person gets a few test rides before it happens. read the work of bryan weiss who is a certified and well known therapist, university professor and qualified psychologist because you are speaking on a subject about which you are obviously misinformed. so before you comment on drunvalo, read up on your subject dodo

  7. In the 1990s I too was exposed to Drunvalo; I even had the entire series of Flower of Life workshops on video tape. I remember the person who sold the tapes to me told me I wasn’t “suppose” to see them without the merkaba initiation, yet I somehow talked him into selling them to me . . . . Anyway, before I even heard of Drunvalo, I was already familiar with the term “walk-in” – but from the teachings and stories from India. Namely, from the Yoga lineage now known as “Kripalu”, which was founded by the late Swami Kripalvanandaji.

    The famous Indian Swami reported that his teacher was an incarnation of an ancient manifestation of the Hindu God Siva – Lakulish. Lakulish reportedly also performed a “walk-in” (around 1950s or 1960s?), which allowed the avatar/teacher/hindu god to personally teach Swami Kripalu. According to this tradition, the body that is chosen for a “walk-in” must be completely pure . . . or in other words, in super-deluxe optimum health, and possessed only by an extremely advanced Yoga practitioner. (As you can tell, we are delving into a topic not covered in your modern Yoga classes, which are simply based on the branch of “Hatha Yoga”.)

    To sort-of digress for a second . . . not only was it once believed that very advanced Yogis could leave their bodies at will, but to stay in your body was not necessarily viewed as we see it today. Life, for Buddhists and Hindus, was viewed as somewhat expendable . . . probably due to the philosophical emphasis on the inclination of the physical body being something akin to pain and suffering which is naturally brought upon by by the aging process. Anyway, as is still taught today by some Tibetan teachers – death – for a Yogi – was a matter of “willing”, and was something quite within the “control” of the Yogi. For one example, Sogyal Rinpoche describes how – during the violent take over of Tibet by China – how some Tibetan monks who reportedly “willed” their own deaths before the Chinese military could kill and torture them. Sogyal Rinpoche talks a lot about this subject (how death was viewed in ancient Tibet and India) for those who want to study further.

    Anyway, in this way, some Yoga traditions hold that extraordinary Yogis possessed suitable, pure bodies for “walk-ins”. Therefore, according to Hinduism/Yoga philosophy, assumedly a God like Lakulish does not just “hi-jack” the body of a regular Joe. But rather, the view here is sort of like how a princess cannot just marry someone of non-royal blood. A princess must marry a prince, and similarly, a suitable body for a walk-in must be very, very pure for the godly being who is about to do a “walk-in”. (After all, for a Yogi the body is viewed as quite impermanent and will decay anyway). The body of the advanced Yogi is given up by free will, and the exchange is said to take place during the final expiration of the Yogi (and first inhalation of the walk-in). If one is interested in this topic, I highly suggest reading the book “Infinite Grace” by Swami Rajarshi Muni. It also narrates the story of how Lakulish used the body of an extraordinary Yogi for his own “walk-in”. The book also describes Lakulish’s abilities such as bi-location, or the ability to be in two places at once.

    As far as Drunvalo goes . . . like anything or anyone, I personally take it all “with a grain of salt”. Like any Western teacher, he lacks a documented lineage of teachers (often illustrated as a family tree) that stems back thousands of years – as is commonly noted among Tibet and India spiritual lineages. Therefore, Drunvalo lacks that special kind of tangible credential some of us (who prefer Eastern paths) are looking for.

    I found only one scholarly book on the merkaba at the U of Penn library in Philadelphia. In fact, you might have noticed Wiki does not even mention Drunvalo under “merkaba”, but treats him as a completely separate entity from the ancient Jewish writings on the topic.

    Anyway, my final point is that Swami Kripalvanandaji and Drunvalo both require the practitioner to have “faith” in their personal stories which tell of mysterious meetings with a god (both Siva and Thoth respectively). Needless to say, these are faith-based paths, and they are therefore subject to the criticism of those who are not prone toward such paths. These are difficult subjects to wrap our minds around . . . perhaps the mysterious forces that govern such phenomenon can never be truly known until we personally experience such things for ourselves?


    • Possession is possession, period. If a person wants to commit suicide and knowingly gives their body over to something or someone that is not organic to that body, i.e. did not come into that body through the appropriate process of birth, it’s possession.

      The Eastern traditions really revere this as a practice – it’s rarer in Western traditions, except the circa 1980’s New Age walk-in concept popularized by Ruth Montgomery, who was the first to write about walk-ins.

      Entity attachments, and partial and full possession, are very common amongst spiritual seekers who have decided to (shall we say) “abandon the helm” in one form or another. It doesn’t usually work out so well for the bodily shell, the remnants of the original person who owns that body.

      I spent 20 years working on “deposession” entity removal work and it really restores mental, physical, and emotional health to the ORIGINAL owner of the body. Sometimes this only becomes clear after the fact – the damage that has been done and the horrific levels of spiritual violation that happen when something is allowed to take over your body.

      You might as well be a zombie, you know? How about a little idea called spiritual sovereignty – full awareness and the ability to pilot your own vehicle? These entities knowingly go against Universal Law when they take over a body – even WITH the vehicle’s permission, because the vehicle is not always aware how Universal Law operates.

      • I totally agree. You have to wonder, all of this New Age shit that’s popping up everywhere and it’s accelerating. Sounds to me that something wants us to turn out heads the other way. I never let go of the fact that EVERYTHING we ever need is right within us. It’s all there. We are our own greatest teacher. We don’t need any so called ‘higher being’ to tell us how to do anything. We’ve forgotten who are are, and I believe we are being helped to forget by these entities who masquerade as angels.

      • Systems buster could you email me? I’m 19 and unfortunately was deceived by a lot of what Dru is “teaching” I went to two workshops, 1 in the states and 1 in EU.

      • Nope, it’s not. I have been “possessed” once. Thankfully it was. quite brief because I recognized the situation as it happened. I commanded the entity to leave and was instantly returned to control. Yes, we have the power to do this ourselves. It is called Freewill and we only need to command it.

        A walk-in is a pre-life contract to complete specific work. I don’t know the nature of all walk-ins, but I do have experience with a few. In my own case, I have only just learned in the past week of my own walk-ins. I have had three and they have all been between two unique aspects of myself.

        Since learning of this, (it is a process and this is not my forum to share the process at length) I can look back at my life and see the exchanges. I have the experiences and emotions of both souls in my memory. With knowledge of the distinction, I am able now to put aside the emotions and personality traits that do not serve my mission now.

        Before knowing, I was confused and pulled in too many directions. Now I have focus and complete projects. My emotions do not control me any longer. I can enjoy them without being overrun by them.

      • In the case of a walk-in, there is no 2nd entity remaining in the body, as what you discuss in “depossession.” Walk-in is agreed to but both entities, but the recipient of the body does not “walk-in” until the spirit of the original owner has departed.From what I have read about walk-ins, they take place based on spiritual agreements that have taken place before the transaction. There is no violation of free-will. There is no body for the walk-in unless the original spirit voluntarily leaves. Cause and effect.

  8. It’s truly an amazing time to be alive! The shifts that we are experience of consciousness are waking us up, we’re remembering who we are, and that we create the experience we have chosen!

  9. I want to tell you a story. Many years ago I began to have unexpected spiritual experiences, in dreams or visions or meetings people who would give me information that would lead me to the next piece of the puzzle on myspiritual journey. I really was struggling with my life then; my marriage was falling apart, I didn’t have a job, I didn’t know how I would have the courage to leave. Before leaving I began to have visions & dreams that I would later happen to me or appear before me. I left my first marriage with my child and began a new life. This was late 90’s. Later I met a man in a meditation group who had been on his spiritual journey for quite some time. He like Drunvalo had been studying spiritual philosophies of Hindu’s like Parmahamsa Yogananda, Yukteshwar, Siddha Yoga etc as well as Carlos Castaneda. He had a picture of the Goddess Lakshmi in his living room. She was always looking at me but I didn’t understand all the arms and hands etc. Now I had no idea about new age enlightenment back then and hadn’t done a lick of yoga or meditation at that time. But when the student is ready…the teacher will appear. Now I was raised Baptist till I was 6 yrs old. I stopped going to church about that time because it just didn’t make sense to me. My mom didn’t make me go back when she found I was walking the streets talking to the neighbourhood cats instead of going to Sunday school.
    Now I have not been a religious person. You could say that I was atheist or at least agnostic most of my life so the story I am about to share with you confused me at first. My personal philosophy of my faith was to tell people that I believed in taking care of the earth and the water and the air. Take care of your families and all that lives here with us. But to talk about Jesus or God well that made me nervous.
    About a year after moving in with my new (spiritual) partner I began to have visions & dreams, the first of which I will share with you. I was crying over a large granite rock as big as a large table, asking God to just show me what he/she was. I looked up through my tear filled eyes to see these 2 large shapes that were outlines of energy…blue energy. They had 3 bumps, one for the head and 2 where the wings would be on either side of the head. Inside of these beings ( I believe are angels) all was shimmering moving blue light. They moved away from each other opening 2 very large arched wooden doors. There was a white platform that glowed white energy and on the platform was a very long table. It was a party and all the people where made of white energy. I could see their features and details of clothes and yet they were pure white almost see through. In the center was Jesus….he was in colour like you and me wearing white with a deep red sash over his shoulder. He looked over at me smiling broadly and waved at me…..but he didn’t say anything. End of dream. I was disappointed he didn’t speak. When I told my partner he just shook his head & laughed….he knew it was important. That was 12 years ago.
    So number one…Hindu spiritual path and angels….it sounds similar to Drunvalo’s experience and I trust that. I recently finished a workshop with Drunvalo who I didn’t really know anything about until a month before I was guided to go to his workshop out of the blue by no other than “my higher Self”. During this workshop in a meditation Jesus ( who had not appeared to me since that time) poked his smiling face though a cloud of white light and said “Hi, remember the dream? Hang in there, you’re doing well!” Then his face pulled back into the white cloud and he was gone.
    What am I getting at? Drunvalo is for real whether you like it or believe it or not. It’s okay to be sceptical, that is a good thing because until we actually experience something it is only the ego talking…Drunvalo, I know is speaking from his direct experience and from his heart, the seat of Christ (meaning LOVE) consciousness. Trust can easily be shattered in this crazy world, but if we have faith …. in the right time good things will come and show themselves to us. Baba Muktananda wrote a book called “The Play of Consciousness” …life is a stage and we are participating in this magical play ….enjoy the ride and listen to your “Higher Self” …you will be amazed at what you will find. With love and respect …Pahlomaiiya.

    • But, it was a dream!? Not being disrespectfull, I don’t know about spirituality and have just read the above article and comments. 🙂

  10. Demitrius: You’re the FIRST person I’ve replied to. Your comment to skeptic about walk-ins is as I understand it to. Well said.
    I’m more than curious. What was you and your girlfriend’s experience that change your physical and spiritual perspective? This 2012 and your comment was made in 2008. This web comment sitch is like leave a message in a bottle and not knowing who will find it or when. :).

    • Tell me about it, I just replied to the same comment – 10 years later. I hope you are well, brother, and that you are finding the truth you seek.

  11. So, regardless of which side of the belief line one stands upon in regards to Drunvalo, I have questions. So please, no sarcasm. These are sincere questions. When a walk-in happens, does in this case Drunvalo know Bernard’s past? This point is a bit confusing. So does Bernard’s personal preferences continue, and do Bernard’s friends recognize him? How does this transition happen at a practical level? It seems as if the walk-in in this case, Drunvalo takes over. Or does this walk-in have Drunvalo’s preferences. I understand that Bernard is gone, but his body remains. Yes, I also understand that this arrangement is agreed upon.

    • They are the same person but since his eyes are open he now knows who he is, what he is, and who he was and what’s to come because he raised his level of consciousness and had an awakening and able to travel thru dimensions

  12. Yes it’s his higher self controlling his body. God is in all of us, we are little pieces of God joined as one through time and space.

    • Succinct Carlotte. Very well put. That is how I feel about my own walk-in. My higher consciousness now operates. My previous soul aspect was very (3D) human. Very emotional. This was also the soul that raised my children, and held a fairy tale image of family. When that idea collided with her partner’s choices to abuse, abandon or cheat, life was overwhelming, to the point of wanting to die.

      I am happy, peaceful, and others actions do not hold me captive through my emotions.

  13. He was spiritually awakened and he gained wisdom and was able to remember all of his cycles and each time on earth. It’s in the bible, if you reach a higher level of consciousness you will understand everything that you wouldn’t have. The bible, The flower of life, Fibonacci sequences, all this is tied to God and all living. In the bible it says in revelation 17:6 it goes to describe the akashic records and that only a mind with wisdom will understand, read thoth again and the bible and read in between the lines. Each time u read it, it’s a different meaning though consciousness

    • Nice article. I can relate. I was taking a class in Kehei back in the 90’s relating to Drunvalo’s work. One morning we were discussing the Book of Enoch- this was all new to me and I was very intrigued. At noon we broke for lunch and since I had no money I took a walk through Maui Meadows and found myself opening a side gate to the backyard of a private residence! I walked through the gate and on top of a patio table was the Book of Enoch. I sat down and began reading. Within a few minutes the owner came out and sat down next to me. We had a wonderful conversation and soon I had to leave to get back to class. The owner acted as it was perfectly natural for some stranger to be sitting in his private patio. This is just one of numerous odd experiences I have had with his work.

  14. […] [Blog Editor: In case you are unaware the English online version of RT is a propaganda tool of Russia. The blogger that posted the RT article is obviously a Left Wing New Ager with an affinity for the cult leader named Drunvalo Melchizedek. […]

  15. Honestly I dont see Jesus coming back at all! Closed minded people :p

  16. it’s Jesus the Christ…the Christ is the conscious-ness

  17. Really! Mmmmm. Thoth died relatively young before his time 38 Years old. In a natural accident. He slipped and hit his head on a flat slate stone. Suffered an internal harmorhage in the back right of his head. There it is.

  18. All bogus for the weak of mind. False prophets everywhere you recognize them based on the price they ask for “teaching” their nonsense. Get a grip of yourself and do some serious research, don’t believe in whomever uses words like ” ancient” , “angels” “higher self”, etc. blended in all their new age “dishes.”

  19. I’ve never studied the flower of life in this lifetime, or took any related classes or workshops; however, since 2011—after medically retiring from the Army—I’ve had many vivid, earthly and otherworldly dreams, which apparently our merkaba allows us to do.

    I intuitively trust that we all expand our consciousness at our own pace in Divine perfect timing and order, so long as our soul yearn’s to, and we follow’s Spirit’s heart guidance from within.

    I have no doubt that there are many paths to so-called God/Goddess/Allah/Shakti/Shiva/Source/Prime Creator/Higher Self/I AM Presence/Christ/Buddha/etc., and that one is not better, more righteous or more superior than another.

    All the spiritual teachings throughout this wold can’t replace the actual LIVING of Unconditional Love/Divine Wisdom.

    For instance, if a human being—regardless of their earthly background labels—is deeply compassionate toward self and interconnected others, no amount of preaching/regurgitation of memorized data can truly outshine that loving being.

    In addition, the various names of spiritual, celestial, and/or cosmic beings—e.g., angels, guardian angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Family of Light, Family of Dark, Rainbow Warriors, Lightworkers, Darkworkers, Workers of TheOne, ET’s, aliens, spirit guides, animal totems, elemental realm, etc.—are like the names of various beings within, on, and around planet Earth with different levels of consciousness. The labels themselves are neither good or bad, right or wrong, but neutral.

    When we are in a state of separation consciousness, we often become fearful of anything that is unknown to us; hence, enters judgment, criticism, ridicule, denial, rejection, condemnation, etc.

    However, when we are in a state of unity consciousness—where Unconditional Acceptance/Embrace/Love simply IS—then all the “differences” between all of Life/All That Is doesn’t really matter.

  20. […] met Lucy in ‎California one summer. She brought a strange ‎man with her that told him there were three ‎missing atoms in the universe and he wanted ‎him to find them.‎   That was the beginning of the Drunvalo […]

  21. I am curious to know how you feel about this now (2017). As far fetched as some things seem the reality status post 8/217
    happened but I tell you what there is a lot of weird stuff happening these days. After the eclipse 8/21/17 and 9/23/17 things have changed. I think we need to seriously consider all things.

  22. bro have you tried any meditation techniques given by him,I dont know alot about him as you do neither i have read any book apart from the youtube tutorial on unity breath and i must say it works…I dont know why do people speak bad before even verifying…

  23. I read it. I like it. Seen much evidence relating to the topic. In the beginning you said the individual willingly have their body to the”outside source”. Later you describe it as hijacking. I’m confused! Also how is it a bad thing for a life to end in order for the world to be better? No criticism. Just honest points and questions..

  24. Try meditating maybe u wont be so narrow minded afterwards lol.

    Dunno why u spend so much time debunking someone whrn u dont really care…

  25. I am a once powerful light worker almost dead now due to cruelty of humanity — is Thoth in rememberence of me — are you able to hear me ? —- am I worth their attention ——— please apologize to them for me ——— they have turned their back on me because I turned my back on them ———- I just want them to understand how painful it is with one foot on each plain —— tears you apart no matter HOW much each side loves you for doing the work.

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