Rebirthing – An Opportunity to Become Infested

James Bartley is an interesting writer who covers some explosive territory on his website: James Bartley at

He is an abductee who has dealt with a lot of harassment from a full range of nasty entities, both physical and seemingly non-physical or interdimensional in nature.

His articles are fascinating, especially his section about the reptilian ET’s.

There has long been a question about what the Custodial “gods” or apparent ET’s looked like, and some ancient texts suggests that they were reptilian in nature. Others hint that they looked humanoid like us. Other sources allude to something more extraordinary – the idea that BOTH things are possible, that these beings possess unusual DNA that allows them to shapeshift from a humanoid form to a reptilian one and back again.

One need only to look at videos or photos of George Bush Senior to realize that perhaps the idea of shapeshifting lizard ET’s isn’t so outlandish after all!

And certainly ancient lizards, dragons, and reptilian humanoids figure in the traditions of almost every early culture. So there is something going on with the lizzies – whether they got here before the Custodians, whether they were here all along, or whether they turned up later in Earth’s history.

The problem is, according to many victims of abduction, that they seem to still be around. And they’re not particularly nice.

They seem deeply entrenched within the whole phenomenon of psychic possession and spiritual enslavement which are too often the byproduct of getting involved with Custodial practices (like yoga, channeling, following most religions, etc.)

Anyway, Bartley mentions something very interesting – almost as a sidenote – in one of his articles.

In Rebuttal to a Reptilian in Human Clothing he mentions some weird phenomenon which appear to connect to the New Age practice called rebirthing. He writes about having attended a UFO conference in San Diego:

Another irony about that conference was that the individual at the situation desk at the register was a Host for a Reptilian Entity. This particular entity is summoned by her “Spirit Guides” to visit Sedona Arizona at intervals throughout the calendar year to take part in “Rebirthing Exercises.” . . . . During one of these exercises reptilian astral pods (very dark smoky reptilian shaped astral entities) were seen by numerous witnesses to enter and exit the abdomen of the host whilst the latter growled and hissed as if in a state of possession. The host was merely being “re-infested” and this is done at intervals. This host has all the facial and physical characteristics that mark it as a reptilian hybrid and yet to the unsuspecting “contactee” or “experiencer” she merely comes off as a ditzy New Age La Dee Dah.”

He goes on to mention how the woman in question has left a lot of chaos in her wake because she comes into contact with so many abductees and apparently reptilian energies constantly try to hook into weakened people who have already been traumatized from various abduction experiences. So this woman rebirther is acting as a bit of a “typhoid Mary” type, spreading psychic contagion.

Rebirthing is a popular holistic health technique that uses breathwork to supposedly regress someone to their birth time and uses breath to help the person clear out emotional and psychic trauma that happens to all babies at the time of birth. The idea behind the technique is that we have a lot of birth trauma held within our bodies and it affects us throughout our adult years. Supposedly be reexperiencing birth or “rebirthing” with an experienced coach to guide us through the process in a positive way, we can heal those old traumas and overcome any phobias, emotional problems, or personal difficulties that might have been caused by those original traumas.

Sounds benign on the surface – but the problem is that so many folks in the holistic health, metaphysical, and spiritual movements have at some point actively welcomed Custodial type energies or entities into their lives. So it becomes a challenge finding a healer to work with whose energy hasn’t been compromised already. Some of them have a tremendous amount of psychic garbage traveling around with them, which pollutes any healing work they are trying to do for people. They may be well-intentioned, but they can still have negative effects on the very folks they are trying to help.

Bartley’s assertion that rebirthing sessions in Sedona have only served to cause this woman further psychic possession might not be so far off the mark. Sedona is known to be a hotbed of questionable activity ranging from UFO’s to dark military operations to channelers who are proud to talk with ET’s. Many of these channelers are also healers who work one on one with clients in massage, Reiki, or other hands on healing practices.

Do you really want someone infested with Custodial presences touching you? Do you really think you’re going to feel better after doing so?

I’ve never experienced rebirthing myself, but Bartley’s article certainly raises some legitimate concerns about whether it’s a safe technique to be using.


Sacred Contracts – Why You Should Tear Them Up and Demand a New Lawyer

Carolyn Myss is a popular author, teacher and medical intuitive who is probably best known for two bestselling books: Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts.

Anatomy of the Spirit is about understanding the seven “chakras” or energy centers of the body, as outlined in the Hindu traditions. But Myss puts her own spin on them and teaches readers how to use these energy centers to experience healing and personal power.

In Sacred Contracts she alleges the following:

“In short, a Sacred Contract is an agreement your soul makes before you are born,” Myss explains. “You promise to do certain things for yourself, for others, and for divine purposes. Part of the Contract requires that you discover what you are meant to do.”

These various sacred contracts are broken down into various archetypes like the Avenger, the Trickster, the Networker, or the Prostitute. And Myss teaches readers how to understand which contract they supposedly agreed to adhere to before they were born and encourages them to follow the energies of these archetypes and express them to fulfill their life purpose.

I say it’s a bunch of horse pooey.

If we’ve really entered into these contracts before we were born, who provided the other signature on the contract?

I think we need a better attorney because it’s highly likely that any such pre-birth agreements were made with Custodial beings, not with the Infinite, Divine energy that is truly our spiritual Creator or point of origin as limitless energy beings.

The very idea that we must be restricted to only express one side of ourselves through an archetypal form doesn’t jibe with the notion that we are powerful spiritual beings.

Instead, it smacks of Custodial control.

It’s no better than astrology, which also attempts to limit our self-expression through condemning us to act out certain archetypal energies. Most practitioners of astrology view astrology this way – as a set series of conditions placed upon the soul at the time of birth as reflected in the birth chart. It should be said though that there are many new types of astrology out there that are reexamining these old traditions and looking at this ancient system of stereotyping the soul in fresh ways, suggesting that maybe we are NOT our sun sign after all. Which is a good thing!

But people love to read sun sign profiles or personality profiles, and since Carolyn Myss’ book offers up neat chapters about people born under each type of contract, it makes for a popular and entertaining read. You’re taught that you are “meant” to express yourself through one main archetype throughout your lifetime, and indeed, you “must” fulfill this sacred contract if you want anything good to happen to you.


Why is it that Custodial traditions are always into the “You must do this!” “Obey or die, mere mortal” language? Nowhere is it mentioned in these traditions that we are infinite, spiritually sovereign beings who happen to be hanging out in a physical body for a while.

Instead it’s always rules, rules, and more rules.

I’ve always found Carolyn Myss to be a rather unfriendly, suspect person. Her appearances on TV have not impressed me at all. She always seems to be cold and arrogant in the way she responds to people’s questions.

Some years ago I was talking to a man whose family is close to Myss’ family, and he says the first time he spent a day with Myss she was griping at her family members and not behaving like a particularly enlightened spiritual teacher at all. And he realized, much to his chagrin at the time, that she was nothing like the all-knowing mystic master she would appear to be in her books.

Maybe she was simply having a bad day. But when my acquaintance talked about her he put it this way, “If she’s so plugged into these sacred contracts that she’s supposed to fulfill, was her contract about being bitchy to people?”

Maybe it was! Or maybe she has full reign to behave as she chooses because she was the one who wrote the book and devised the “system.”

I dunno. Personal criticisms aside (and I have no firsthand experience with Myss other than seeing her on some TV shows,) I think it’s a good idea to question the concept that we are limited to adhering to some “contract” that we signed before showing up on Earth.

Given the manipulation that has been happening to human souls for aeons, it’s reasonable to assume that we might not have had all the information we needed before signing those contracts.

And it’s probably time for a major renegotiation.

Although, since Custodial energies rarely play fair and seem to prefer the old “Cower before me, mere mortals!” game, maybe we should just rip up the damn contracts and go “Niener, niener!” at those controlling entities.

It’s a bit like parents who, upon seeing that their five-year-old shows some early signs of talent as a singer, athlete, or musician, forces the kid into endless classes devoted to bringing out their “genius.” Then, when the kid displays other talents and inclinations, the parent continues to force the violin lessons or the French lessons down his throat. “This is your sacred contract! This is what you are meant to do!”

Who are THEY to limit one’s personal self-expression in such a way?

Parent or Custodian, it’s a shoddy way to treat your kids.

Yoga- A Tool to Invoke the Gods or Custodians

Yoga is catch all term for many different practices that attempt to align the practitioner with spiritual energies. It comes to us from the rich, complex, Hindu religion, which honors many “gods.”

Some styles of yoga state at the core of their traditions that they are used to invoke these “gods,” even going so far as to invite them into the body. And some traditions go even further – encouraging adherents to focus on completing uniting themselves with the gods of yoga.


The Custodians would appear to be at it again.

I’m always hard on these entities, even though humanity has had a love/hate affair with them for millennia. Some people would say, “What’s wrong with attempting to unite with the divine? Why wouldn’t you want to invite the gods into your life or into your body or, indeed, to attempt to merge with them?”

I would respond with this – “What exactly are you trying to merge with? And how can you be certain that the thing or being you’re inviting in has your best interests at heart?”

Just because something has been done for thousands of years doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Humanity shat in the woods (or in outhouses or chamber pots) for many centuries before modern plumbing was invented. The resulting diseases occurred because we weren’t practicing good hygiene.

Does this mean that modern plumbing is bad?


It means we got smarter and cleaner and healthier. We began to try new things that gave us a better standard of living.

In a similar way, we need to be getting smarter about practicing good spiritual hygiene. And we need to be questioning the “gods” and their true nature at every opportunity.

That doesn’t meant that we should be disrespectful to people who practice yoga. Many wonderful people and teachers have been practitioners of this ancient system. And yet even they may have been misled, not understanding that the very tenets of that system were Custodial (i.e., spiritually enslaving toward humanity.)

Many older yoga teachers will discuss that yes, indeed, yoga (especially Hatha yoga, one of the most popular forms) has always focused on invoking the gods and inviting them into the body or energy system. But you won’t find this bit of information in the many popular “Yoga for Yuppies” books sold at Barnes and Noble! You have to actually talk to the yogis about this. And many of the younger yoga teachers either aren’t aware of what the original Vedas said about yoga, or they aren’t talking about it – or both! I’ve had two older yoga teachers from India admit to me off the record that yes, in the original texts, yoga was all about bringing these “gods” into the body through the various postures. That’s kind of a big admission, don’t you think? So why isn’t it talked about more openly?

I found an interesting blog the other day where the publisher briefly talks about yoga. The blog is called Animam Recro: Explorations in the Esoteric and the Political.

Here is some of what this fascinating blogger had to say about The Gods Within Hinduisim:

I recently met an interesting person and we got into a rather lengthy conversation. . .While speaking with him, I got to the topic of divinity within man. My new friend told me several stories and then mentioned one of his favorite techniques in Hinduism. One can invoke certain Gods when in need of help, usually invoking the God whose particular attribute would be most helpful to you. I’ve never considered the psychological significance of this before. Putting aside whether these Gods ‘physically’ exist or not, this is a very interesting practice of self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment? Or psychic possession?

The blogger also provides an interesting quote from The Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson:

In bhakti yoga, you form a love-bond with a particular divinity, dedicate every waking moment to Him (or Her) and invoke that Divine Being by every method possible, especially vivid visual imagination.

Hmm, if you’re doing this every day, should it be any surprise if your personality begins to change, your body goes through strange transformations, you experience mental disturbances and other classic symptoms of psychic possession? You’ve been inviting something alien (or someone!) into your body!

One of the commenters on this post had the following to say:

In Hindu Bhakti yoga, first devotee worships a personal God with name and form; Then that God becomes light; Then as devotee matures in devotion, that God becomes void or devotee & God becomes ONE. …This happens to every one who seeks after God, irrespective one is Hindu or not.

And that’s the root of the problem, isn’t it?

Too often spiritual and religious traditions encourage people to deny the body, to let go of the self, and to resign to something from the OUTSIDE coming into the body. This is nothing less than a complete psychic takeover.

Generally NOT a good idea! Especially if it’s questionable Custodial entities that you’re inviting to take over your life.

I would encourage anybody who has had an interest in yoga to take a long, hard look at this system. If you look into some of the original vedas (written texts) they openly state that you are INVITING GODS INTO YOUR BODY as you PERFORM CERTAIN HIGHLY REGIMENTED PHYSICAL POSTURES.

Do you want to be doing this? This isn’t about getting the equivalent of a nice workout on the treadmill. It’s no longer just about physical exercise. You need to look into the true esoteric origins of yoga and ask if you really need to be inviting something foreign – and likely to be Custodial in nature – into your body.

I’m just sayin’! Take a closer look, folks.

Primary Perception – Extraordinary Ability We All Possess

Primary Perception by Cleve Backster is one of the most important books to be published.


Like, you should get it immediately. I’m not kidding.

I’m sure you’ve heard about those kooky experiments from the 60’s and 70’s where people tried to talk with their plants and did things like playing classical music to help the plants grow.

And those things DID help, silly as they might sound.  And they produced measurable results.

Primary perception is a term coined by researcher Cleve Backster who was one of the first researchers to begin studying the communication between different life forms. His work was written about in the classic bestseller “The Secret Life of Plants,” but Primary Perception is the only book he’s written about his own work. The full title of his book is Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods and Human Cells, and it’s published by White Rose Millennium Press. It came out in 2003.

From a review by Paul Von Ward:

“My plant read my mind!” — On February 2nd, 1966 this realization forever changed the life of the FBI and CIA’s foremost polygraph researcher and reintroduced modern science to the sentient nature of our universe. On that date the brilliant and disciplined mind of Cleve Backster conceived an irrefutable paradigm-busting scientific protocol. With straightforward electronics that a student or garage-level scientist can replicate, he proved to humans that their thoughts and emotions affect the behavior of their own and other living cells.

Another excerpt:

This new book is the first extensive and progressive account of Backster’s work, which is more innovative and potentially useful to humanity than that of most who receive Nobel prizes in life sciences. By Cleve Backster himself, it includes well-designed graphics and historically valuable photographs that portray a lifetime of ground-breaking research. Backster explains to the reader how plants perceive and react to human thoughts about them. He then illustrates how electroded eggs react to other eggs being dropped into boiling water. And how plants react to the eggs’ reaction to the experimenter’s intentions. He shows how yogurt cells communicate with one another and other species. Backster then describes the collection of human cells (leukocytes and blood) and the instrumentation that records their reactions to the thoughts and emotions of their donor.

Backster’s work is ground breaking because he has not only proven that all living things are interconnected and constantly responding to one another, but he teaches a relatively simple way to set up your own machine for testing these responses. Never does he insist that he is a guru or a master of advanced physics. Instead, he simply shares his own research with enthusiasm and clarity.

But the implications of his work for all of humanity are astounding.

Can you in this very moment, from your current place of looking at things, deal with the concept that YOGURT CULTURES have intelligence and feel pain?

Can you handle the concept that when you take a head of broccoli out of your refrigerator and cut it up for dinner, the potted plant sitting on your dining table is going through real stress as it senses its plant cousin being consumed?

That’s what Backster’s work is showing.

It’s mind-bending stuff.

You can read his book quickly the first time and you’ll be intrigued by what you read.

But it’s after you’ve finished the book that you start thinking in a different way.

All indigenous traditions have long held the belief that everything in creation is sentient, alive, and aware, and that we are all connected through a field of energy that is sometimes referred to as Great Spirit.

But we modern thinkers usually set those notions off to the side and rarely bother to consider them.

And yet, the basis for this awareness is hidden in some of our everyday traditions.

Why do you think some people like to say “grace” and give thanks before eating a meal?

Is it simply a process of giving thanks to a bountiful Creator for the food on your table?

Or is is more a loving acknowledgment of the living elements of your dining experience – the animals who have become your main course, the vegetables, grains and fruit which will be consumed throughout supper?

Because if each of those elements is (or once was) alive and sentient, fully aware, it puts a new spin on things.

If your broccoli can feel pain – not just when you consume it, but FROM THE MOMENT IT BECOMES AWARE THAT IT IS GOING TO BE CONSUMED (as Backster’s work suggests,) – that changes things a bit, doesn’t it?

I believe that understanding primary perception is very important. It’s not about chasing after extrasensory perception or elusive psychic abilities. He’s talking about something very basic, very instinctual, and very real that every living thing on this planet possesses.

And if we aspire to anything greater in our evolution, and if we want to live at peace with others in our environment, we have a lot to learn about honoring the many living creatures who are accompanying us on this journey.

And it’s by making those distinctions – becoming more aware, more compassionate, more conscious of the needs and responses of others – that allows us to overcome the hypnotic sleep the Custodians have put on us. They’ve lured us into believing that we are “chosen” beings, better than animals, greater than plants or minerals, and it turns out it’s just another line of bullshit they’ve fed us.

Because we’re all in this together – every stinking living thing. And we’d better learn to honor this and to take it into account as we travel through life, even if it’s a whole hell of a lot easier to remain asleep and dumb.

Again with the Freakin’ Vampires – Breaking Dawn Sells 13 Million Copies

One recurring Custodial theme is the pursuit and worship of immortality.

There are a lot of questions raised by the Sumerian texts, which suggest that the “gods” who came down from Nibiru lived a lot longer than humans. This made them appear immortal to the shorter lived folks.

Yet some of the gods and goddesses clearly aged – this is mentioned later on in some of the texts. It just took them a lot longer to do so. This may have been because Nibiru was said to have an extremely long, elliptical orbit around the sun, so one year on Nibiru was like 3600 of our Earth years.

At some point after humanity had been created, the Custodians began interbreeding with humans. Genesis obliquely refers to this as the Sons of God breeding with the Daughters of Men.

These half-breeds or half-gods were often long-lived as well. And they possessed intriguing powers, unusual intelligence, or supernatural beauty. Think of the Greek heroes like Achilles who were said to be children of various gods. They possessed mighty talents that separated them from normal men.

Remember how the Bible talks about Noah living a long time? At the time of the Biblical flood he was said to be 600 years old.

This would have been physically plausible if he had been “half-god” and half human. The children of the Custodians inherited some of their physiology.

Probably because of this era in our early history when some humans were living such a long time, the pursuit of immortality (or at least a very long life) has been a constant source of fascination for us throughout the ages.

With this fascination comes a preoccupation with modern characters in contemporary entertainment like the X-Men mutants with their special powers, and of course the continual obsession with vampires.

I hadn’t heard of the Twilight series until today. It’s a young adult book series about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. He’s vegetarian, though, so it’s okay. The bad vampires chase them around and they have many adventures throughout the series.

The latest book in the series is called Breaking Dawn, and it sold 13 million copies in one day.

This series is beating all the records for book sales. It’s even giving Harry Potter a serious run for his money.

Hey, it’s great that young people are reading a book once in a while.

But again with the freakin’ vampire worship. GEESH!

The whole vampire mystique is all about embracing the dark Custodial energies. The obsession with drinking blood, the quest for immortality, and the outright misery and depression that the vampires are always experiencing – it’s Anne Rice all over again.

By the way, Anne Rice is planning one last Lestat novel. So we have that to look forward to.

I think part of our fascination with these Custodial themes is because we have such a dysfunctional and mysterious relationship with these beings. They’re like the parent who abuses the hell out of you and then you spend the rest of your life longing for them in this twisted way, because deep down in your heart you long for a close connection with those who gave birth to you, even though they treat you like crap and are entirely, hopelessly psychotic.

Will we ever get over it and identify these insane, amoral beings for the rat bastards that they are?

One can hope.

Breaking Dawn Sells 13 Million Copies in One Day.

Clarification of Terms – Good, Evil, Etc.

I realized after rereading my last posts that I should probably clarify what I mean by words like “good” or “evil” or “Satan,” “Satanic,” etc.

At the heart of the Custodial mystery lies the issue of the hijacking of the human soul. The Custodians seem really good at this. Humanity is allegedly their physical creation, the byproduct of a mixture of their own DNA with more apelike humanoids who were already living on the planet. And they supposedly taught us many things such as agriculture, architecture, engineering, music, astrology/astronomy, and more. Many things the Custodians did would seem to be “positive” in the sense that they allowed us to advance our knowledge and grow in skills.

So there were some supposedly friendly Custodial beings who were more interested in empowering humanity with information. But there were also more restrictive, draconian, and controlling Custodians.

In the Sumerian texts this conflict was expressed through Enlil and Enki, two brothers who came down with the other Custodians from a planet called Nibiru. The entire group was said to be the creators of humans in their current form.

Enki was always trying to give us stuff and encourage us. Enlil was much more guarded in his affection for humanity and treated us a bit like a bastard stepchild. He tended to get angry at us all the time and treat us like slaves or meat – in other words, he was hardly a loving father figure. (Traces of the hard to please Jehovah, anyone?)

But nowhere along the way was the average human given clear, easy-to-understand, simple to apply techniques for accessing or enhancing the spiritual side of his nature. Oh, sure, you had the ancient mystery schools, most of them originated by Custodial beings (Thoth, Diana, and the other mystery cults.) But they all operated from the vantage point that metaphysical information about mankind’s spiritual nature should be withheld from the masses.

Why? So as to better enslave them.

If the average human was caught up in constant physical toil and hard work, spending every minute focused on mere survival, and he lacked any schooling in understanding what happens after the body dies, then he would never learn how to LEAVE this prison planet and regain his home amongst the other spiritual energy beings he originated from.

Because a human is not just a physical self. He is a spiritual self as well.

The Custodians have always exerted extreme control over the flow of information about the nature of the human soul and the unfolding of psychic gifts. Developing our psychic gifts is important, because they allow us to perceive the higher dimensions and orient ourselves towards a nonphysical “home.”

And the Custodians put many gatekeepers in place in the form of priests and priestesses who heavily policed all spiritual practices, creating mindless rituals (and often bloody ones – see the human sacrifice traditions of the Aztecs and the Mayans) for the masses without ever explaining what these practices were supposed to accomplish.

Those who didn’t follow religious tradition were often punished, and they still are today – especially if they dare to ask questions like “Why are we pretending to eat Jesus’ flesh and drink his blood again?” “Why is God referred to as ‘they’ in Genesis instead of ‘he?” “And who are the Elohim, the Watchers, the giants, and the other mysterious beings alluded to in the old texts?”

Don’t ask questions – you’ll get burned at the stake.

At the darkest heart of many Custodial traditions is the repression of human knowledge, the hijacking of humanity’s inherent spirit of inquiry and experimentation, and a horrible, systemic form of mind control that fools humans into forgetting that they are spiritually sovereign beings first (i.e. owned by no one, self-contained and autonomous) – and physical bodies second.

And that’s what I have a problem with. And that’s why this Custodial Smackdown blog was created.

Whether you believe in a fallen angel named Lucifer, or a being named Satan, there are a lot of very dark, vicious, and “anti-soul” practices woven into many Custodial beliefs and practices.

I sometimes lump these into the category of being “Satanic” or “evil” because to me they are an incredible perversion, unbelievably nasty tools for enslavement.

No sane being based in anything approaching love would purposefully force eternal, immortal, and limitless energy beings into physical bodies – bodies that experience incredible pain and limitation, and which quickly decay and die.

No sane being that is loving would at the same time PURPOSEFULLY WITHHOLD information about these energy beings’ true nature from them and encourage or cause complete spiritual amnesia for them, dooming them to continual reincarnation and disorientation between lifetimes.

Something very bad has been happening to humanity almost since day one of our creation.

And our “creators” have a lot to answer for.

For purposes of future discussion here, please know that while I continue to explore the idea of an actual being called Satan or Lucifer existing (and indeed, he may be one of the Custodians,) when I talk about something being Satanic, evil, or dark, I’m usually talking about conditioning or practices that are anti-freedom, anti-growth, and spiritually enslaving.

In other words, Satanic practices move us into alignment with the most materialistic, chaotic, “anti-life” and base energies – the complete opposite pole from energies of expansion, self-awareness, and personal growth.

The challenge we face living down here is to recognize when something or someone we’re plugging into is pulling us in the wrong direction. It all comes down to a litmus test of “Does this enrich my intelligence, expand my capacities to feel love and experience awareness?” or “Does this dull my wits, drain me of joy and love, and magnetize me to energies of chaos, hatred, and despair?”

It’s by aiming ourselves at one and doing our best to avoid the influences of the other that true progress can be made!

And that’s what the intention is for this blog – to help provide some potential blueprints on how to do this effectively, bypassing the pitfalls and traps that the Custodians have laid for us.