If Love Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

Most spiritual traditions have as part of their “charter” a stated desire to do good, to uplift humanity, and to engender greater feelings and expressions of love within humanity.

And that’s great!

If there’s one amazing thing that humans are capable of, it’s love.

(Well, except the psychopaths. And usually they’re in charge of things. So that kind of sucks.)

But there are countless kind souls across the globe who have been great at doing the love thing. And they’re still doing it.

Admittedly, sometimes it’s a “selfish” kind of love. Many folks only ever express or exchange love with their immediate loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Altruism – expressing love toward people outside of one’s immediate social network – isn’t really taught in our culture, and when someone expresses it, they’re often misunderstood or ridiculed. The hippies did a lot of good with their “love-ins” and refusal to go to war in Vietnam. Those peaceniks who took a stand against senseless war had their hearts in the right place.

Unfortunately, it’s not cool to be a hippie these days. If you’re pro-peace than you’re also said to be “pro terrorism.”  Yeah, right. That’s what the prevailing warlike cultural mindset would have you believe, but it’s a lie.

Peaceful resistance worked well for Gandhi, whose non-violent yet persistent protests led to a dramatic change in leadership in then British-run India. Although it didn’t work out so well for him personally, as Gandhi made many enemies along the way and was assassinated in 1948.

We tend to crucify or otherwise dispose of teachers who try to show us loving ways to resolve conflict. Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many other proponents of love sacrificed their individual lives as they devoted themselves to trying to get across a message of peace.

It would be nice if we could stop that – destroying the messengers, that is. It’s getting kind of old.

I mean, we all claim to want love, and most people are starved of it in their daily lives, yet when someone comes around who actually emits huge vibrations of love, we rarely protect or help that person. Or if we do, we don’t do enough. We don’t take into account the fact that these people need extra support and protection because they are daring to stare Darkness in the face, and Darkness has a nasty way of fighting back by stimulating psychopaths to commit violence and stirring up other chaotic events that can end up obscuring the message that the peacemaker was trying to bring.

It’s the one thing those Custodial presences are scared of – our capacity for love.  Love is the polar opposite of fear on the vibrational spectrum. And since many Custodial entities – both physical and non-physical – feed on fear, when we refuse to be afraid and we choose to love, we starve them of the very stuff they need to remain here.

So it stands to reason that they have a vested interest in stirring up as much hatred, intolerance, sex addiction (when sex becomes an act of consuming the other person’s energies, not uplifting or healing the other person,) and violence as possible. They need those baser vibrations to be allowed entrance into our dimension.

Every day that we dare to love and we refuse to fear, we make it harder for them to grab hold of us.

Every day that we choose to have empathy and compassion for someone instead of feeling superior, disconnected, or arrogant toward them, we become the anti-Custodian. 

Sometimes doing this can feel like an Olympic triathlon event. You wake up feeling okay, determined to have a great day. You kiss your kids and your wife goodbye, rub the dog or the cat on the head, and head off to work.

On the train, bus, or highway headed to work, reality conspires to throw obstacles in your path.  People are freaking out in scary attacks of road rage. Drug addicts sit next to you and frighten you on the subway. Cruelty and depravity abounds on every corner.

And then you reach work and if you’re like most people, you fester in a cubicle all day doing a lot of silly, ultimately inconsequential stuff.

By the end of the day it’s highly likely that your vibration is – shall we say – droopy. You’re not a cornucopia of loving feeling, that’s for sure. Instead, you feel toxic, annoyed, drained of good energy.

It’s because we have created such a dense psychic soup of cruelty, anger, and fear – and we all have to walk around in it every day – that it’s so hard to keep up the loving.

But we CREATE that energy environment. And each one of us can change it.

It really takes being a spiritual warrior, I think. Being a love warrior. Loving where others fear to love, where others have long ago stopped loving, and doing it anyway because that’s the type of creature you are.

Don’t expect it to be easy.

But it will be rewarding.

And countless creatures in your path – from the butterfly you save because you were looking where you were walking and didn’t step on him, to the old lady who appreciates how you helped her open a heavy door, to the harried clerk behind the cash register at Starbucks who felt better after you smiled and made a funny joke to lighten the energy in the store – all of them will benefit from your love, even if only in subtle ways.

And inch by inch, mile by mile, we can reclaim the psychic landscape of this planet and send those crusty, outdated emanations of fear packing.

In a richer energy landscape where love is king and fear is a bastard stepson we rarely acknowledge, things can change. People can improve emotionally and physically. Children can spread their wings and express their inherent magnificence. The air itself will be easier to breathe. Maybe some of those endangered species will choose to stick around, since the psychic environment is so much nicer now. Animals are very sensitive to vibration and they don’t thrive in dense places.

We each have a choice, each and every day, to either pollute our environment with the equivalent of stinky psychic flatulence or enrich it by breathing out something finer, purer, and more sustaining.

Each moment and each breath counts.