Wolf Eel and Other Anomalous Creatures

Recently I was thinking about a weird news story from about a year ago. A New Jersey woman found a bizarre looking skull near a fox den on her farm. The thing had huge, gnarly fangs and looked like something from another planet. Some official person came along and supposedly identified it as a “wolf eel.” Here’s a photo of a wolf eel at the left. This is a female wolf eel.

Here’s a photo of the skull the woman found on her property:

Funky looking, huh?

Here is a photo off the Web which is supposedly of wolf eel teeth and jaws:

Notice any difference?

Newspapers at the time provided quotes from various “officials” about how, while seeing a wolf eel 50 miles inland is uncommon, it is not unheard of.

Wolf Eel Found in Hunterdon County

But interestingly enough, other fish and game experts do not share their consensus view of reality.

From Wikipedia’s entry on wolf eels:

They are found in the northern Pacific Ocean, ranging from the Sea of Japan and the Aleutian Islands to northern California.

Full entry here: Wikipedia – Wolf eel.

No mention of New Jersey – or the Atlantic Ocean, for that matter.

From an underwater photography site:

The friendly, but fierce looking wolf-eel is a favorite of Pacific Northwest divers. . . . .Wolf-eels range from southeastern Alaska to southern California typically living in rocky reef-type habitats from the intertidal zone down to about 740 feet. . . Their diet consists of sea urchins, crabs, scallops — assorted crustaceans and mollusks.

Full article to be found here: Wolf-eels.

It doesn’t seem like other marine researchers have noted bumping into wolf eels on the East Coast before, and certainly not in New Jersey.

Yet this plucky and determined “wolf eel” found its way there, anyway. And suddenly New Jersey newspapers were filled with “experts” coming out of the woodwork claiming that wolf eels frequently turn up there. My friend who lives in the state forwarded me some of the newspaper clippings at the time but I don’t feel like digging them out and scanning them today, lazy slob that I am. But there was more than one report claiming that wolf eels were perfectly normal, common, and regular New Jersey visitors.


I’m always interested in how the media and the gatekeepers of “science” are always conspiring to control the flow of information to the masses.

Remember how Hitler said that telling big lies is a great strategy for manipulating what the public believes?

“The masses indulge in petty falsehoods every day, but it would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths and they are not able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery. . . The bigger the lie, therefore, the more likely it is to be believed.”

After all, if a big, official “scientist” comes along and says something is true, then it must be true.

Even though the “wolf eel” skull looks exactly like a damned water dragon or sea serpent.

A classic characteristic of Custodial behavior is control and manipulation of perception. After all, if humans could really see what was going on around them with 20/20 vision, they might just get into the mood to stage one of their annoying little rebellions. And this time, we might go after the real controllers.

The modern scientific cabal is one such group that uses Custodial tactics. There’s no longer a genuine spirit of inquiry at the heart of scientific discovery. In fact, the whole idea of discovery has pretty much been tossed out the window.

Instead, scientists are like public relations hacks sent out to deny, deny, deny and repress, repress, repress. Especially if they discover something juicy and significant.

I love it when stories like the wolf eel skull make it into the mainstream press, because it’s one of those things that evokes curiosity and has inspired a lot of people to question the “status quo” responses of the “officials.”

I mean, it was just this week that a group of 125,000 “lost” gorillas were found living in Central Africa. Before that, our scientists were insisting that there were only about 50,000 gorillas left in the world, which would make them highly endangered.

125,000 more gorillas on the planet, hidden in plain sight – and the scientists didn’t find them until now? When we have every inch of this planet mapped and crossed with GPS satellite navigation systems?

I love it when scientists are left standing with egg on their faces because it shows how idiotic we are to believe anything that conventional scientific wisdom is supposedly revealing.

There’s a hell of a lot they don’t know. And there’s a lot more that they do know, but they aren’t telling.

My hope is that various anomalous creatures like wolf eels/dragons, yeti, and even the gorillas remain in hiding. We need to preserve some sources of genuine wonderment on this planet, if such a thing is even possible anymore.


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  1. Yep that’s definitely interesting. I would agree that due to lack of research there is a great mountain of scientificly attainable knowledge that is as yet “unknown”, and also that it’s not too far a stretch of the imagination the idea that certain scientific uncoverings do not filter down to the general public, but I think we are just as much to blame as those who maybe restricting that flow. Actually let me correct myself, we are more to blame.

    If we are aware we live in a world where information is restricted, why do we have a go at our scientists and rulers, why dont we take up our own research instead?

    Just a sidenote, I think the teeth in “femalewolfeel.jpg” appear to resemble the teeth in the photo “wolfeelskull.jpg” a lot more than the picture from the web “wolfeelteeth.jpg” – but who knows?!


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