Rebirthing – An Opportunity to Become Infested

James Bartley is an interesting writer who covers some explosive territory on his website: James Bartley at

He is an abductee who has dealt with a lot of harassment from a full range of nasty entities, both physical and seemingly non-physical or interdimensional in nature.

His articles are fascinating, especially his section about the reptilian ET’s.

There has long been a question about what the Custodial “gods” or apparent ET’s looked like, and some ancient texts suggests that they were reptilian in nature. Others hint that they looked humanoid like us. Other sources allude to something more extraordinary – the idea that BOTH things are possible, that these beings possess unusual DNA that allows them to shapeshift from a humanoid form to a reptilian one and back again.

One need only to look at videos or photos of George Bush Senior to realize that perhaps the idea of shapeshifting lizard ET’s isn’t so outlandish after all!

And certainly ancient lizards, dragons, and reptilian humanoids figure in the traditions of almost every early culture. So there is something going on with the lizzies – whether they got here before the Custodians, whether they were here all along, or whether they turned up later in Earth’s history.

The problem is, according to many victims of abduction, that they seem to still be around. And they’re not particularly nice.

They seem deeply entrenched within the whole phenomenon of psychic possession and spiritual enslavement which are too often the byproduct of getting involved with Custodial practices (like yoga, channeling, following most religions, etc.)

Anyway, Bartley mentions something very interesting – almost as a sidenote – in one of his articles.

In Rebuttal to a Reptilian in Human Clothing he mentions some weird phenomenon which appear to connect to the New Age practice called rebirthing. He writes about having attended a UFO conference in San Diego:

Another irony about that conference was that the individual at the situation desk at the register was a Host for a Reptilian Entity. This particular entity is summoned by her “Spirit Guides” to visit Sedona Arizona at intervals throughout the calendar year to take part in “Rebirthing Exercises.” . . . . During one of these exercises reptilian astral pods (very dark smoky reptilian shaped astral entities) were seen by numerous witnesses to enter and exit the abdomen of the host whilst the latter growled and hissed as if in a state of possession. The host was merely being “re-infested” and this is done at intervals. This host has all the facial and physical characteristics that mark it as a reptilian hybrid and yet to the unsuspecting “contactee” or “experiencer” she merely comes off as a ditzy New Age La Dee Dah.”

He goes on to mention how the woman in question has left a lot of chaos in her wake because she comes into contact with so many abductees and apparently reptilian energies constantly try to hook into weakened people who have already been traumatized from various abduction experiences. So this woman rebirther is acting as a bit of a “typhoid Mary” type, spreading psychic contagion.

Rebirthing is a popular holistic health technique that uses breathwork to supposedly regress someone to their birth time and uses breath to help the person clear out emotional and psychic trauma that happens to all babies at the time of birth. The idea behind the technique is that we have a lot of birth trauma held within our bodies and it affects us throughout our adult years. Supposedly be reexperiencing birth or “rebirthing” with an experienced coach to guide us through the process in a positive way, we can heal those old traumas and overcome any phobias, emotional problems, or personal difficulties that might have been caused by those original traumas.

Sounds benign on the surface – but the problem is that so many folks in the holistic health, metaphysical, and spiritual movements have at some point actively welcomed Custodial type energies or entities into their lives. So it becomes a challenge finding a healer to work with whose energy hasn’t been compromised already. Some of them have a tremendous amount of psychic garbage traveling around with them, which pollutes any healing work they are trying to do for people. They may be well-intentioned, but they can still have negative effects on the very folks they are trying to help.

Bartley’s assertion that rebirthing sessions in Sedona have only served to cause this woman further psychic possession might not be so far off the mark. Sedona is known to be a hotbed of questionable activity ranging from UFO’s to dark military operations to channelers who are proud to talk with ET’s. Many of these channelers are also healers who work one on one with clients in massage, Reiki, or other hands on healing practices.

Do you really want someone infested with Custodial presences touching you? Do you really think you’re going to feel better after doing so?

I’ve never experienced rebirthing myself, but Bartley’s article certainly raises some legitimate concerns about whether it’s a safe technique to be using.


5 Responses

  1. Hi… wow, I’ve just been diagnosed as bi-polar because I couldn’t turn off those energy’s you were talking about, and actually wrote 8 books under this influence. I did a healing the other night, and my energies were so huge the guy was chucking his legs and swaying between my hands. I always felt almost taken over when I wrote. Can you tell me more about this?

  2. Spirit release and psychic depossession work can be approached from a lot of angles. For starters I’d check out Shakuntala Modi’s book Remarkable Healings. She talks about how the root of all mental and emotional illness seems to lie in entity attachments and damage to the auric field, and she provides some guidelines about how to release the gunk and clear out your field. I don’t claim to be an expert in these matters but hopefully that will give you a place to start.

  3. Also look for “masqurade as angels” its online as a pdf file, about reptillians. Read it!

  4. about rebirthing, it is vital to have teacher who are not just random “gurus” but trained in transpersonal psychology. As in any practice in wich the therapist plays a bigger role, to have a proper school, and an istitutional system of check for the preparation of the therapist is vital. Unfortunately in holistic practices we are far away from that.
    I will just correct your description of rebirthing: people stress the importance of birth trauma but actually in rebirthing birth trausa is only one of the bis aspects. As in the american school of rebirthing people push for particular experience, the italian school of rebirthing and the chech one (holotropic breathing) is definitely more serious in not bringin any of the therapists processes into the session. Starting from not aiming the session to a particular topic wich is arbitrarely considered to be important by the therapist.
    check stanislav grof if you are itnerested in “good rebirthing”…

    this is my blog, about photograpy out of breathwork.. you might enjoy!

  5. Great blog! I’ve been following the works of James Bartley, Karla Turner and Bronte Baxter for some time though. They’re on the cutting edge. Much of what they’ve been able to so eloquently put down on paper i’ve been sitting on for a long time.

    I was once slipping into the grasp of the New Age, Spirit Guides, and Aryan Pleiadians. Thankfully I was able to snap out of it by facing up to my doubts and questions about who the heck was working behind the scenes. It wasn’t easy, never is. But omg it’s so empowering when you do. Thank Goodness for blogs like this. Because everywhere I turn all i see is these buzz words: ascension, enlightnment, unity consciousness, pleiadians, galactic federation of light (of bullshit), etc etc etc. None of them are spiritual. They’re insideous.

    People must stop giving their power away and look within.

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