To understand what I’m going on about here at this blog, you should check out two of my earliest posts:

It’s Time for a Custodial Smackdown.

Clarification of Terms, Good, Evil, Etc.

Comments policy:

This blog is a dictatorship, not a democracy. While I appreciate visitors spending time here and investing energy considering what I’ve written in my posts, I have ambivalence about allowing comments. So often comments turn into an “I’m right, you’re wrong” exchange – or they just become a mutual admiration society.

Both can be distractions from my real work, which is to continue a hardcore examination of the Custodial influence in human affairs. If you’d like to comment, feel free to do so – but if I feel the comment is arrogant or attacking, or if I feel it is taking the energy of this blog off course, I won’t be approving it.

Try not to get hurt feelings if I don’t approve your comment. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. It just means that I’m safeguarding the energy of this place a bit so it will remain the way I want it.

Is that ambigious enough ? 🙂

Speaking of ambiguous – every few days from now until September 10 2008 I will be changing this About page with new bio information.

Some of what you read here will be about the real me.

Some of it will be lies.

I’m fascinated by how people respond to a writer based upon what they believe to be true.

So one day between now and September 10, 2008 my real bio (or portions of it) will be posted here.

I’ll leave it to you do decide what’s real and what isn’t.

About Me (You pick one)

I’m a web publisher and entertainment blogger who sometimes likes to delve into deeper, weirder subjects. So that’s what this anonymous blog is about. I’ve seen a few UFO’s in Sedona, had my share of ghost experiences, and just generally find myself fascinated by all things paranormal. This curiosity led me down the rabbit hole of studying ancient history. That’s when things really got strange. Now there’s no turning back.

I’m a well-built male of Scottish descent, currently living in Houston. I love walks in the rain, dinner by candlelight. . .oh, wait, this isn’t a “love wanted” ad. Well I’m still a well-built male of Scottish descent. Always been fascinated by my grandmum’s tales of seeing faeries and “little folk” and wondered what that was about. Been on a few mystical quests in my time. Personal motto: question everything.

I’m 34 and I currently live in Toronto. I was born in Alberta but I’m loving my adopted city. I’m a graphic artist by profession and I have a Masters in Social Sciences from Berkeley University – which I don’t get to use much, but, hey, I guess it means I’m smart!


My family came to the United States from Delhi when I was five years old. Since then, I have studied computer science, English literature, and comparative religion. I received my undergraduate degree in history and an MA in comparative religion at Washington University in 1992. Since then I have delved into the world of the paranormal and studied meditation, various forms of energy healing, and crystal healing therapy. I work part-time as a holistic healer and continue to devote myself to learning about metaphysical truths.

I’m a second generation Chinese male in my forties. I received a masters degree in engineering at M.I.T. I’m interested in comparative religion and ancient mysteries and I have studied Chinese herbalism and a little acupuncture.

I’m a 17 year old girl. I’m also a recovering heroin addict. In rehab I had a bizarre awakening experience where I was shown a nest of crocodiles and told by a mysterious voice “This is the Earth. What are you going to do about it?” I think that’s a pretty interesting question.

I live in the UK, I’m 34, have two kids. I work for British Rail and detest every minute of it. I study fringe topics in my spare time, and I once saw a UFO flying over Maiden Castle in Dorcester, which threw me a bit.

10 Responses

  1. I appreciate your website very much…it is filled with great observations. Keep doing it. Your audience will keep growing.

    I agree with your take on Batman: the disconcerting part of the phenomenon is that it is drawing so much mindless admiration and devotion. This doesn’t bode well. Some will say it is mirroring the human condition, but I say it is leading it, or at least exacerbating the problem.

    It’s getting more and more attractive to withdraw from the madness, but I do my best to resist that temptation.

  2. Yes, the celebration of darkness is the thing we need to watch – it’s so easy to get sucked into it, whether it be through a video game, a reality show with nasty people behaving like idiots, or a dark movie.

    Art is important – no doubt about it. But it’s all about balance. Shadow works best when it helps define the light – not when it obliterates it.

    And I felt Batman really crossed the line, heading into extreme celebration of darkness. And it wasn’t needed. There were so many ways to remain true to the more nuanced, “adult” Dark Knight books without exposing 12 year olds to gruesome, traumatic energies.

    Thanks very much for stopping by!

  3. my guess is second-generation Chinese male in your 40s.

  4. No doubt: a graphic artist from Toronto. Pleased to meet you! If I had your mind 20 years earlier! ;)) Paul at www. wariscrime. com

  5. I actually don’t give a poop who you are, but I will be sad if you don’t continue to blog. Give us a new post, please!

  6. Are you okay?

  7. I would be interested in hearing more about your proof for the existence of the Custodians – whether that happens to be experiential or rational I do not really mind.

    It’s really easy to view spirituality from a particular angle if you happen to adopt such a strong belief system (such as that the Custodians exist). I have come across something vaguely similar in Orthodox Christianity (which has a lot of bad things to say about Eastern practices involving the invocation of spirits and demons) but I found no real argument or reason that would beyond doubt convince me that there was anything wrong with such practices (depending on your adopted moral belief system).

    You argue that such practices (which, by the way, form the basis of the VAST majority of Western spirituality in the past 2,000 years – from alchemy to hermeticism, not excluding the Kabbalah,…) are wrong because they are used by some hypothetical beings called the custodians who mean to control us.

    How do you know this to be true? How have you verified it? I do not mean to tell you what is and what isnt true, because I do not possess such knowledge, but your belief system reeks of the immovability which you yourself are worried about in religions and cults. Or to quote Robert Anton Wilson, whatever the thinker thinks, the prover proves.

  8. I take my question back, I had some time today and checked out two of the websites that you have in your links – Educate Yourself and Splinter in the Mind.

    And you know what? I think I know where you get your inspiration from.

    Still, the skeptical, distrustful and only lightly disguised passively aggressive attitude of the ones who feel that they have been cheated by the tricksters and conmen of the spirituality and new age movements is only a very beginning of the personal journey.

    It’s just another filter, another provisional belief-system that, sadly/happily, is as inaccurate as the information that the spiritually passive aggressive decides to demolish with his/her frustration and lack of understanding.

    Not so long ago I ended up starting and moderating a discussion board for the leavers and soon-to-be-leavers of one particular spiritual group/cult called the Fellowship of Friends. Unsurprisingly, I found that some of the participants exhibited a similar attitude and a wish to deal a blow back.

    So smack those custodians! They sure need it.

    Or start paying attention to your sources, read a more varied literature and start concentrating on using your energies internally, there sure is a lot to work with judging by the intensity of your blog.

    All the best.

  9. Actually, nobody takes anything seriously these days, if you haven’t noticed. It’s quite “PC” to be humorous about everything, use ambiguous words (especially on the Internet), and basically dress yourself up (and your entire personality) into a “hipster-like” fashion that follows what everyone else is doing. We like to “hide” in ambiguity behind our emails and texts, etc. etc. because that’s just what we do. I ask – how many people today (especially on the Internet) require anything beyond an attempt at gaining “truth” without some kind of humorous or snide quirk behind it? And yet, as Cupcake said, “give us another post please!”.


  10. Very nice sense of humor

    I say you live in Toronto…but the Scotish male option was quite close ;-))



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