Ritual Energies and the Beijing Olympics

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing were held yesterday. In some ways it was a bit of a relief because the chaotic ritual energies leading up to the opening were really awful.

If you’ve felt cranky, nervous, or unsettled this week, or if you’ve had odd or disturbing dreams, you can thank those Custodial helpers for creating a powerful psychic vortex around this entire Olympic event. The dark stuff was being cranked up, no doubt about it.

I couldn’t stomach watching the opening ceremonies – I just glanced at some of the photos online. What I saw made my heart break. The naked, innocent hope of the Chinese people, especially the young folks dancing in the various parts of the opening ceremony, overlaid with the horrifically dark ritual energies being stirred up. I felt for the citizens of this tormented, complex country, while at the same time being really pissed off about the dark sorcerors who always take charge of these things.

The Custodians have long put a system of “priests” or sorcerors in place, who operate though a myriad of secretive “Brotherhood” organizations. And these Custodial servants love to take any event where large numbers of people are focusing their attention and, through ritual, turn these focal points into psychic gateways where a large amount of dark energy can come through. This happens all the time through movies, but it’s rare that a physical event held on the ground involves billions of people focusing on it at the same time.

What a great time for a Custodial party!


The opening ceremonies were held in the bird’s nest stadium, where at least ten people have died during construction.

From the Times in the UK:

At least 10 workers have been killed while working on the Olympic stadium but, in a rush to complete the project, Chinese officials have denied the deaths. . .Witnesses have told The Sunday Times of seeing workers plummet to their deaths from the perilous heights of the stadium, which was designed by a consortium including Arup, the British engineering firm, and Herzog & de Meuron, the Swiss architects. The bodies were swiftly removed by police, who sealed off accident scenes with orange tape and cleared other workers from the area while the dead were loaded into police vehicles, witnesses said.

Full article here:

China Hushes Up Olympic Deaths

If you had any question about these Olympics being purposefully used for dark ritual, have a look at the proposed architectural plans for the main Olympic stadium. Eventually they decided on the bird’s nest design, but if you scroll through this page of architectural models of proposed designs for this stadium, you’ll see some classically Custodial symbolism.

Serpent’s eye, anyone?

Or how about this direct nod to our Custodial pals?

Of course, in the official proposal, this structure was described as having a “suspending, retractable roof.”

Ahem. Flying saucer, you mean.

Have a look at the full page of proposed designs for the main stadium, taken off a Beijing government home page:

Presentation of Competition for the Architecture Design of National Stadium – 2008 Olympics

And then we have the creepy gathering of world leaders as well. French President Sarkozy was there for the opening ceremonies. Putin from Russia, the Israeli Prime Minister, and Baby Bush are all there, too. What a great time to soak up some “loosh” – intense emotional energy that the Custodians and their helpers feed on. Yum, yum!


5 Responses

  1. I just avoid all public mass rituals full stop.
    These events combined with the daily news and views simply do the job that mass religious observance achieved in the past – of feeding the controllers (human and otherwise) and their agendas with human life force energy whilst simultaneously shutting down spiritual awareness and capacity for independent thought or action. Horrible…

  2. Absolutely right! It’s amazing how the news cycle is all about provoking reactions and stirring up predictable emotions. Non-reaction can be tough when you still want to be a part of the culture, especially since even if YOU ignore something, chances are that everybody else you know will be talking about it!

    I try not to give these things energy as well. I do like to observe the effects, though, and occasionally point them out to people. Most people still aren’t aware of how completely they’re being manipulated. I always ask them to monitor their energy and see if they feel drained, restless, or hyper/manic after they’ve viewed something – that’s a good test of whether or not something is being used in mass ritual. This includes popular “live” events on TV like American Idol and other reality shows which provide another ripe harvest of emotional energy.

  3. I really likes that first design, the serpants eye as you call it, until I thought it looked like something else, somewhat more femimine!

  4. oh, def
    I could never watch the Olympics, they make me nauseus
    the next olympics in 2014 I think is to be held in Sochi, “Russia”
    this is the land of Circassians, specifically Ubykhs who are now extinct because of a mass genocide leading up to and culminating in 1864
    the very site of the main stadium or whatever is the very symbolic graveyard of the Circassians
    they have petitioned the Olympic committee to reconsider seeing that it’s the site of their great-grandfathers’ mass murdering of . . . but the committee has callously ignored their request to even reconsider.
    Incidentally, Putin is very evil! Actually they have used the recent “terrorist” blast in Moscow Metro (april 2010) as the catalyst for rearranging the configurations of the north Caucasian republcs so that the rest of the NC is in a sort of concentration camp so that the seperate area right around Sochi can be sort of insulated/turned into fairgrounds
    see all the rest of the region was lumped into one unit, cutting Sochi area off into a nother, the rest = “concentration camp”
    there’s some serious Satanism going on in the Kremlin as well :))

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