Who’s the Boss?

In the book The 12th Planet by famed Sumerian scholar and translator Zecharia Sitchin, the author describes in Chapter Twelve the creation of man. Taken from the ancient tablets that describe this process:

I will produce a lowly Primitive;
‘Man’ shall be his name
I will create a Primitive Worker;
He will be charged with the service of the gods,
That they might have their ease.

He goes on to explain that to the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian people, man was referred to as a “lulu” (primitive,) a “lulu amelu” (primitive worker,) and an “avilum” (laborer.)

Humanity in turn spoke of the “gods” as “Lord,” “King,” “Ruler,” and “Master” – very much the same terms the Jews used to talk about their god Jehovah, and Christians later used to describe their prophet Jesus.

The Sumerian texts say that humans were used as laborers on many projects. This included mining gold (which the Annunaki aliens needed to improve the atmosphere of their home planet.) And it also included “tilling the garden,” in a place that translates literally as “EDIN” (which became the Eden of Genesis in the Old Testament.)

So, basically, we were the slave laborers of the gods since day one.

This would explain humanity’s tendency to behave in a “sheeplike” way. Subservience was bound into our very genes. We’ve been habituated to it since mankind’s earliest days. We’re so used to it we don’t even question it anymore.

This explains why, throughout our history, we have had a pathological belief that slavery is okay. We’ve always been good at turning people into slaves – whether it’s people from another continent with a different skin tone, or our women.

It doesn’t look like we came up with the concept ourselves. Instead, it was literally bred into us to the point where it became familiar and “normal.”

Sitchin also explains a mistranslation that took place. In the Sumerian texts the word “avod” was used to mean “work.” But this term was misconstrued over the years to mean “worship.”

In mankind’s earliest days, he didn’t WORSHIP the gods.

He WORKED for them.


These days, we like to think we no longer work for the gods.

But in every religious tradition, we are still using terms like “worship” and “serve” when we talk about God (or the gods.) (Or the Goddess, for that matter.)

Why would a divine being of infinite power, intelligence, and awareness need slaves to worship him or her?

Would a divine being, indeed, even possess an ego? Would God (with a capital “G”) really display the emotional maturity of a fourteen year old girl and demand that humans run around worshipping and praising and making offerings to him?

Does that sound like a divine consciousness?

Sounds more like a narcissist to me.

Religion means the expression of reverence for a divine, infinite being – or communion with a consciousness or field of energy that originates in the nonphysical realm.

But what are we usually doing?

Engaging in ritual, kneeling and bowing down before “gods” of various kinds, prostrating ourselves, flagellating ourselves (especially if we belong to Opus Dei) and bemoaning how sinful we are.

Do you think an infinitely loving, intelligent, and immortal consciousness or divine force would require that?

If so, your daddy must not have loved you very much.

Most of humanity’s quest for approval from God appears to be about placating a distant, dyfunctional being (or beings) who have conditional love for humanity, not unconditional or altruistic love.

We got off track and developed such core self-esteem problems because we were slaves from the very beginning.

And the slave factory keeps cranking up production. To the tune of seven billion people, many of whom spend their entires lives fighting hunger, consumed by war, and misled by the very spiritual traditions which they naively hope will “save” them from suffering.

The problem is, slave laborers don’t get saved.

They just get used.

Sure, some of the Custodians gave humans education in a few nice things like writing, music, architecture, and the like. Handy stuff for building a civilization.

They also indoctrinated us with their dysfunctional tendencies to make constant war upon each other (because the gods are always fighting in every pantheistic tradition.) And they programmed us to be afraid and to never question the gods, devising sophisticated forms of mind control like telling us over and over again how naughty we are, how we’re born in sin, and how maybe – if we’re extremely lucky and we do everything the gods dictate – we might get to go to heaven one day.

And reincarnate shortly thereafter to become slaves again. But they don’t tell us that part.

It’s time for a slave revolt. And it’s time for fire those deceptive, arrogant agencies – both the Custodians who originated these degrading traditions of self-hatred within humanity, as well as their human servants who perpetuate enslaving the masses through their various religions and crusty, outmoded forms of “spiritual wisdom.”

Because I don’t know about you, but I ain’t signing on to renew a labor contract I didn’t fully understand in the first place.

And I ain’t gonna be nobody’s bitch. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Truer words have never been spoken!

  2. Maybe this whole shabang is like a combination of the “The Matrix” and “The Game”. We’re supercosmic beings plugged into a virtual reality game just for the sheer “fun” of it. Ignorant of who we are on purpose for a “thrill ride” of mind bending proportionals. When you die you disconnect from Thing Thing, remember who you are, and have a lot of laffs with your supercosmic buddies. Far fetched? It’s the best answer I’ve come up with, all things considered.

  3. A brief description of the possibilities as I see them, perhaps a combination…

    1. Accident

    There is no transcendent purpose and no extraterrestrials, cosmic, supercosmic, interdimensional, or otherwise. Nobody created us, knows about us, or gives a crap about us. The atheists are right. It’s all an accident. And consciousness is a mere byproduct of brains. This leaves one to wonder about all those questions about such a fine tuned universe, exquisite order at the microbiological levels, and the nature of consciousness itself from “mere matter”. The Multiverse doesn’t answer these questions. The accident theory is too easy and ultimately answers nothing. The ultimate state of denial. If there are malevolent overlords, atheism is probably their preferred philosophy for us.

    2. Game / Diversion

    See previous post. The most plausible in my opinion. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

    4. School / Correction / Test (Karma)

    We are here to learn things and perhaps suffer things for our consciousness cleansing. How and why this experience cleanses anything is beyond me. If our brains need cleansing they could just be “uploaded” with the proper neural programming from the get-go. Or if it’s our consciousness that needs cleansing, what does it need cleansing of? What does it need to learn that couldn’t be “uploading” to it? What exactly are we suppose to learn here? And if we reincarnate why can’t we remember anything? When and how do we get off the merry go round? Why does learning require living in a Battlefield Earth where there is so much misery and ignorance?
    And most importantly: How and why did this birth/death cycle get started?

    5. Prison (Punishment)

    Maybe prior to our human experience we existed in another form and Did Something Wrong, and this ridiculous earth life is our punishment. Maybe there was a rebellion. Maybe we’re “demons.” But why fleshly brains as our prison? The biblical demons don’t need physical bodies when they’re thrown into the Lake of Fire, do they? Can’t the overlords come up with a more effective and durable prison than human bodies that live 70 years, give or take?

    6. Experiment / Zoo

    The whole thing is an experiment and/or a zoo. All the conflicting religions, philosophies, and perplexing thoughts are part of the experiment. And/or maybe it exists for the amusement of others with no transcendent purpose beyond that. This is as plausible as #2, but my wishful thinking recoils at the idea.

    7. Slave Laborers

    We were made to work the planet for our masters per the Sumerian myths. But why would consciousness be necessary in such slaves? And wouldn’t the masters have wildly sophisicated technology that would obviate the need for such slaves? The whole Sumerian man-is-slave-to-mine-gold concept seems ludicrous in light of possibilities of modern science and technology.


    The nagging question that can’t be escaped is: what is consciousness? If we were not conscious, I doubt any of us would care about the Ultimate Questions in the first place. We would be zombies. Inconceiveable that
    zombies would care about the Big Questions. So here we are, “consciousness having a human experience” and fearful that we will suffer a lot more, hoping there is peace and joy somewhere at the end of this ignorant,
    treacherous road.

    In the end, Homer Simpson has it right: you’ll find out when you die. Or not.

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